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Second Chances – The Finale


Thanks for following me on this story of jealousy, abusive relationships, commitment and the fight for true love thus far.

Second Chances has been published and the concluding episode can be found on http://okadabooks.com/book/about/second_chances/11931 for N200 (Two hundred naira) only.

Find out what happens to Kunbi, Ola and Sola in this love triangle suspense-filled story.

2nd Chances_Okada

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Second Chances – Episode 7

Kunbi is lying on the settee in the living room watching the TV on Saturday afternoon. Wale comes out of his room wearing his wristwatch. He is dressed in black corduroy pants and a blue striped short sleeved shirt. He picks up his car keys from the glass centre table in front of Kunbi.

“I need to get to the mechanic workshop. I won’t be long”. He says to her.


As he is about stepping out, Kunbi calls after him; “Wales hold on. Please could you get me some toiletries on your way back?”

Wale turns back and responds, “Okay. Will do”.

“Thanks dear”.

Kunbi goes back to the TV programme she is watching. About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rings and she stands up to open the door. She smiles as she sees Sola looking very handsome as always. She notices that he is wearing a different perfume as the smell wafts up her nostrils but decides not to comment about it.

“Hi. You did not mention you would be coming. Please come in”. She says as she lets him in.

“I needed to see you and be sure you’re doing well”. He answers as he walks into the living room.

“Thanks. I’m okay”.

Sola sits down as he asks, “Where’s Wale?”

“He went to the mechanic’s”.

“You should not be home alone”. Sola says with concern.

“C’mon Sola, what do you mean? I’m not a baby. I can take care of myself”. Kunbi laughs as she sits down.

“Are you sure?” Sola asks as he holds her hands.

“Yes. I am”.

“You know I am a call away if you ever need me”.

Kunbi smiles. “I know. I would get everything sorted out when I go to Ibadan next weekend”.

“Please be careful over there”.

Kunbi is embarrassed by the show of affection and stands up as she removes her hands from Sola’s.

“Ola and I will settle things amicably. What should I get you?” She says as she turns to walk towards the kitchen.

“Nothing. I’m okay. I was actually on my way to see Tolu. I want to give her a surprise visit”. He says smiling.

Kunbi feels a sudden pang of jealousy but pushes it aside immediately. “That’s very thoughtful of you. I hope to meet this babe that makes you really happy soon”. She says smiling.

“Of course. You will. I’ll introduce her to you at the right time”. He responds.

“Now get up and get going”. She says shooing him out.

Sola stands up as he laughs and does a mock salute. “Yes ma”.

“My regards to her and don’t forget to pick up some goodies for her on the way”. Kunbi says as she walks him to the door.

“I won’t forget that. Catch ya later”. He says as he walks out.

Kunbi smiles as she goes to the kitchen. If only Ola could remain the man of her dreams. She sighs as she gets a glass tumbler and retrieves a pack of juice from the refrigerator. Ola is not the man for you. She remembers Wale’s statement. I warned you about Ola. I could see traces of pride, arrogance and jealousy in him. Her mum had said. But I still love him. She says to herself.

She walks back to the living room with her glass of juice and is about to sit down to continue watching the TV when the doorbell rings. She drops the glass tumbler on the dining table and walks towards the door to open it. Could Sola have forgotten something?

As she opens the door, she asks, “Did you forget……”

The expression on her face changes to shock as the stranger at the door asks “I guess you are expecting someone”.

“What are you doing here?” She asks in annoyance.

She is suddenly pushed roughly into the sitting room as Ola holds her tight by the arm.

“Who were you expecting? Answer me”. He growls.

Kunbi grimaces under his grip. “What’s all this, Ola? Why are you here?”

“I’m here because of this”. He flings a brown envelope to her face.

Kunbi picks up the envelope as she asks, “What’s this?”

“Look at it before I pounce on you”. Ola shouts at her.

Kunbi opens the envelope, brings out some photographs and gasps. “What! Ola, how could you? You sent someone to monitor my movements with Sola? I can’t believe this”.

Ola claps his hands in mockery. “Good. Now I see. The same Sola, right?” He screams. “Answer me”.

Kunbi is startled. “I won’t answer you. Wale and my mum were right after all. You are just as jealous and insecure as my father was”.

Ola shouts as he moves towards her in anger. “You still have the guts to talk to me, you slut”.

Kunbi retreats. “Don’t come near me”.

“Don’t do what”. He reaches her in two steps and slaps her twice.

2nd Chances 7

“Ola, you’ve started again. Get out of this place”. Kunbi screams in tears and anger.

“Not until I’m through with you”. He says holding her as she struggles under his grip.

She falls back on the settee and he pounces on her beating her mercilessly. Kunbi struggles with him in vain. Ola overpowers her and she begins to loose her strength. She screams but no one comes to her rescue. Her vision begins to blur and she knows that if she doesn’t do something, Wale will probably come back to meet her dead. She looks to her side as Ola puts his hand on her neck in a bid to strangle her. A ceramic flower vase is on the side stool to her right and she picks it up and hits it hard on Ola’s head with the whole of her strength.

Ola screams in pain as blood gushes out of his head. “You bitch”. He gives her a hard punch on the face and she faints. Ola places his right hand on his head which is already dripping with blood onto his white shirt. “Shit”. He curses as he grimaces with pain and staggers out of the house.


Sola is parking his car outside Wale’s apartment. As he steps out of the car to walk towards the house, Wale parks beside him.

“You’re back right on time”. Sola says.

Wale steps out of his car and walks towards the boot which he had opened automatically. “Have you been here earlier?”

“Yes. I came to see you guys but met only Kunbi at home”.


“You know you shouldn’t leave her alone at home. She needs you by her side now”.

“Yeah. I know”. Wale says as he picks out two shopping bags from the opened boot. “I needed to get to the mechanic and would have been back earlier but she asked me to pick up some toiletries at the supermarket”.

“She said so”.

“So why are you back or did you see me coming?” Wale says as he touches the lock button of the car remote.

“No, I must have dropped my phone in your apartment so I had to come back for it. I am going to see my babe”. He says grinning from ear to ear.

“Na wa. I go love oh. This babe of yours is really doing something to you”.

“You bet she is”. Sola answers laughing.

They walk towards the apartment together. Wale pulls out his key to open the door. Sola walks in first while Wale tries to close the door behind him. As Sola walks in, he assumes Kunbi is still watching the TV which is still switched on. “Kunbi, I forgot…..Oh my God”. He screams and rushes towards Kunbi who is unconscious on the floor and bleeding from the nose. He leans down and places his a finger over her nostrils to check if she is still breathing.

Wale drops the bag of toiletries on the floor and rushes to the living room on hearing Sola’s yell.

“What’s wrong?…. What! Who could have done this?” Wale asks no one.

Sola carries Kunbi fully in his arms and says “Wale, get the keys. She’s unconscious. We need to get her to the hospital quickly”.


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Second Chances – Episode 6

Kunbi leaves Ibadan for Lagos early Sunday morning. The discussion with her mum had been an eye-opener. It suddenly occurred to her that she had been blinded by love. Her mum and Wale could not be wrong after all. She wondered why it took her so long to see it. Ola had kicked against her having male friends in the University but she never saw it as jealousy. She had broken all ties and friendships with her male course mates and friends. According to him, other guys were a distraction to her. She had not seen anything wrong with it. To her, it was Ola’s way of showing that he loved her.

As she sat in the bus taking her back to Lagos, she thought about their relationship the past four years. She had been so much in love, she had refused to see the handwriting on the wall. She was fifteen when she lost her father and she remembered vividly how much she had detested his jealous attitude. Her mother had lived in hurt and pain while he was alive and she had vowed never to marry someone like him.

She sighed as she looked out of the moving vehicle. As her distance away from Ibadan increased, she felt like she was leaving a part of her heart behind. Maybe it is time to move on. This realization however broke her heart.


Monday afternoon, Sola picks Kunbi up for lunch as before. After ditching her for two weeks, he wants to make it up to her. Things are going on smoothly between himself and Tolu and he is thankful to her for it. As they sit at the table with their food, Sola notices that she is not as chatty as she usually is. He thought she just wanted to be quiet during the drive to the restaurant but now, he is sure something is wrong as she has hardly touched her food.

“Kunbi, you’ve been quiet. What’s on your mind?”

“Nothing”. She shrugs.

“You can’t tell me that. You’ve been picking at your food”.

She looks up at him. “Sola, I’m serious. There’s nothing wrong. I’m not really hungry today”.

Sola drops his cutlery and stretches his hands to hold hers on the table. “Kunbi, you can talk to me or don’t you trust me any longer”.

Meanwhile, an unknown person sitting some tables away from them raises up a mobile phone pretending to be chatting on it and takes a picture of him and Kunbi.

Kunbi bows her head as she responds; “I wish I could give myself a dose of my own medication”.

“I don’t understand what you’re saying”. Sola answers looking confused.

“I am having problems with Ola”.

Sola gasps. “Oh my goodness! What’s wrong? Is it because I called you the other day while you were with him?”

“Well, it’s part of it but it started long before then”. She looks up at him all of a sudden and removes her hands from his. “How did you know about that day? Wales told you obviously”. She hisses.

“Kunbi, he meant no harm. He was worried about you and he asked me never to call you while you were out of Lagos”.

Kunbi breathes deeply. “I am so confused”.

Sola looks anxiously at her with worry. “I’m so sorry, Kunbi. What have I done? I did not mean to destabilize your relationship. What can I do to help?”

Kunbi hold his hands and smiles as she looks into his eyes. “Sola, calm down. It’s not your fault. I told you the problem is not recent. Besides, it did not start with you. I’ll try to get myself out of this mess”.

The mobile phone is raised again and their picture is taken.

He forces a smile. “When you need my help, will you call me?”

“I will”. She responds as she bows her head and Sola stares at her.


Sola drives her back to her office and they are oblivious to the car trailing them behind. Sola switches off the engine of the car and looks at Kunbi. “Are you sure you would be fine?”

“Of course”. She answers as she removes her seat belt and gives him a hug. “Thank you again for the lunch”.

The car trailing them is parked a few metres behind. The unknown person lifts up a camera, adjusts the lenses to view them and takes a picture just as Kunbi is hugging Sola.

2nd Chances 6

“Do you want me to pick you up after work? I could tell Wale not to bother”. Sola asks ignoring her thanks.

“No. Wales would get worried and I don’t want to put him under unnecessary psychological pressure”.

“Okay. I’ll see you at home, then. Take care of you”. He says as he squeezes her left shoulder.

The camera in the other car clicks again.

“Thanks, I will”. Kunbi says.

She steps out of the car and walks towards her office complex while Sola starts the engine and drives off.


A young man is seated in Ola’s living room in Ibadan. He is dressed in blue faded jeans and a white Tee-shirt. He nods his head as he enjoys a music video played on TV.

Ola walks in from the kitchen as he wipes his hands on an apron he is wearing. “Sorry, I wanted to get what I was cooking off the fire”.

The man only smiles.

“So how far? Did you accomplish the task?”

“Of course. I told you to trust me”. The man answers.

Ola sits down. “Where are they?”

The man smiles as he brings out a brown envelope from his knapsack. “Here they are. Sharp and captivating”. He says as he hands over the envelope to Ola.

Ola opens the envelope, pulls out the contents and laughs mockingly. “I should have known better”.

The man rubs his palms together and smiles. “I told you I would do a good job. Didn’t I?”

Ola is upset as he hits his right palm on his forehead. “I can’t believe this”. He says shaking unable to control his anger.

Ola drops the envelope on the settee and begins to pace round the living room.

“My balance, Oga Ola”. The man says seeing that he seems to have been forgotten.

Ola looks at him in anger and shouts. “What?”

“My….my balance”. He stammers.

“How much is it?”

“Three thousand naira plus my transport fare”.

Ola looks at him, dips his hands in his jeans pocket and counts six five hundred naira notes. He throws it at him and orders him to get out.

“My transport fare, Oga Ola”. The man says as he scrambles to pick up the notes from the floor.

Ola walks towards him seething with anger and the man immediately picks his knapsack and rushes to the door.


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Sibling Rivalry, Guilty Parents

“My mum never hid her preference for me. She always showed it to my siblings that I was her favourite. That happens even till date”. She said.

“So, how do your siblings feel about it?” I asked.

“Ah, they hated me when we were younger but as we grew older, they realized that I wasn’t at fault. They understood that my mum was the guilty one. I did not seek to be favoured”. She responded. “So, do you have a favourite among your kids?” She asked.

“No, I don’t. Each child has his/her own individuality and I don’t believe it should be used as a basis for judging my love for them”. I said.

Sibling Rivalry_Guilty parents

This discussion got me thinking about the extent parents go to manipulate their children; showing preference for a child and inadvertently breeding sibling rivalry. As much as I understand that it can be a difficult task not comparing child with child, I believe parents should always maintain a little restraint. Take a step back and think before talking or acting.

Children would always fight for the attention and acceptance of their parents. A wise parent will however treat each child as an individual, noting their individual temperaments and uniqueness. Each child cannot be the same. While some children are very brilliant and excel in academics, some may be poor in academics but perform excellently at handicraft. Another may be gifted in music, while another may be gifted in administration.

I applaud the siblings of this lady for rising above sibling rivalry as she stated that she still gets the preferential treatment till date; but not all cases end well. Some siblings have gone as far as hurting the favoured sibling or in some cases, living the rest of their lives hating the sibling because of a rivalry that was bred and watered by their parents.

The victim sibling begins to wonder where he/she went wrong; forgetting that the favouritism received from the parent/s had resulted in his/her becoming a victim.

Food for thought for Parents:

Why make your children become estranged from each other by fostering sibling rivalry? It is even more difficult when you are gone as you would no longer be there to bind them together as a family.

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Second Chances – Episode 4

It is a Saturday afternoon in Ibadan. A centre rug with a mix of brown and black colours adorns Ola’s sparse living room. Soft music plays from a home theatre in the living room. Kunbi and Ola are seated on the centre rug playing a game of cards when Kunbi’s mobile phone rings.

“Hi, Sola. What’s going on?”

“Today is our first date together. I want to impress her. What do you think?”

“You don’t have to. Don’t build your relationship on deceit. Just be yourself and let her accept you for who you are”.

“Okay, thanks. My regards to your boyfriend”.

“Cool. I’ll let him know. Bye”. She says as she places her phone on the floor.

“Who was that?” Ola asks frowning.

“A friend”. She responds as she drops a card. “He’s trying to ask a babe out and does not know how to go about it. Your turn”. She says looking up at him.

“So, how is that supposed to be your business? Are you his lecturer?” He asks in anger.

“What do you mean by that?

Ola suddenly drops the cards he is holding on the floor and grabs her by the arm.

“Better be careful. What kind of guy calls you over the weekend in your boyfriend’s house?”

She is too shocked to speak. She drops her cards on the floor as well and struggles under his grip.

“You’re hurting me, Ola. What’s all this?”

2nd Chances 4

“And I’ll hurt you the more if you don’t tell whoever that guy is to stay away from you”. He says as he drops her arm.

“My goodness. I can’t believe this. First, you think my cousin will attempt to sleep with me and now this. I don’t understand you any longer, Ola. I thought you trusted me. What happened to you after I moved to Lagos?” She asks in alarm massaging her arm.

“Tell him to stay away from you”. He says through clenched teeth.

She stands up and picks up her hand bag.

“I won’t listen to any of this. I’m going home”.

He gets very upset and pulls her by the arm flinging her towards the settee.

“Don’t walk out on me. Don’t you ever do that?”

As Kunbi falls on the settee, she burst into tears. Ola looks at her and immediately feels remorseful. He begins to pace round the room. He stops and kneels down beside her.

“Kunbi, I’m sorry. I did not mean to hurt you. Please forgive me”.

“How could you, Ola? Am I not allowed to have male friends any longer? Do you trust me at all?” She asks in between tears.

“I’m sorry. I don’t……I just……I don’t know”. He stammers rubbing the back of his neck.

“You are just what, Ola? When did you suddenly become so insecure? We have been dating for four years and you still don’t trust me?”

“I do. I just can’t stand the thought of losing you”.

“Is it because I got a job in Lagos? Would you rather I stayed back in Ibadan jobless?”

Ola shakes his head. “No, no. I just don’t want any one hurting you. That’s all”.

“I can take care of myself, Ola. I’m not a baby”.

He stands up and pulls her up into a hug.

“I am sorry. Please forgive me”. He says as he kisses her.

She initially tries to resist his kisses but eventually gives in to him.


Kunbi sits alone in her apartment Sunday evening. The TV is off as she has no pleasure in it. She is unhappy and lost in her own world.

What has come over Ola of recent? Have I given him a reason not to trust me? How come he has become insecure all of a sudden or have the signs always been there and I refused to see them? Is there any harm in what I am doing? I am so confused right now.

“Kunbi, Kunbi……..”

She is jolted out of her reverie by Wale’s voice.

“Oh Wales, I did not realize you had come in”.

“What’s wrong?” He asks with concern.


“That’s not true. I came in and had been standing here for a while and you did not even realize I was here”.

“Really?” She asks in surprise.

“What is wrong? Is mummy okay?”

Kunbi sighs. “Mum is fine. Wales, I don’t understand Ola any longer”.

Wale sits down beside her. “What do you mean?”

“Sola called me on my phone yesterday while I was with Ola and you won’t believe what happened. Ola was so mad at me that he manhandled me. I could not believe it. I never knew he was so jealous”.

Wale keeps quiet and just stares at her.

“Wales, did you hear what I just said?”

“I heard you. What exactly do you want me to say? If I said I told you so, you’ll get angry and say I want to spite you”.

“I know but……”

“There’s really nothing for me to say. My only advice for you is be careful with him”. He says as he stands up and walks towards his room.

Kunbi watches him as he walks away. She puts her head in her palms and shakes her head. She is more confused than she was before she spoke to her cousin.

2nd Chances 4b

Sola is waiting in his car outside Kunbi’s office. He looks at his wrist watch and wonders what is taking her so long. Two minutes later, she rushes out of her office building and apologizes profusely to Sola as she enters into the car.

“You sure, we would still have lunch today?” He asks faking annoyance.

“Hey c’mon, I said I am sorry. Let’s do somewhere very close. Maybe snacks”.

He nods as he drives off.

In a few minutes, they are seated in an eatery close by with snacks and drinks in front of them.

“Tolu always has this standoffish attitude towards me in the office but she never ceases to call me every night just to say good night”.

Kunbi smiles. “Maybe she is not comfortable with the attention you are giving her in the office, but I guess you have the green light already”.

“Are you sure?” He asks in anxiety.

“Yep! You see each other at work, she poses a standoffish attitude but once she is out of the office, she becomes true to herself”.

“True to herself?”

Kunbi nods and she sips out of her drink. “She calls you every night? It is because she cares about you and probably needs your voice to give her sweet dreams”. She says laughing.

“Wow! That just made my day”. He says smiling. “I thought she wasn’t interested in me all along”.

“Which is not true?” She says shrugging her shoulders. “Are you ready to be committed to her?”

“I hope so”.

“You hope? You are still not sure about this?”

“I think I would take it one step at a time”.

“Okay”. Kunbi says as she dabs at her lips with a napkin.

“Thanks. I owe you one”.

“And I’ll make sure I get it”. She replies laughing.


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Second Chances – Episode 2

Kunbi arrives Lagos Sunday evening. She is tired from her trip and saunters into the apartment she and Wale share. She drops her weekend bag and slumps into a settee. Wale who is watching a football match in the living room looks up and smiles. “How was your trip?”

“Hectic”. She yawns.

“Mumsie and your boyfriend?” He asks as he pauses the match with a remote.

“They are both fine”.

“I suppose he has warned you stay away from me”. He says giving her a mischievous look”.

Kunbi eyes him but refuses to respond.

“What? He asks, pretending to be surprised. “I only made a statement. It is an assumption which means no harm”. He chuckles.

“Wales, please, I am not…..

The doorbell rings and Kunbi points to him. “Saved by the bell. I’ll get it”.

She opens the door and meets Sola, who is looking casual in a blue polo Tee-shirt and faded jeans. He just got his beard shaved and he is looking younger and very handsome. Kunbi suddenly feels like a shy school girl in his presence. He smiles at her and she notices his perfect dentition again. She is embarrassed at her attraction to him and wonders why she is so jittery in his presence.

“Hi, when did you arrive?” He says breaking into her thoughts.

“Hi…I arrived some minutes ago”. She steps aside. “Please come in”.

“So, how’s your mum and boyfriend?”

Kunbi turns to look at him with surprise and gives Wale a quick glance.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No. I’m just surprised that I have been a topic of discussion at a round table conference”.

Sola laughs. “Guilty as charged”.

“Sola, just ignore her. Please sit down”. Wale says laughing.

“Actually, I came to see Kunbi”.

Kunbi is shocked. “Me?”

“Of course. I want to take you out”.

“I…em…you know I just came back. I’m really….” She stammers with embarrassment.

“Please don’t say no. Pleaseeee”. He stresses.

“But you know….”

“Just a drink. Cross my heart”. He smiles as he puts his right hand on his chest.

Kunbi is confused and she looks at Wale who nods signifying his answer.

“Oh well! Okay. Let me change into something else”. She shrugs.

As she walks towards her room, Sola rubs his palms together and grins at Wale. “Thanks, man”.

“Be careful and don’t forget what I said”.

“I promise, I would never hurt her. You have my word”.


She has a quick shower and wonders what to wear. A simple dress should do just fine. There is no reason to go overboard with my appearance. She was unsure of Sola’s intentions but the earlier she drew boundaries for them, the better for her. She smiled as she sat in front of her dressing mirror and applied light make-up. He is handsome, no doubt. Get him off your mind. She shook her head to dispel her attraction to him. She was committed to Ola and he meant the world to her. His behaviour of recent was however a source of concern. She sighed as she stood up and looked at herself in the mirror. I am sure I am just being apprehensive over nothing.

2nd Chances 2

“I’m ready”. She says as she walks into the living room where the men are engrossed in the football match paused earlier on.

Sola is speechless as she looks at her.

“Are we ready?” She asks when she notices he is just staring at her.

“You are beautiful”.

“Thank you. Wales does not like me getting home too late”. She says trying to steer the conversation away from her looks.

“Take your time”. Wale smiles.

“Thanks man”. Sola stands up as he stretches his hand to Wale for a handshake.


As they get into Sola’s car, Kunbi tries to start a little conversation to quell her anxiety. “Wale says you were course mates in school”.

“Yes, he was one of the brilliant ones. First class in Architecture is no mean feat”.

She smiles. “Wales has always been a book worm. I remember him coaching me on science subjects when I was about to write my final exams in Secondary school”.

“He is very fond of you”.

She shrugs.

They arrive at a bar in less than fifteen minutes. As they walk into the bar, Sola acknowledges the greeting of the doorman with a smile. He takes note of a table for two at a corner and walks towards it leading Kunbi.

Kunbi orders a glass of chapman and Sola decides to do same just to give her a sense of safety on the drive back home.

“I guess you are wondering what this outing is all about.” Sola asks.

“Of course. I am”.

“I know you are hooked”. He smiles. “I just want to….”

She raises her brow and he starts laughing.

“What?” She asks surprised.

“You need to see the expression on your face”.

She relaxes and smiles. “Really?”

“Yeah. You had this look of disbelief as if you thought I was going to tell a lie”.

“I did not intend to be rude”. She apologizes. “I wanted to be sure you meant what you were about to say”.

“I know about Ola. I don’t think it should stop us from being in the friend zone”.

“Friend zone or Friends without benefits?”

“Friends without benefits. I stand by my word”. He says smiling.

They talk for about an hour on various issues relating to work, politics and family and are relaxed as they laugh.


Sola begins to pick up Kunbi every day during lunch hour. They vary their lunch venues from time to time depending on Kunbi’s choice. Sola is insistent on paying for their lunch each time even though Kunbi kicks against it. She decides to start getting him groceries in return, dropping them in his car during their lunch dates and he is appreciative of her kind gesture. Even though he had stated right from the start that he would remain a friend without benefits, he sometimes wished they could take it a step further. He had given his word and he was not going to break his promise. Many nights, alone on his bed, he wondered if Ola was truly worthy of her love. It was evident she was committed to him. She spent her weekends with him in Ibadan and he felt a tinge of jealousy. He loved her but realized quickly that it was not mutual or was it?

His parents had died in a car accident when he was just four and it was a miracle that he had survived. The car seat in which he was strapped had been his saving grace. His cries had alerted rescuers who got him out of the mangled car and took him to the hospital after informing the police.

Weeks after he was discharged, he was handed over to his aunt, his mum’s younger sister. She was a single mother with a son she doted on. She had been physically abused in her marriage and recently left her husband to save her life and retain her sanity. He had grown up with his cousin and his aunt only as she refused to remarry. She was scared and felt marriage was not worth trying again. She had shown him much love and he had never lacked. His aunt’s idea about marriage and relationships however rubbed off on him. Memories of his parents’ marriage was a distant past and he had no idea if marriage was worth anything to them. He therefore steered clear of serious relationships preferring to remain a friend. He was scared of commitment. Quite a number of ladies he liked in the past noticed his aversion for commitment and eventually got into serious relationships with other men and got married. He was such a cool guy and many could not understand his fear of commitment. At forty, he was still single. He found it difficult to rise above his fear of marriage. Could it be different with Kunbi if he was given a chance? Was marriage truly worth it? He thought.

2nd Chances 2b

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Second Chances – Episode 1

Kunbi walks into the office complex of Wales Construction Company. The reception is beautifully furnished with artworks displayed strategically all around the office. The receptionist raises her head from her laptop and smiles. “Good afternoon, ma”.

“Good afternoon, dear. How are you today?” Kunbi responds with a smile in return.

“Fine, thank you, ma and you?”

“I’m good, thank you”. She says as she heads straight to the Managing Director’s office.

The Managing Director’s personal assistant is adjusting her blazer when Kunbi walks in. “Welcome, ma. M.D has been waiting for you”.

“Thank you”. Kunbi says. She opens the door to the M.D’s office without knocking.

“Hello cuz”. She says, her smile reaching her eyes. “Oh I’m sorry, I wasn’t told you had a visitor. I’ll wait….

A dark, tall and handsome guy stands up immediately and stretches his hand to her for a handshake.

“You don’t have to. I’m not really a visitor. I’m Sola and I presume you are Kunbi”. He smiles.

She notices his structured dentition. He probably wore braces when he was younger.

“Yes, I’m Kunbi, Wale’s cousin”. She says returning the handshake.

2nd chances 1

“It’s a pleasure meeting you. I’ve heard so much about how you have been taking good care of my friend”. He says laughing.

Kunbi is flustered and smiles sheepishly as she gives Wale a cursory glance. “Seriously? Is that what you’ve been telling your friend, Wales?”

Wale shrugs his shoulders.

“Please ignore him. The pleasure is all mine. She smiles as she drops her hand bag on Wale’s desk. “I won’t take your time”.

“Yes dear, how may I help you?” Wale asks.

“I need to get to the market before going home. So don’t bother picking me up this evening”.

“Okay, but you could have said that on phone instead of coming down here”.

“Actually, I’m on break and wanted to get to the eatery down the road, so I decided to stop by”.

“Okay. We’ll see in the evening, then. Don’t stay out too late”.

“I won’t”. She picks up her handbag.

“Let me drop you at the eatery”. Sola offers as he picks up his car keys from the desk.

“Oh no, you don’t have to bother”.

“Please, let me. Besides, my office is just adjacent the eatery”.

“Well, thanks. I really appreciate your kind gesture”.

“It’s my pleasure anytime”. He says smiling.

“So could you guys please leave so I can get back to work?” Wale says shooing them out of his office as the others laugh.


Later that evening, Kunbi is cooking in the kitchen, while Wale is busy reading the day’s newspaper in the living room.

“Wales, who’s that guy?”

“Which guy?” Wale asks without looking up from the newspaper.

“Sola, the guy I met in your office”.

“Oh Sola”. He says as he drops the newspaper and walks towards the kitchen. “He was my course mate in school. Can you imagine that we have worked on the same street for over a year now and our paths just crossed about a month ago?”

“Really? So where did you meet again?”

“The same eatery you went to earlier in the day” He laughs.

“Hmmm….that’s nice. Must have been a happy reunion”.

“You bet, it was. Are you travelling this weekend?”

“Of course, you know I have to see mummy. Besides, I have really missed Ola as well”.

Wale hisses. “You saw him last weekend, didn’t you? I reckon you have to see mumsie but that guy…” He shakes his head as he leaves the kitchen and walks towards the dining table.

Kunbi dishes their food, arranges the plates in a tray and walks into the living room without saying a word.

As she sets the plates on the table, she looks up at Wale who is already seated.

“Wales, what do you have against him? I wonder why you just can’t stand him”.

“Please don’t start”. Wale says raising his hands in surrender.

“Give me a reason why I shouldn’t? I have asked you several times if he has ever offended you but you have adamantly refused to answer.

“The guy is arrogant, proud and self-centered. He’s just not your type and above all he is so insecure”.

“Wales!” Kunbi yells. “He’s not as bad as you’re portraying him”.

“Well, I won’t marry you. In my opinion, Ola is not the man for you. But it is your choice to decide who you want to spend the rest of your life with. I only want the best for you and do not want you making a mistake that you will later regret”.

“Thanks cuz. That’s why you are my big brother”. She smiles and nudges him as they begin to eat.


A week later, Sola walks into Wale’s office after being ushered in by his assistant. They shake hands and Sola sits on the couch in the office.

“My guy, you did not tell me you had a goddess of beauty for a cousin. Mehn, she’s what I call pretty”.

“Don’t even think about it. She’s hooked already”.

“Why? How can such a beautiful babe be hooked so soon?”

“What do you mean by so soon? Wale laughed. “She’s been dating the guy since she was in school”.

“Really?” Sola asked concern written on his face.

“Yeah. Even though, I hate his guts, she really loves him or I think she does. The guy is in Ibadan. He works in an architectural firm there”.

“So, does she still see him?”

“Oh yes. In fact she travels to Ibadan every weekend to see him. She however uses her mum as a cover-up”.

“Anyway, I like her and would love to be her friend”.

“You should be talking to her, not me. But don’t hurt her. She’s very dear to me”. He said pointing a warning finger at his friend.

“Yes sir”. Sola responded as he saluted with a wide grin.


Kunbi slots a key into the door of an apartment and smiles as she walks in. The living room is sparse and simple in furnishing. She drops her weekend bag on the floor and heads straight to the bedroom.

“Hello, sleepy head”.

“Would I get a better good morning?” Ola smiles as he stretches.

She moves towards him and he gives her a long kiss.

She tries to tear herself from him. “I need to get breakfast done”.

“You can do that later. I am not hungry”.

“No, sir. I am hungry if you ain’t”. She smacks his hands off her.

“Kunbi, it is Saturday. You have been gone for a whole week”.

“Get up boyfriend”. She smiles as she walks out of the room.


After breakfast, they decide to watch a sitcom with a bowl of popcorn wedged between them. The commercials run and Ola faces Kunbi.

“Don’t you think I should get you an apartment now?

“I don’t see a reason why you should. I am perfectly fine with Wale”.

“But I am not comfortable with you living in his apartment”.

“Why? What’s on your mind?”

“I just don’t like the fact that you are living with another man”.

“Who happens to be my cousin?” She smirks.

“He is another man, regardless. You are not safe in the hands of another man”.

“Seriously? Do you think my cousin will attempt to sleep with me or what?” She says looking at him with concern.

“There is nothing new under the sun”. He says matter-of-factly.

Kunbi is shocked. “What? You are unbelievable”.

“That, my dear, is your opinion. I have made my point clear. If he dare lay a hand on you, I swear, you’ll bring his dead body back to Ibadan”.

The commercials are over and the sitcom continues but Kunbi sees only the moving images. Different thoughts run through her mind.

She had recently gotten a job in Lagos barely six weeks ago. All her life prior to her job had been in Ibadan. As a newcomer in Lagos, her mum had been skeptical about her getting an apartment of her own. Since her first cousin lived in Lagos, it had made perfect sense to move in with him. Even better; was that the organization she worked for had its office on the same street with Wale’s construction company. Everything was like an answer to her prayers. Wale took her to work and picked her up every day.

Ola had never acted like one given to jealousy. They had dated for two years in the university and currently counting four years into their relationship. She was however surprised that her move to Lagos triggered jealous feelings in him. She looked at him as he laughed at the programme on TV.

2nd Chances 1b

Was he insecure as Wale had said? Was this how he felt about Wale? He was her cousin for Christ’s sake. He was probably just being over-protective just like Wale”. She concluded.


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To Love and to Hold – Episode 19

The holidays were soon over and the second semester started with a flurry of activities. Final year students milled around the campus with their projects; trying to put finishing touches to them. It was going to be a busy semester and Fadeke knew she would be seeing less of Chinedu. She, however was not bothered. He had proved time and time again that she meant a lot to him and the few times they spent together were always worth the wait. She hadn’t heard from Tochukwu throughout the holiday and she wondered if her relationship with Chinedu or Kunle’s attraction to her was still the bone of contention. She hadn’t thought about Kunle as well or asked after him from Chinedu. She did not need the distraction anyway. As far as she was concerned, both of them were distractions to her love life.

Fadeke walked into the room and saw Tochukwu’s travel box filled with all her clothes. She noticed her wardrobe was empty and she wondered what was wrong. “Is everything okay, Tochukwu?”

She responded without looking up from the box she was arranging. “Yep”.

To Love & to Hold 30

“So, where are you going with all your clothes stuffed in your travel box?”

“My new apartment”.

Fadeke looked astonished. “Your new apartment?”

“Yes, Fadeke. My new apartment”. Tochukwu replied rising up and standing akimbo.

Different thoughts filtered through Fadeke’s mind. Tochukwu was changing rooms either because she couldn’t stand her relationship with Chinedu or because she had refused to tell him about Kunle’s attraction to her. There was definitely more to this than she knew. Whatever, it was, she was going to find out.

“Do you have anything to say to that?” Tochukwu asked spoiling for a fight.

“No, not at all. I enjoyed the short period we spent together”.

Tochukwu was shocked at the statement. She wasn’t expecting to hear that. She couldn’t bear the midnight calls Fadeke and Chinedu shared together any longer. Even though, Fadeke always faced the wall and spoke in a whisper, she often strained to hear what they were discussing. She pretended to be asleep and Fadeke never knew she eavesdropped on their conversation. Since she had decided to let Chinedu go for now, she thought it best to also let go of anything that reminded her of him. Fadeke was definitely a constant reminder of her failure and she did not need that.

Sensing that Fadeke wasn’t interested in a fight, she replied; “Thanks. I really need to change rooms. I need to be alone”.

“So, you are taking one of the mini flats in the annex, I guess”.

“Yes. There are vacant rooms there so I spoke with the landlord and he agreed”.

“No qualms. I hope you would still keep in touch”.

“Of course, I would. We are still on the same campus, aren’t we?”

As Tochukwu was about taking out what was left of her things in the room, Fadeke asked; “Tochukwu, who is the guy that broke up with you last session? It just occurred to me that you never mentioned his name”.

Tochukwu froze at the question. She had never mentioned Kunle because she did not want Fadeke linking her to Chinedu. Kunle was Chinedu’s best friend and if she ever mentioned him to Fadeke, she knew one way or the other; her well kept secrets would be in the open.

“Just some silly guy. That’s history now”.

“I was just asking. I hope it’s no offence”.

She laughed sardonically. “Offence?” She waved her hands away as if flicking off a fly.

“Take care of yourself”.

“I would”. She said as she closed the door behind her.

Tochukwu lay on her bed in her newly acquired apartment. The mini flat had the same amenities like her previous room; but now, she had a living room, a kitchen, a toilet and a bathroom to herself. She was angry at how the day had played out. She had been spoiling for a fight and Fadeke had been so calm. Why did Fadeke still have to be so nice to her? She had expected her to say the wrong word and she would have gone all out to give her a piece of her tongue. Unfortunately, that hadn’t happened and now, she was angry. She wondered what prompted the question about Kunle. She had had to think fast. Make the topic a non-issue. She was glad that her cover was not blown. Chinedu would be graduating this semester and she needed to be better prepared for her next line of action. Time was what she needed and this was a step towards her next set of plans.


Fadeke had prepared noodles for Chinedu just the way he loved it; spicy. She had come back early from lectures and since there was really nothing for her to do in her room, she decided to go hang out in Chinedu’s for a while. Not having a roommate any longer, she got bored easily. Sometimes, she watched the television or listened to music in her room while at other times; she got busy by cooking for Chinedu and awaited his return.

After the last incident with Kunle, she had learnt to lock herself inside. She did not want a repeat of the incident; besides, it could be someone else next time. She was tired and hungry and considered eating but on second thoughts, she decided to wait till Chinedu returned. She opened her bag to take out some biscuits and was about settling down on the bed when she heard three taps on the door. Chinedu had arrived as that was his signature. She had once laughed over it and he had told her that apart from recognizing that he was the one at the door, it could also serve for security reasons.

She stood up to unlock the door.

“Hi baby”. He said kissing her full on the lips.

“Hey, at this rate, you are going to make me elope with you”. She laughed.

“I’d be the happiest man on earth”.

She nudged him. “My parents will kill me”.

“That is if you are found; because I would have taken you so far away that no one would have the slightest hint of where we are”.

“Hmm….maybe I could consider that option”. She said smiling.

“I can smell noodles”. He sniffed and tickled her at the same time.

She laughed and tried to get his hands off her. “I’m hungry. I was actually waiting for you so we could eat together”.

“How nice”.

She got out two plates and started to dish out the food. “Chinedu, there’s something I have been intending to ask you”.

“Okay”. He said as he collected one of the plates from her.

“Do you know the guy that dumped Tochukwu last session?”

He wasn’t sure where the question and what his answer could lead to; at the same time, he did not want to lie to her. “I do”.

She looked up from her plate. “Really?”

“Yes. Why do you ask?”

“Tochukwu never mentioned his name. I asked her the other day, she was moving her things out but she simply said he was history”.

She did not want her roommate finding out about Kunle. He thought. That could only mean one thing; she did not want Fadeke linking Kunle to him. Considering what she had done in the past, he wasn’t surprised.


He suddenly heard her voice. “Did you say something?”

To Love & to Hold 30b

“Are you okay?”

He forced a smile. “Of course”.

“I was saying that in school today, I had…..” She continued talking as they ate and even though Chinedu sat right there beside her, he did not hear a single word of what she was saying. He smiled intermittently trying to make her feel like she was been heard. All his thoughts were on Tochukwu. What was she up to this time? Only time will tell.


The semester moved faster than they had envisaged and in a few weeks, the students were getting ready to write their exams. The flurry of activities took over; Chinedu and Fadeke barely seeing each other. Even the midnight calls had been reduced to once during the weekdays but they tried to catch up on gists during the weekends. Chinedu paid visits to Fadeke’s room; now that Tochukwu was out and most of his weekends were spent there. They watched the television, listened to music, cooked and ate together. On one of such weekends together, they both lay on the bed talking.

“In a few weeks, I would be through with my exams. I don’t know where I would be posted to do my youth service”.

She rose up resting her weight on her elbows. “I have thought about it as well and sincerely, anytime I think about it, I feel jitters down my spine”.

“I hope I am not posted to a place where I would have to take a boat to get to civilization”. He laughed.

“That would be real fun. Don’t you think?”

“Hey……” He nudged her. “That would mean no quick visits to see you”.

She thought about what he had said and shook her head vigorously. “No, I hope that does not happen”. She rested her head on his chest and sighed.

He knew that sigh meant a lot. “What are you thinking about, my love?”

“Just wondering”.

“What about?”

“We are going to be apart for a whole year. My dad knows a few people who can assist in getting you the state you desire but….”.

“Your father is a no-no”.

She sighed again.

“Don’t get yourself worked up. I pray I don’t get posted somewhere too far. You can be rest assured I would pay you visits in school, but the frequency of the visits would depend on the distance”.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I really do love you”.

“And I love you too puff puff cheeks”. He said rubbing his thumb on her cheeks.


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