I thought you were the one!

She was 17 going on 18 when you met her. You warmed yourself up to her family and you dropped the toga of the guest and became a welcome brother and friend. You chatted freely with every member of her family. You were no longer considered a visitor. You became the perfect christian brother.

You asked her what she felt about the age difference in the relationship between Abraham and Sarah. She told you if it could happen in Bible times, it meant it could also happen now. You smiled. Only one person understood that smile and He was watching. You asked her to become your prayer partner. The deal was to wake up at an agreed time every night to pray. It would have been unholy to ask her to meet with you for such meetings. She willingly obliged. It was to wake up and pray, right? She always did that. So it was not a daunting task.

It was time to answer the call of the nation and you were gone for three weeks engaging in the drills and obstacle courses. You came back with tales and she looked forward to the time when she would also engage in them.

You called her aside one Godly evening. You were about to leave for a longer period to serve your nation and you did not want to leave your fiancee in limbo. She was surprised that you hadn’t introduced your fiancee to anyone yet. Then, you dropped the shocker. She was your fiancee!

Questions tumbled from her mouth like a tap that had lost control of its head. “When did you begin the relationship?” “When did you propose and she agreed?” “When did an ordinary brother/sister relationship become an engagement?” She wanted immediate answers. But your response was that you were now making it known. Oh dear! You thought because she was young and naive, you could play on her intelligence. True, she was young. But she was not naive. Yes, she lacked experience, but she was not easily cajoled.


You found out quite soon. You assumed you could bombard her with bible passages, writing her long epistles quoting the whole book of Ecclesiastes 3. You had forgotten she also had a bible and could read up the verses without having to quote the whole chapter in a letter. For every letter you wrote quoting bible passages, you got an equal response in return. She realized you were the Abraham and she was the Sarah. Oh, why did you not just tell her then?

You pleaded with her to drop the prefix you had previously insisted that she put before your name. How could you have forgotten so soon? That prefix was going to remain there as far as she was concerned. You asked for it, so you got it.

You expected her to be subservient to you. You wanted a woman who had no opinion. A woman who listened only and never spoke. A woman with no dream or a vision of her own. She saw it and she detested it.

Finally, you understood. She could not be the one for you. Another epistle came forth. The courtship was one sided. God’s will was not being followed. She smiled when she read it. It took you too long to understand. She went back to being your younger sister. Deception was finally over.


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