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Hot dookie

Bola panted and blew air through his mouth. Sweat beaded on his forehead and he asked his driver to reduce the temperature of the air-conditioner in the car.

“Okay sir.” His driver said as he did his bidding and switched to full blast.

The weather outside was cool but Bola was hot inside. The journey from his brother’s house to his usually took no more than thirty minutes but today just happened to be an exception.

He puffed again and wiped his brow with his handkerchief. His brother had warned him to wait till he got home before he took anything but he had waved it aside and went ahead to take the green tea.

Right now, he regretted not listening to his younger brother. His stomach rumbled and he held his breath to hold a fart. He did not want to risk farting and getting poo as a follow up to the fart.

He stretched his neck to look out for an eatery nearby. It was just a few metres away but with traffic at a standstill, it looked like a journey to eternity. He thought about walking down there but threw the idea into a bin immediately. He doubted he could make the walk. He imagined every little step he took would be like that of a woman in labour.

Tears pooled in his eyes and he gritted his teeth. He was at a loss for his next line of action.

“Jide, please look for how to get out of this traffic.” He said to his driver.

“Okay sir.”

The request to his driver was near impossible but right now, he needed a miracle.

The miracle came suddenly when an army officer got out of his car and walked down to see what was causing the bottleneck.

In two minutes, the road was cleared and traffic moved freely. As they got close to the eatery, Bola shouted; “Park here, park here.”

The driver parked and Bola jumped out of the vehicle even before it came to a halt. He ran into the eatery making a beeline for the convenience.

Ten minutes later, Bola walked out of the eatery sweating like a man who had just run a mile.

Photo Credit: https://www.flickriver.com