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Wedding Chronicles – Are we family?

The wedding procession was taking place inside the church. The bride’s brothers, sister and sister-in-law were outside the church trying to make sure that the reception venue which was within the church premises was neatly arranged and ready.

While they were at it, a sister of the bride asked for a pack of juice. Her brother and sister-in-law told her they would help her get one. There was a large drum stationed beside the church building. It contained chilled drinks. They went to the people manning the drum and asked for a pack of juice for their sister. The men said they had been instructed by the groom’s family not to give anyone anything. They explained that it was for the bride’s sister but the men turned a deaf ear.

When they were about to leave, the groom’s sister walked by. The bride’s sister-in-law went ahead to explain the situation to the groom’s sister. The groom’s sister looked at the lady standing before her like she was some piece of trash. “Yes, I gave that instruction and no one gets anything. If you knew you wanted a drink, you could have come with yours.”

The bride’s sister-in-law was embarrassed. She was about to give the groom’s sister a befitting response when the bride’s brother pulled her away. “Just don’t say anything. Leave her alone.” He said to her. They went across the road, bought a pack of juice and handed it over to their sister.


The church service was soon over and guests trooped out to take their seats under the canopies arranged outside the church. The bride’s family had made arrangements for food for all guests and they served everyone present.

While the reception was underway, the groom’s family brought out another meal which had kept to be served at a later hour. They started to dish out the meal to their guests and another sister to the bride went to them to ask how she could be of help so she could serve some of their own guests. The groom’s sister refused and told her the meal was brought strictly for the groom’s family’s guests.

The bride’s sister-in-law stood afar and watched the drama taking place. If the groom’s sister could do this on her brother’s wedding day to the bride’s family, she wondered what awaited the bride in the future.

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Wedding Chronicles – Dress code

Preparations for their wedding was in top gear. The venue of the reception had been paid for, the caterers were ready, family and friends were excited. However, one thing was left. The wedding gown had not been shown to the church.

The couple went to the dressmaker who had been contracted to make the wedding gown. She had called the bride earlier to inform her that her gown was ready for pick up. The groom was excited as he looked forward to having a peep of how his bride would look on their most important day. As the dressmaker unveiled the gown, they both gasped. It was beautiful. The bride glided her fingers on the pearls that sparkled brightly on the dress. The dressmaker asked her to put on the gown so that proper fittings could be made. The bride nodded as she went into an inner room with the dressmaker behind her.

As the bride stepped into the room where her fiancé was waiting, a smile played on his lips. He thanked the dressmaker acknowledging the good job she had done. The gown dazzled throwing beams of light on the bride’s face as she smiled. The dressmaker stood before the bride as she used pins to adjust the dress at points which she felt needed to be worked on to give the dress a perfect fit. The bride went back into the changing room, took off the gown and handed it over to the dressmaker.

As the dressmaker got to work on the dress, the couple discussed preparations for the oncoming wedding, as they dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s. They talked about their honeymoon and the groom said he had purchased some pairs of jeans pants and looked forward to seeing his wife in them. His fiancée looked at him with confusion. “You know I don’t wear trousers, so why would you buy them?”

“Your church does not allow you to wear them. Once you are married, you will attend my church. We don’t have anything against women in trousers and I want to see you in them.”

The bride shook her head. “No, I will not wear trousers.”

“Sweetie, you will wear whatever I buy for you.” He responded with a tone of finality.

The bride pouted her mouth in anger as she crossed her arms.

In a few minutes, the dressmaker was done and the dress was put into a garment bag and handed over to them. It was to be shown to the church the next day.


The next weekend, the couple was back at the dressmaker’s. A quick glance at the groom’s face and the dressmaker knew something was amiss.

“What is the problem sir?” She asked.

The groom looked at his bride who had an expression of resignation on her face.

“Please can you take off all the pearls and make the gown ankle length?” The bride said.

The dressmaker’s jaw dropped as she stared at the bride and then the groom.

The groom shrugged. “Her church said pearls are not allowed. They are also against flowing wedding gowns.”

The dressmaker sighed deeply as she collected the garment bag containing the wedding gown from them.

If only the church had outlined a dress code for wedding gowns to prospective brides during the marriage counselling sessions, maybe the dressmaker would have been saved the trouble and the couple would have managed their expectations.


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Wedding Chronicles – Red Rain

The church wedding had been concluded successfully. The bride and the groom had been joined together as man and wife. There was a massive hall adjoining the church which had been decorated in the colours of the day. Musicians were already dishing out music from a corner of the hall. Guests, family and friends trooped into the hall as they awaited the arrival of the couple.

Close friends of the bride and groom hung around waiting for the couple so they could accompany them into the hall in grand style for the wedding reception. All of a sudden, a close friend of the groom pulled another friend of theirs to a corner. “Do you have a pad with you?” He asked both confused and embarrassed.

“Pad ke? What do you need one for?” She queried.

“Erm….erm…her period just started and he said I should ask you.” He stuttered.

“Who? I don’t understand.” She asked looking confused.

He looked at her wondering why she failed to understand. “The bride nau.”

“Wo-hoo!!!” She exclaimed, understanding his dilemma. “I don’t have one. I doubt anyone will carry one in her purse. We may need to go outside the church to buy.”

The two friends got someone conversant with the area to quickly get a pack of sanitary towels, thereby saving the day for the bride.


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Wedding Chronicles – The Promise

She had gotten the new job in the same month in which her wedding had been fixed. She thought about deferring her resumption date till after the wedding but she realized she needed the extra cash. Besides, instead of a long break prior and after the wedding, she was advised to make it short so as not to seem insensitive. The company was solely run by her boss and she had been recruited to assist her. A junior colleague who previously worked her job put her through everything she needed to know about the company.

A week after resumption, she informed her boss that she was getting married at the end of the month and would appreciate if she could be given a five-day break (one day before the wedding and four days after the wedding).

Her boss had been happy for her; or so she seemed. She congratulated her and wished her a happy married life. Her boss asked her what she would love as a wedding gift and she became confused. She hadn’t thought about it. Her boss noticed her confusion and told her not to bother; she promised to get her a microwave.

Even though she was happy about the offer, she made up her mind to hold on to it with a pinch of salt. She was aware that people made promises but fulfilling them was always a different story. She was granted her request and she made sure she put in her best on the last day in the office prior to her wedding. She stayed back to work long hours ensuring that nothing was pending.

Her wedding went smoothly and five days after as agreed, she resumed back at work. She however, got a rude shock when at the end of the month; she received her salary less five days. She smiled as she read the letter which had been typed by her boss stating that her salary had been prorated. No explanations were given and she did not bother to seek for one.

Her salary was barely enough and now, she was getting a pay cut. She remembered the microwave that she had been promised but knew that getting one from her boss would only happen in her dreams.

She shrugged as she counted her salary. Tomorrow was another day and it definitely held promise.


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Wedding Chronicles – Time to bless the Church

The three wedding ceremonies (the engagement, the church wedding and the reception) had been scheduled for the same day. The engagement started early in order to cater for the other ceremonies. In two and a half hours, the engagement was done with the early guests served finger foods and drinks. The church service was to start in about an hour and this gave ample time for the bride and the groom to get dressed.

Some guests proceeded to the church while some who were not present for the engagement ceremony arrived the church and sat down as they listened to the soft praise music oozing out of the church speakers.

The church service had been slated for two hours and the wedding proceedings started right on time. Vows were made, rings exchanged and the wedding register was signed. The couple, their family and their friends were excited.

As the church danced to the music dished out by the choir, the minister stated it was time for thanksgiving. He called mothers who wished to see such celebration in the life of the daughters or sons to come out for a “special” thanksgiving. The mothers danced rhythmically shaking their hips and bums with most headgears raised high as they moved to the front of the church to drop their offerings.

Next, the minister called the fathers to also share in the joy and proceed to the front of the church for their own “special” thanksgiving. A song was raised for the fathers and they all walked to the front even though they were meant to move their bodies to the music.

As the fathers walked back to their seats, the minister called all single ladies in the church who wished to get married someday to dance to the front of the church for their own “special” thanksgiving. Next, he called the single men to follow suit.

The service had gone for over two hours but the minister wasn’t done. He called the friends of the bride to follow suit in their own “special” thanksgiving and reminded the friends of the groom that it would be their turn soon. Different categories of people were called out for “special” thanksgiving; friends, family, colleagues, acquaintances etc before the whole church was asked to come out for a “special” thanksgiving. It was impossible for anyone present not to fall into a category. In fact, it was possible that some people fell into two or three categories.

A service that was meant to be done in two hours eventually spanned over three hours. By the time the service was over, some guests were tired and hungry. Those willing to attend the reception drove to the venue, while a few others just eased into their cars and drove home or stopped by at an eatery to have lunch.

There was no point going to the reception and eagerly awaiting item 7 which would probably take a while to be served. Those guests needed to bless their tummies just like the minister had made them bless the church.


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Wedding Chronicles – Thou shall be prepared

The wedding ceremony in church lasted just an hour. Three members of the choir were getting married and the choir director advised that there should be representation in the receptions of each of the members. The choir members in attendance were split into three and advised on which reception to attend.

The choir members began trooping out of the church; easing into their cars, attaching themselves to those who had cars or simply finding their way to the reception they had been assigned to attend. I found myself among the latter category. My friend and I decided to take a walk. The reception venue was a distance from the church but as we gisted, we realized we were soon at the venue.

We took our seats and waited for the commencement of the reception proper. The reception commenced with the arrival of the couple. Hours later, the guests began to look out for item 7. It was not forthcoming and the guests began to murmur. The family and friends of the couple noticing the look on the faces of the guests decided to bring out the bags of bowls which contained the food and began to share.

The hall had been arranged in a church setting and all guests faced the high table where the couple were seated. Soon, the friends of the bride took over the sharing of the food. For each row of guests they passed by, they looked at the faces of the guests before handing the food to whoever they deemed fit.

My friend and I watched as food and drinks passed by us. After a while, when all the “very important” people had been served. The bride’s friends went round and served the “less important” people. We were handed a small bowl of food which was just enough to feed a child.

I told my friend we had fulfilled all righteousness by attending the reception and asked that we leave. She agreed. I stood up to leave with a great lesson learned. I was reminded about how my parents ensured that we ate just before leaving for children’s parties’ years ago. And that lesson resonated that day.

Always be prepared!


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Wedding Chronicles – The Important Parent

The church service was scheduled to start at 10.00am. All the grooms sat expectantly waiting for the commencement of the service. Their brides hung around the church premises. Most of them sat in the cars that brought them to church awaiting when they would be ushered in. 10.00am on the dot, the wedding service started. Vows were said and rings were exchanged. The minister declared the couples; men with their wives and proclaimed them the newest couples in town.

The service lasted one hour; after which friends, family and well-wishers started trooping out of the church to attend the reception of whoever they were there to felicitate with. Most eased into their cars, while those without cars looked for who to attach themselves to.

While this was going on, a woman gaily dressed walked into the church premises. Her headgear rose high. She smiled as she took calculated steps and walked up to me. “My dear, please when is the service starting?”

I looked at her confused. “I don’t understand ma. Which service?” I asked.

“The wedding nau. My son is getting married here today.” She said cheerily.

I opened my mouth as I looked at her. “Ah, the service has ended ma. Everyone is on their way to the reception.”

Her smile suddenly turned into a frown. “Ended like how? How can they start the service without me? Are they not supposed to wait for me to get here?”

I looked at her unable to answer her questions.

When she noticed I couldn’t, she stomped away in anger looking for who could answer her questions. I immediately scurried away before she returned to vent her anger on me.

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