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To Love and to Hold – Episode 14

Chinedu had woken up early to read as he had gone straight to bed the previous night after leaving Kunle’s room. By 7a.m when Kunle walked into his room, he had already put in 3 hours of study. “Hey, morning. I hope you are better”. He said as he stood up from his reading table to stretch his limbs.

“Yeah, thanks man”. Kunle replied as he sat down on Chinedu’s bed. He had woken up with a determination to call Tochukwu’s bluff but before leaving his room that morning; she had reinforced her threat to inform Chinedu about his recent attraction to Fadeke and that he was hitting on her. Even though he wasn’t hitting on her, he knew that his recent attraction was going to raise an alarm. Chinedu had noticed his strange behavior and it wouldn’t take long for him to put the pieces together. On the other hand, he wasn’t sure whether Fadeke would eventually tell Chinedu about what transpired between them the night he walked in on her.

“So, are you and Tochukwu back together?” Chinedu asked breaking into Kunle’s thoughts.

“Not at all. You were the reason why she came visiting”. He replied thinking of how best to approach the matter at hand.

“Me? I don’t understand”.

“Chinedu, don’t you think you are putting all your eggs in one basket. You know I have mentioned this to you before”.

“I still don’t understand what you are trying to say”. Chinedu answered looking lost.

“What I mean is Tochukwu came to see me yesterday still professing her love for you. She’s obviously over me and confessed that even while we were together, she longed for you. Chinedu, I think you should give her the benefit of doubt”.

Chinedu who was still standing was so astonished; his mouth was agape. Was that the reason why Tochukwu had come to see Kunle at that time of the night? He was even more shocked by Kunle who knew too well that he was committed to Fadeke. “You are crazy, man. I can’t believe you would even attempt to sell Tochukwu to me. Do you realize that Tochukwu and Fadeke are roommates? I have never mentioned her to Fadeke just because I do not want her to feel threatened. I can’t, won’t and would never give Tochukwu an opportunity; if that’s what you are asking for”. He concluded angrily.

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Kunle opened his mouth to speak but thought otherwise. It was no use. He knew even before he attempted to, that Chinedu wasn’t going to give in. The next step was to inform Tochukwu about the development. He had tried his best; as far as he was concerned.


30 minutes later, Chinedu was alone in his room thinking. How else am I meant to tell Tochukwu that I am not interested in her? I have tried all I can; but it does not seem to be working. I have never met a woman so desperate and bent on having a man. Wasn’t it just three sessions ago that she was all over Kunle? To think that she could make a drastic U-turn with an intention to win me over again with Kunle’s help is unimaginable. Kunle should have known better. I am not into the two-timing game. I am not surprised that Kunle is not in the least jealous that his ex-girlfriend is making a comeback at his best friend. He is an unrepentant casanova who has the ladies whenever and wherever he wants them. I wonder why he has become distracted and unsettled of recent. He had always been able to handle his relationships and his studies perfectly well. I hope our final year exams are not taking a toll on him. Whatever the case, my mind is made up; nothing and no one can change it. I am stuck with Fadeke.

In four weeks, exams were over and students began trooping home in droves. Mr. Peters’ driver picked Chinedu and Fadeke from school and on Fadeke’s insistence; dropped Chinedu off at home. As he was stepping out of the car, he remembered his promise to his mother to introduce Fadeke to her during their next holidays. “Would you be able to come visit me some time during the holidays?” He asked.

“Why not? I would love to”. Fadeke replied excitedly. “When should I come over?”

“I would call you two days ahead to let you know”. He said slinging his knapsack on his back.

“Two days ahead? Does that mean you won’t call me every day?” She sulked.

“I will, my sweet “poff poff” cheeks”. He smiled touching her lightly on the cheeks. “Remember I have to work during the holidays. I would let you know when you should come over, all the same”.

“Oh, I absolutely forgot about your vacation job”. She said sighing. “No worries but I would expect your call everyday”.

“Yes, ma’am”. He replied as they both burst into laughter. He loved it when she laughed that way; like one who had no care in the world. He wanted to give her a kiss but thought against it. He was standing in front of the gate to his house and she was sitting in her father’s car with the driver behind the wheel. He would not want anyone misinterpreting his actions. He held her hand and squeezed it tight as he whispered “I love you”. Fadeke who by now had tears in her eyes from her bout of laughter returned the squeeze and whispered back a response.

As she was chauffeur-driven home, she laid back her head with loving thoughts of Chinedu filling her heart. She had never felt so loved by anyone besides her family. As she made a mental note of what she was going to wear to Chinedu’s house for the visit, she dozed off smiling.


“Come over to my hostel at 4.00pm. We need to talk”. Tochukwu said holding her mobile phone to her right ear and blowing a bubble with the gum in her mouth.

“I can’t make it. I’m going home at 4.00pm”. Kunle replied irritated.

“Sorry, darling. You can’t go home until you see me”.

“Do you ever stop, Tochukwu? If you need to see me, you know where to find me”.

Tochukwu was quiet for a while, chewing her gum with reckless abandon. “Okay, if that is how you want it. Expect me anytime from 3.00pm”. She said flipping her phone shut before Kunle could respond.

“What is all this?” He hissed.

He dropped his phone on his bed and continued arranging the few things he felt would be needed for the holidays into his travel bag. He looked at his wrist watch. It was a quarter to two. His intention was to leave school at 4.00pm and he sincerely hoped he had not made a mistake by asking Tochukwu to come over to his place. The last time, he had wasted two hours of his valuable time discussing her game plan. He was sure she wanted feedback. He sat on his bed and picked up a magazine. As he flipped through the pages, his mind raced back to when he was dating her.


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To Love and to Hold – Episode 11

In a few weeks, the entire campus was filled with excited students. The returning students were excited seeing the freshers while the latter were excited that they had been given admission into the university. Some of the “staylites” could be seen chatting up some of the freshers. It was a new session and the tradition was beginning to come into play.

It was going to be a busy session for Chinedu as it was his finals. He and Fadeke agreed that their lunch together wouldn’t be so often. However, Fadeke was free to visit him in his hostel anytime she wished. He gave her a spare key to his room so she could come in unhindered. This gladdened Fadeke’s heart as she saw it as his way of proving to everyone that their love was growing stronger and had come to stay.


Kunle walked into the corridor leading to Chinedu’s room and saw the door to his room close. Chinedu had mentioned he would come back late as he had to see his project supervisor. He decided to check on him wondering why he changed his mind. He did not bother to knock on the door as he never did when going into his friend’s room. He opened the door and saw Fadeke who was half naked and frightened as she struggled to cover up herself.

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For a minute, he stood staring at her body before he realized all of a sudden that it was his best friend’s girlfriend he was gawking at with his mouth open. Fadeke was embarrassed by the look on Kunle’s face and tried to speak but before she could utter a word, Kunle walked out and slammed the door leaving her astonished.

Kunle walked as fast as his legs could carry him without looking back. As he entered into his room, he stood behind the door panting. What just happened in there? He had seen Fadeke stripped down to her underwear and he had stood there rooted to the spot staring at her body. She was a beautiful lady but he never thought seeing her body would trigger emotions in him. He had dated so many girls on campus and had had his way with a lot of them but this was a different feeling. He put his hand on his temples trying to ease the pain that was beginning to build up in his head. Whatever feelings or emotions he had while staring at her had to be discarded. She was dating his best friend and there was an unspoken agreement between his circle of friends that they never snitched each other’s babes.


Kunle lay on his bed lost in thought. He knew Fadeke had been embarrassed and he had not even bothered to apologize. All he wanted to do was run as fast as his legs could carry him. He wondered what she would have been thinking as he stared at her. She was shocked as she obviously wasn’t expecting anyone to walk in. He silently said his thanks to God that Chinedu hadn’t walked in while he was gawking at her body. Even though, Chinedu trusted him, he knew it would have been difficult convincing him that it wasn’t a deliberate action. He was not aware that Chinedu had given Fadeke the key to his room. He smiled and spoke to himself “That guy is sure in love with her”. How nice it would have been to touch and feel her. Her luscious lips on his shooting beams of passion in him. Her moans in response to his gentle caresses. His gentleness and care while trying to have his way with her and….. “Kunle, are you okay?” Chinedu slapped his friend on the wrist.

To Love & to Hold 21

“Aww….that hurt”. Kunle said rubbing his eyes and sitting up.

“Who were you thinking about or rather dreaming about that had you smiling in your sleep?”

“Oh, was I?” Kunle asked looking perplexed.

“You had this smile on your face and you were even licking your lips”. Chinedu laughed. “Hmm…..I hope it’s not one of those new chicks you have been hanging around with of recent that you were fantasizing about”.

“If only he knew that it wasn’t any new chick but his beloved Fadeke he was trying to have his way with in his sleep”. He must have fallen asleep while thinking about what happened earlier.

“Anyway, what’s going on?” Kunle asked discarding every thought.

“Good. I am just coming in from school and decided to stop by your room”.

“That meant he hadn’t been to his room or seen Fadeke”. Kunle thought.

“You sure you okay, man?” Chinedu asked with concern.

“I am cool. Just a little distracted”.

“I can imagine”. Chinedu laughed. “I need your Risk management note. I want to clarify some stuff I’m not sure about”.

“No issues. They are right there on the table”. Kunle said pointing towards his reading table.

“Thanks. You are the man”. Chinedu said as he picked up the note.

As Chinedu was about walking out of the room, he looked at his friend once more and said, “If you need a listening ear, you know where to find me”.

“Thanks dawg”. Kunle said standing up as they shook hands with bent elbows and hugged halfway patting each other at the back. As he stood alone in his room, he looked heavenwards and wondered aloud; “What the heck is wrong with me?”


Fadeke avoided going to Chinedu’s hostel for the next three weeks. Chinedu noticed and asked why she stopped visiting. She however, lied that she was getting busier with school work. She was unable to get over the incident during her last visit. Her period had started unexpectedly and she needed to do a quick change. Since her hostel was a distance from campus, Chinedu’s room had been a better option. She knew he would stay back late in school as his project had been keeping him of recent. In her rush to quickly clean herself up and change, she had forgotten to lock the door behind her.

She was stunned when Kunle walked in and the look on his face gave him away. He was attracted to her body. She was so humiliated that immediately he walked out of the room, she got dressed quickly and left for her hostel. She was jumpy all through the evening, expecting the worst from Chinedu. She wasn’t sure of what to think. Would Kunle tell Chinedu what happened? If he did, would Chinedu believe that it wasn’t a deliberate action? Tochukwu noticed her nervousness and asked if she was okay. She was too embarrassed to talk about it and decided it was best no other person knew about the incident. She only hoped Kunle would be quiet about it as well.


“Hey baby, how are you doing?” Chinedu asked as Fadeke picked up on the first ring.

“Good”. She replied as she walked down her faculty building clutching the phone between her head and right shoulder.

“It’s been a while since we had lunch together. Could we do one today? 2 o’clock?”

“Sure. The usual place?”

“Yeah. I’ll be waiting”. Chinedu said.

“No problem, darling. See you at 2”.

She was glad the spark in their relationship hadn’t abated. She was trying to put her phone in her bag when she bumped into someone who seemed to be in a hurry.

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“Hey, watch where you…..” She said as she stopped mid-sentence.

“I’m sorry I bumped into you”. Kunle said picking up her bag which had fallen to the ground by reason of the impact.

“I’m sorry. I was also distracted”.

“I hope you are not hurt”. He asked giving her the bag.

As she collected her bag from him, his hand brushed hers. She froze for a few seconds and looked away. “No, I am not hurt. Thank you”. She said as she started walking away.

“Fadeke, I…I…I’m sorry about….” He stammered as she turned back to look at him.

“You don’t have to be”. She said avoiding his gaze.

“I did not realize you had a key to Chinedu’s room. He had told me earlier that he would like to see his supervisor and would leave school later than usual. I assumed he was the one that walked in”.

“It’s okay. I hope you would not mention it”. She asked still unable to look at him.

“No way. I wouldn’t do that. Trust me”. He said trying to touch her. She drew back spontaneously and Kunle immediately dropped his hand.

“You have a great body, I must confess”. He said and immediately regretted that he had as she looked at him with disgust and walked away.

“Oh God”. He said wondering why he had voiced out his thoughts.

He looked on as Fadeke walked down the corridor without looking back.

Fadeke could feel her temperature rising as she walked away. He even had the guts to talk about her body. She assumed he was remorseful over the incident. Could he have done it intentionally? But what would have been his motive? Kunle was Chinedu’s best friend and they talked about almost everything. Was he capable of betraying his friend? She wasn’t sure of what to think any longer. She wished she could talk to someone about it but she was scared that she could be misunderstood. Tochukwu hadn’t proved to be good at keeping sealed lips. She couldn’t also talk to Chinedu as she wasn’t sure of what his response would be. Besides, she wasn’t ready to jeopardize her relationship or be the root of a friction between two friends. As she prepared for her lunch date with Chinedu, just one thing filled her mind; how to keep her relationship secure.


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To Love and to Hold – Episode 5

Fadeke and Chinedu became more attached to each other as the days went by. Fadeke had noticed that whenever she talked about Chinedu to Tochukwu, there was always an unexplained hostility, so she decided it was best to keep talks about Chinedu out of their chats. She had thought of telling Chinedu, but what difference would it make? Besides, she did not think he knew her, so she also kept mum over the issue.

Fadeke had tried inviting Chinedu to her hostel off-campus but he had declined saying there was no need for them to be in a hurry. They had a whole lot of time ahead of them to do that, he had explained. He also did not want her visiting him in his hostel. He did not see any reason why she should. Besides, he knew how rough hostels for men could get, so he wanted to save her any embarrassment. Besides, they both had mobile phones and with most telecommunication companies in the country running midnight call promos, they both made use of the opportunity and chatted till they fell asleep. As far as Chinedu was concerned, that was enough to make him have sweet dreams.


In three weeks, exams were over and students started going home for the holidays. Some, however, decided to hang around in school for a while. Fadeke, on her part was eager to go home. This was the first time she would be away from her parents for a long period of time. She had had her secondary education as a day student and the few occasions she was away from home; it was always on a trip abroad and she still had family around her. She could not wait to see her parents. She rang Chinedu and they both agreed to meet at their favourite spot.

“So you are taking a bus home or what?” Chinedu asked her as he sat cross legged on the bench resting under the tree.

“Nah….my dad would be sending his driver to come pick me up. I called him yesterday immediately after my last paper”. She said excitedly.

“Oh….so when are you leaving?


“Today? He asked alarmed.

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not exactly. I just thought we could spend some more time together now that most students are rushing home”.

“Aww…..I didn’t think about that. I’m going to miss you”.

“I know. Why do you think I wanted you alone to myself for a few days?”

“I’m sorry. I should have asked you before making the call”. She said remorsefully.

“So aren’t you going home?”

“I would but I’m not in a hurry. I would hang around with my friends for a while”.

With the earlier excitement gone, she was unsure of her decision to leave school. She had sincerely missed her parents but she also did not want Chinedu feeling lonely. Thinking it through, she decided she would go home but not without a promise from him.

She weaved her hands into his. “Would you still call me every night?”

“Of course baby, I would”. He said chuckling. “Out of sight isn’t out of mind for me. Even though we are miles apart, you would be right here”. He said putting his hands still locked in hers on his heart. She rested her head on his chest and he held her close. He struggled with the emotions that were building up in him and as she pulled closer to him. His heart beat increased and he wondered if she could hear it.

“You should go and get your luggage ready now”. He said, fighting his feelings with all the will power he could garner.

“I would do that later. I just want to stay here with you”. She said, still resting her head on his chest. She wanted to savour this moment and wasn’t in a hurry to leave. The driver could wait while she packed her luggage, she thought. She was not sure she would see him throughout the six weeks break they had been given. She therefore, wanted to make the best use of their time together. She wished she could stay in his embrace listening to his heartbeat all day. Suddenly, she realized.

She raised her head in alarm. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t understand what you mean?”

She put her hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat. “I mean this. You are beating so fast”.

“That’s what you do to me”. He said looking straight into her eyes. Her hand was still on his chest and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take it away or not. She blushed and was about to put her head back on his chest when he held her by the chin. He kissed her slowly and gradually but the desire burning in them took over and they kissed as if they were going to tear themselves apart.

As they came apart, they panted as beads of sweat covered their foreheads. The evening became colder sending shivers down Fadeke’s spine.

“You are cold. You need to go back to your hostel and get your luggage ready”. Chinedu said pulling her into his arms again and trying to keep her warm. Deep down his heart, he did not want to let go of her but considering the way they just kissed, he knew it was best she left. He wanted to avoid doing anything that would bring regrets for them. They still had a long way to go, he thought.

She cuddled him. “Please, don’t make me go to the hostel now”.

“But you are cold. Besides, you said your luggage isn’t packed yet. It won’t be nice to keep your dad’s driver waiting, you know?” He said trying to look for every reason to make her leave. It wasn’t what he wanted as well but they had to do it this way.

“Are you sending me away?” She asked with a long face.

“Hmm….Fadeke”. He said sighing. “Do you think I don’t want to stay with you as much as you want it? But it is better you leave now. Please understand”.

Even though she knew he was right, she did not want to leave. Why had she called her dad without talking to him first? She thought. They could have had a few days alone like he had said. Now she felt miserable. She understood what he meant when he said she had to leave but could they really go that far? The place wasn’t right, so what was he scared of? She wanted to stay a few hours more but she knew there was no point flogging it. Chinedu’s mind was made up about her leaving now. A tear slid down her cheek and she looked away trying to hide it.

“Fadeke, do you understand me?” Chinedu asked turning her face to him. When she refused to lift up her head, he nudged her. Sensing that something was amiss, he lifted up her chin to look at her and saw tears streaming down her cheeks. “Don’t do this, please”. He pleaded.

She avoided his gaze. “I’m sorry. I understand what you have said”.

To Love & to Hold 12

He pulled her close and caressed her, her head under his chin. Seeing her tears made his heart break. He loved her so much and wouldn’t dare hurt her. He closed his eyes and her Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs which had become a signature for her assaulted his senses. The weather got windier and she broke out in goose pimples and held him tighter. He rubbed her arms rigorously trying to will some heat into her body. He kissed the nape of her neck and felt her shiver. Her lips found his and she kissed him so passionately rekindling and reawakening emotions he had tried to suppress. He had to pull her back before he got to a point of no return. Using his knuckles to caress her face, he smiled. Words were not enough to express his feelings and she smiled back as if to acknowledge his thoughts.

He stood and pulled her up and as they walked out of the campus, they both had the same thing on their minds. The next six weeks was going to be a trying time for them.

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