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Death wish

The aroma of Tolu’s food wafted out of her kitchen into the nostrils of the other students in the block. It was a block of six flats occupied by students of the University of Lagos. While some students stayed on campus, some preferred to have a home away from home. They rented apartments outside which were close to the school campus.

Tolu heard the knock on her door as she prepared to settle down to consume the bowl of semovita and ilá àsèpò that she had just cooked. She knew who was at the door. There was no need asking. She ignored the knocks.

As she put each chunk of semo into her mouth, the intensity of the knocks increased. She got upset and walked to the kitchen to wash her hands. The persistent knocking continued as she strolled towards the door and opened it.

“Haba Tolu, why didn’t you open the door on time nau?” Feyi asked as her eyes searched round the room like a thief looking for something to steal.

“Ahn…ahn, so you are eating without me now? No wonder.” Feyi continued as she walked to the kitchen, washed her hands and settled down before the bowl of food. She dipped her hand in and began to cut the semo in large chunks, swallowing them in quick succession.

Tolu looked at her without a word.


The next day, Tolu walked into Feyi’s flat without knocking. She knew the door was always open during the day.  It was locked only at night. Tolu cleared her throat to announce her presence. Feyi, who was lying down on the floor reading a novel looked up.

“Wassup?” Feyi asked as she dropped her novel on the floor.

“Nothing much. I came to pick up a few things.” Tolu said as she walked towards the kitchen.

“Ehen! You did not keep anything here.” Feyi replied as she stood up and followed Tolu.

Tolu had come with three big polythene bags. She opened the kitchen cabinet and started to empty everything she saw into the polythene bags. Garri, rice, beans, spaghetti, curry, thyme, maggi etc.

“Ahn…ahn…what are you doing nau?” Feyi shouted.

“I am packing the foodstuff we would need for the month.”

“What is the meaning of this?”

Tolu stopped and looked at her. “Pick one. I pack the foodstuffs we would need and you can continue coming to eat your lunch in my place or I poison the meal, so you can die and leave me in peace.”

Feyi’s jaw dropped. “Haba! It hasn’t come to this nau. You should have just told me that you don’t need my company during lunch.”

Tolu burst out into hysterical laughter.

“What is funny? Please just drop my foodstuffs. I won’t come to your flat again.”

“No ma. This is to replace everything you have eaten in the last one month. You can decide not to come again from today.” Tolu said as she began to walk towards the door.

Feyi stood in front of the door and tried to stop her from going out.

“Feyi, don’t try me. You know me from way back in secondary school and you know that I can redesign your face if I get upset.”

Feyi frowned as she moved away from the door. Tolu was known as “mama fighter” in secondary school. Feyi watched helplessly as Tolu strolled out of her apartment with all the foodstuff in her kitchen cabinet in the polythene bags.

As Feyi locked the door to her flat, she decided she did not want to die yet. It was better to stay away than get poisoned.


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Sidi’s first dance

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The honk of a taxi blared outside their room. “It’s time.” Rukayat clapped like an excited child. They walked out of their room and waved to the taxi driver who nodded to acknowledge them. Rukayat walked briskly to the waiting taxi while Sidikat took one step at a time. “C’mon Rukkie, wait for me.” She said to her friend. Ruka walked back and held her friend by the hand.

They arrived the venue of the party in about forty-five minutes. Music was already blasting from speakers stationed on the porch. Rukayat looked at her friend and both of them shared a smile. Four guys in their class were standing outside; each holding a glass of wine. “Oh my goodness, Musari is here already.” Sidi said feeling giddy.

Ruka paid the taxi driver and eased out of the car carefully. Musari noticed her and smiled. As Sidi eased out of the car, Musari saw her. Sidi raised her head high and flicked her hair. She locked eyes with Musari as she smiled at him. The air was cool and a light breeze blew her flowing gown. Sidi loved the way her dress danced to the tune of the wind until she stepped on it mistakenly. Before she knew it, she hit the ground as Musari and his friends rushed to help her up.

As they tried to, she realized she had twisted her ankle and she screamed as pain shot through her body. Tears streamed down her cheeks and she bit her lip.

“Sorry.” Ruka said as she turned round to attend to her friend. She removed her friend’s shoes from her feet. “Should we take you to a hospital? It looks like your ankle has been sprained.”

Sidi nodded unable to utter a word.


Two hours earlier

Sidikat put her feet carefully into the shoes and stood up to take a step. She wobbled a bit but regained her composure. “Are you sure you can walk in those heels?” Rukayat asked her.

“Of course, what do you mean? I’m a chic.” Sidi replied.

“Okay oh. If you say so.”

They got dressed with excitement. They had less than thirty minutes before the taxi they booked was due to arrive. They had refused to attend their last lecture in school which was slated for 5.30pm. They wanted to get back to the hostel early enough to freshen up for the night party.

Considering the distance from school to the venue, they decided to book a taxi for 7.00pm. Ten minutes after the scheduled pick up time, the taxi’s timer would start to surcharge them. It was their first party outside campus and they were both thrilled and anxious. They were both 100 level students of the Law department.

Rukayat had chosen a red floor length straight dress and wore a pair of kitten heels black pumps. She told Sidikat that since it was an all-night party, she wanted to be comfortable. Sidi, however had chosen a black flowing dress with a red 6 inch stiletto sandals.

She catwalked to and fro the room trying to maintain her balance.


The doctor examined Sidi’s ankle and put an ice pack on it. He bound her ankle in a stirrup splint and asked her to stay off heels for the next three months.

Sidi looked at her friend with tears in her eyes. “I should have listened to you. I was really looking forward to dancing with Musari. I guess that won’t happen any longer.”

Ruka gave her friend a sad smile. “It may happen sometime later.”

“Yeah, sometime later.” She sighed regretfully.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 11

It is Friday and Bola has lectures in school. She bids her mother, who is also getting prepared for work, farewell as she leaves the house early in the morning. After classes, she goes straight to her hostel and finds her roommates getting ready for another gig. She sits down on her bed and watches them as they slather make-up on their faces.

“How was home?” Nekpen asks.

“Okay. Mum is fine.” Bola answers.

“We were kinda worried when we did not see you yesterday.” Eseosa says.

Bola shrugs. “I just wanted to have some time alone.”

Halima looks at her. “Have you heard from Gboyega?”

Bola exhales. “Yes, I have.”

Eseosa is standing in front of a wall mirror. She stops applying her make-up as she looks back at Bola. “That sigh says a lot, Bola. What’s the problem?”

Bola fakes a smile. “Nothing.” She could not bring herself to tell them that Miriam had been right. Tears build up in her eyes again and she looks away and tries to get herself together.

“Is this about Gboyega?” Halima asks as she sits by her side.

Bola nods unable to say a word. She does not trust that she won’t break down into tears.

“Gboyega is a changed man, Bola. Whatever it is you and your fellowship did to him changed his life. Look at some of his friends who moved around with him when he was on campus. Most of them are in their final year now. Bola, you know them ‘cos they attend your fellowship. Gboyega’s turnaround touched their lives. He was the last person anyone could imagine will become a church boy.” Halima says as she tries to convince her.

“I think you should listen to Halima.” Nekpen says matter-of-factly. “Me wey dey look for person wey go love me the way Gboyega dey show love for you. Babes, open your eyes.”

“Abeg, abeg, which one com be all the tory this night nau? Wetin? If she no open her eyes, which one com be una own nau? Shior! Make we go where we dey go jor. Leave this born-again people make dem dey do love in Tokyo wey no consine us.” Miriam hisses as she rolls her eyes.

“Aunty, you fit waka your own oh. Nobody say you must waka with us.” Nekpen replies Miriam in anger as she points her finger at her.

Miriam grunts. “Hmm….sorry oh, no vex. But what time we go comot nau?”

There is a knock on the door and Miriam walks to the door to open it. She is still for some seconds, shock registering on her face. She suddenly hisses and walks back into the room. The others look up wondering who the visitor is and the reason for Miriam’s hiss. Their jaws drop as they look behind Miriam.

“Hello ladies.” Gboyega says as he walks into the room. He gives Miriam a confused look wondering why she hissed on seeing him.

The other girls look at each other’s faces with surprise.

“Hi Gboyega.” Nekpen answers breaking the awkward silence.

Bola is too shocked to speak. She can’t believe that Gboyega is right here in her room at this time of the night.

“I’m sorry I hope I am not intruding. I can wait outside while you…..” Gboyega is saying before Miriam interrupts.

“Yes, pls. You can stay…..” Miriam gesticulates towards the door before she is also cut short.

Nekpen clears her throat as she looks at Miriam with scorn. Her face immediately turns into a smile as she looks at Gboyega. “We were actually on our way out. You are free to stay.” She looks at Bola. “Bola, take care and have fun. See you in the morning.” She smiles as she winks at her. She nods towards Miriam and points to the door. Miriam hisses again as she heads forward and the girls file out of the room behind her.

Bola could not help but smile as Nekpen herded her roommates out of the room. Even though she did not share Bola’s faith, she had proved to be a friend that Bola could count on. She sighs as she looks at Gboyega. He walks up to her bed and kneels before her as he holds her hands. “Bola, I came to apologize to you.”

Bola shakes her head. “What are you sorry for? Your past?”

“What would you have me do?”

“I don’t know Gboyega. Sincerely, I don’t know.”

“Please give me a chance.”

Bola stands up. “Your past is too much for me to bear. Don’t you understand?”

“But I am no longer that man.” He stands up from his kneeling position and holds her by the shoulders. “I want to create a future with you.”

The tears she had held back some moments ago fill her eyes again and threaten to make their way down her cheeks. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it again as her voice has become raspy.

Gboyega looks into her eyes and realizes that she loves him but he also sees fear and he is determined to wipe away any doubts that she has about him. He pulls her into a hug and her tears eventually burst forth like a tap that has just been opened. He rocks her like a baby as she sobs into his chest. When she is spent from her sobs, Gboyega cradles her face in his palms and looks straight into her soul. “I will never do anything to hurt you. I love you too much to let anyone harm you.” He longs to take her lips in his but he fights the temptation and pulls her into a hug again.


His past must remain in the past and with Bola, he is determined to start their relationship on a clean slate. Bola hugs him tightly and she unknowingly fans the embers of passion in him. Gboyega feels warm as heat courses through his veins seeping into every pore of his skin and threatening to awaken his once asleep body. He pushes Bola back gently. She looks at him in confusion unaware of the feelings she has triggered in him. He caresses her face with his fingers and smiles. “Let’s take a walk.” Bola nods and Gboyega interlocks his fingers with hers as they walk out of the room.

They stroll lazily round the campus like two love-birds. Gboyega talks about his job in the construction company and his desire to come back to settle down in Akure after his National Youth Service. Bola is surprised and asks why he would leave his house in Lagos to start afresh in Akure. He tells her that Lagos has too many bad memories and he would rather start a new life filled with promises in Akure. He also mentions that he does not want to be far away from her.

They sit down on a bench outside one of the campus halls enjoying the coolness of the night breeze. They lose track of time while talking and by the time Gboyega looks at his wrist watch, he realizes they have been out of her hostel for almost two hours.

“What time is it?” Bola asks when she sees Gboyega looking at his wrist watch.

“Almost 9.00p.m.”

“You are sleeping in the boys’ hostel this night, right?”

“Yes, since that is the only way I get to see you tomorrow.” Gboyega replies with a smile.

Bola blushes. She stands up and holds his hands trying to pull him up.

Gboyega laughs. “You know I can lift you off the floor with just one hand.”

Bola drops his hands. He tries to hold her but she swats his hand and begins to walk away frowning.

He reaches her in two steps and holds her by the waist. “Hey, I was just joking.” He says laughing. “Even when you are frowning, you are still beautiful.”

“It’s late.”

“Yeah, I know. I wish the night could remain young.”

They walk back to her hostel and Gboyega plants a kiss on her cheeks as he wishes her good night.


Bola lies on her bed unable to sleep. She cuddles her pillow smiling. She feels butterflies in her stomach and she knows that this can only be love. Gboyega had come all the way from Shagamu to Akure just to be with her. She felt silly that she had condemned him because of his past. Yes, it was sordid. And there was still a lot of work getting used to it but she knew that the love they had for each other was going to create a better future.

She falls asleep hours later dreaming about Gboyega and the bright future ahead of them.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 8

Kofo had noticed him standing on the patio. She had watched him for about ten minutes before she decided to walk up to him. His frame had been her attraction. He had well-built, toned muscles and she was a sucker for such. She had thrown the party because she knew there would be an abundance of young men. She only needed to find the one she needed. Apart from her political associates at the party, most people did not know that she owned the house. The young men in the living room were all stoned. They were obviously not disciplined. She had scanned the house looking for someone of interest when she found him alone with a glass of wine in his hand. He was lost in thought as he looked at the lagoon.

When he looked at her, she almost felt him caressing her body with his look. She could see that he was bored but he refused to say so. He hadn’t even asked the school she attended when she talked about campus life. He was a mystery and she longed to unravel him. She noticed that he left before the party ended and this further piqued her interest. As she lay on her bed in the early hours of the morning, she took out her tablet, opened Facebook and searched him by his first name.

He had to be on Facebook. Most of the students she knew could not do without social media. If he was one of such, she knew she would find him. She imagined it could take some time before she found him but she was ready for the search. Luck however smiled on her as she saw a profile picture of him after scanning through about ten names. She clicked on his photos and heat flowed through her as she looked at a picture of him bare chested. She had to have him. He was what she wanted.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number. He picked up after three rings. “Hi.” She said almost in a whisper.


“I guess you were really bored last night.”

“Who am I speaking with?” Gboyega asked.


“Oh, hi. I’m sorry I did not realize you were the one.”

Kofo smiled. “That means you did not bother to save my number.”

“I’m sorry. I would save it now. So what time did you leave the party?” Gboyega asked.

“Sometime this morning and I just decided to check up on you.”


Kofo made it a duty to call him every morning and evening. She was intent on getting under his skin pretty fast. Every night, she imagined what it would feel like to have him in her bed. She bought him expensive boxers, belts and wristwatches and had them delivered by courier to him in school. His roommates began to tease him about how sophisticated and wealthy his new catch was. It had only been two weeks ago he met her and she was already making an impression on him. He wondered how she was able to afford all the expensive gifts as a student. Her parents must be wealthy. He thought.

His birthday was a Saturday and he had nothing scheduled for the day. He had planned to just lie in bed and do nothing. His mum had called him as early as 6.00am to wish him happy birthday. His brothers and his father sent text messages and he acknowledged all. He was about to go back to sleep at about 7.00am when Kofo’s call came through. He picked up her call and was surprised when she wished him a happy birthday. “How did you know?” He asked.

“Let’s take it as my little secret.” She said laughing. “So, what are you doing today?”


“Nothing. No way! It’s your birthday and we have to celebrate it.” She said.

“I haven’t made any plans for the day.”

“Well, I have.”

“You did?”

“Yep! Meet me at the Red Inn at 10.00am.” She said.


“It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting.”

“10 for 10.” Gboyega said before cutting the call.


As he got dressed, he wondered what Kofo had planned. They had met in Lagos and now she was asking him out in Akure. Did that mean she lived in Akure and just came to Lagos to attend the party just like he had? He put on a navy blue polo tee shirt she had bought for him recently. As he stepped out of campus and took a bus to the Red Inn, different thoughts filtered into his mind. “Who was Kofo?” He had asked about her school and she had said she attended a university abroad and was on holiday in Nigeria. He had grown fond of her over the last three weeks with her constant calls morning and night. She was the first voice he heard in the morning and also the last when he hit his bed. She spoke in soft whispers at night and he began to look forward to her calls. When he tried to call her, she always asked that he dropped the call, so she could do the calling.

He walked into the Red Inn at 9.55am. He was glad he was able to make it before 10.00am. He took a seat at a corner in the lounge and made sure he was positioned where he could see her when she walked in. At 10.00am on the dot, Kofo walked into the inn. She was looking prettier than she was the last time they met. Her weaves fell on her shoulders and she walked with majestic gait. She was wearing a plunging V-cut black short dress which hugged her body in all the right places and Gboyega couldn’t help being captivated by her beauty. The inn was quiet and empty, making it easy for Kofo to quickly spot him.

As she slid into the booth and sat beside him, she gave him a light kiss on his cheeks and wished him a happy birthday. “We should make today special.” She said smiling. “Let’s go order breakfast.”

She stood up and held his hand as she led him to the restaurant. As Gboyega walked behind her like a sheep led to a slaughter house, Kofo swayed her hips with every step she took causing blood to flow through Gboyega as his whole being warmed from looking at her backside. He looked away and tried to concentrate on the restaurant ahead. She was beginning to mess with his mind.

They served themselves from the buffet arrayed in the restaurant and Kofo made sure her fingers brushed Gboyega’s at intervals. She sat across him at the table and as she adjusted her dress to make herself comfortable, Gboyega could not help noticing her buxom bust which looked like they needed to be free from the bondage she put them. Kofo smiled as she caught Gboyega staring at her assets. Every move and every step she took had been intentional. And she was happy that her plan seemed to be working so far.

They made little talk as they ate breakfast, Kofo leaning over the table once to get crumbs of bread off Gboyega’s mouth. As she caressed his mouth with her fingers in a bid to take off the crumbs, her bust stared in his face. Gboyega knew he could not handle the gestures anymore and he struggled to keep his little member in check.

When they were through with breakfast, Kofo took Gboyega by the hand and led him towards the rooms. Gboyega followed quietly without saying a word. She pulled out a key card from her bag and stopped before a room. She inserted the card into the keyhole and the door opened. As she slid the card into its slot by the door, the lights and the air conditioning in the room powered on. Gboyega walked in, closed the door behind him and stood with his back to the door. Kofo dropped her handbag on the floor and as she moved towards him to kiss him, Gboyega pulled her close to him and ravaged her lips with a hungry passion. She had it coming and she savoured every bit of it returning passion for passion.


Gboyega’s body was on fire and he hungered for a release of the tension already built by Kofo. But she was not ready to give in easily to him. She was determined to test his endurance. She undressed him slowly as she teased his body with her mouth, her body and her fingers. She caressed every part of his body causing him to shiver under her touch. Gboyega dropped her dress from her shoulders and he was surprised that she wore no underwear. Kofo continued to push him to the limit until he could no longer restrain the tension.

He dragged her by the waist as he moaned in ecstasy. Standing right there by the door, he lifted her off the floor easily and they gave themselves wholly to each other. When Gboyega had satisfied Kofo’s pleasures, he carried her in his arms and gently dropped her on the bed. She smiled as she looked at him. He had even been better than she had imagined. Gboyega sat on the chair opposite the bed and looked at her.

“I guess that was what you wanted.” Gboyega said.


“So, what do you want?”

“I want you for keeps.”

“I can’t sustain you. That is obvious, right?” Gboyega said as he looked round the room.

“I don’t need you to. Come over here.” Kofo said as she tapped the bed.

Gboyega stood up but did not move. “So, what am I to you, then?”

Kofo tapped her forefinger on her nose. “Hmm….let’s just say, you are my boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend that cannot cater for the needs of his girl?” Gboyega asked raising a brow.

“You ask too many questions, Gboyega. I did not come all the way from Lagos to answer questions.” Kofo said as she stood up from the bed. She walked towards him and began to caress his body again, kissing him as she did. She was determined to reawaken his little member. In a few minutes, they became entwined in each other’s arms again; panting from another bout.

Kofo refused to let Gboyega out of her sight the whole day. She made him pleasure her again and again and Gboyega had been up to the task. She ordered room service and they stayed in each other’s arms. By evening, they were both worn out. Kofo dropped Gboyega on campus with her sports car and he officially became Kofo’s toy boy.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 4

Gboyega looks on as Bola walks away. He had noticed her when she came into school as a fresher and he had felt there was something strange about her. He knew it was beyond being just a girl studying Civil Engineering. There was more to her and he had been curious to find out. He watched her from afar hoping to understand her peculiar personality. When he found out that her life revolved around school, fellowship and the hostel, he had smiled. One of those born-again chicks. They had always being a mystery to him. There was something about them that he just did not understand.

His parents were not religious. They attended church whenever they felt like it. And their kids, all seven boys always stayed away on such days. His parents were secondary school teachers who believed that as long as their kids were morally upright, they were fine. The boys however, all engaged in one vice or the other without the knowledge of their parents.

Two years ago, he lost them on a trip back from their hometown. They had travelled home to attend the burial of a family friend who had died of a heart failure. The bus conveying them had somersaulted a number of times after a burst tyre. The bus had been mangled and bodies were thrown out during the mishap. There were no survivors.

Gboyega suddenly became an orphan with six younger brothers to take care of. He tried to keep his brothers as one family but they all rebelled. Family members deserted them and life became tough. This further hardened the boys and the centre of their family could no longer hold. Each went his own way taking his destiny into his hands and struggling to chart the course of his life.

It had been a sober day for him during one of the crusades organized by a church close to his house. He had been loitering around thinking about what had become of his life and that of his siblings when he felt a strong urge to go into the crusade ground. He looked around and saw joy radiating as the people danced and worshipped God.

When the pastor started preaching, he looked around wondering if anyone had mentioned his travails to the pastor. The pastor kept on talking as if he was referring directly to him. He stood up in annoyance thinking someone was playing pranks on him. But as he was about to leave the crusade ground, right before his presence, he saw flashes of his life before him. He saw himself struggling in vain to come out of a dark pit. The pit was deep and hollow. He looked up and there was bright light at the top of the pit. He cried out but no one heard him. His voice bounced back to him in deafening echoes. All of a sudden, he started to sink. He stretched out his hand for a lifeline but there was nothing to hold on to. The more he struggled, the more he sank deeper. He was neck deep in the bog and was about to be enveloped in the darkness of the pit when he suddenly came to himself and realized that he was still standing in front of the crusade ground. He turned back and right there on his seat, he called on God to save him. He could not boast of his past and he was haunted daily by a past misdeed. He continuously prayed every day that God will forgive him for all the wrongs he had done in the past.

Gboyega becomes a regular in the fellowship longing to know more about God. His lifestyle changes and he garners a lot of whispers within campus. His close friends notice his turnaround and they are surprised. He moves close to Bola trying to learn more about God from her. When he is confused about a scripture, he calls on her to expatiate which she gladly does. At other times, she refers him to the pastor of the fellowship. His changed life has an effect on a few of his friends and some also turn a new leaf.


A few days to his graduation, Gboyega attends his last fellowship meeting. After the service, he walks up to Bola and asks if he can accompany her to her hostel.

“Okay.” She replies.

“I want to thank you for being a good friend and helping me in getting grounded in Christ.”

“Oh don’t mention. What are we friends for?”

Gboyega stops and holds Bola by the hand. “Bola, I want us to be more than friends.”

Bola looks at him confused. “I don’t understand.”

“I mean, am I allowed to date you?”

“Date me?” She looks at him, shock written on her face. “I see you as an elder brother.”

“But I am not.”

“I’m sorry Gboyega, I can’t date you.” Bola says as she starts walking ahead. She looks back at him. “Thanks for walking me to my hostel.”

Gboyega stands still at the spot where he had stopped Bola. She walks away without a second look at him. Their friendship had grown over the past months and he saw her beyond being friends. He had fallen in love with her. He had tried to lighten his proposition by telling her he wanted to date her. What he actually wanted was to spend a lifetime with her. But he had been unable to bring himself to tell her. She would have thought he had gone bonkers. She was so different. He had had his fair share of ladies in the past but Bola was nothing compared to them. He hadn’t planned on falling in love with her. But it had happened and he could not deny it. He was leaving school in a few days; and in about two months, he would be going for the compulsory National Youth Service. He did not want to leave without declaring his feelings for her.

As he turned to walk back to his hostel, he thought. “How am I supposed to tell that I love her if she won’t let me?”


Bola walks into her room tired. Her room is empty. As usual, her roommates have gone for either a party or hangout. Sometimes, she wonders how she copes living with such roommates. They all lived for the moment. They knew Bola’s stance and tried as much as possible to respect her. One of them had actually confided in her once about changing her lifestyle. She said not having enough to spend had pushed her to hang out with the others. She wanted to be seen as one of the happening girls on campus. Bola had smiled and asked her if that was her main purpose in school. She had been sober but it had lasted only for a day. The next day, she was back in the company of the others. She did not want to be seen as a living the life of a bore.

Bola had gone straight from lectures to fellowship. She was hoping no one would try to make small talk with her as she sneaked away after the service was over. She was therefore surprised that Gboyega had still found her. His question about dating her had come as a shock. She was not interested in dating anyone much less someone she took as an elder brother. Yes, he was not her brother but he could pass for one. She had a lot ahead of her and a relationship was not part of what she saw right now. She pushes away thoughts of him and lies on her bed. In a few minutes, she drifts off into deep sleep.


Gboyega’s graduation day is here and he has no one to invite. He asks Bola if she would be his guest and she obliges. When it is time to take pictures, she looks around wondering where his family members are but sees no one. After the event, he asks her to walk with him to his hostel to pick his luggage. “How come no one came for your graduation? I thought you would have invited your family.” Bola asks.

“I don’t have a family.”

Bola stops short. A confused look on her face. “You don’t have a family? How is that possible?”

Gboyega smiles as he holds her hand so she can continue walking. “I lost my parents two years ago. We have been deserted by family. My six brothers all live their lives the way they deem fit.”

“I’m….I’m so sorry. I did not know that.” Bola says sadly.

“I know. I don’t like talking about my past.”

They walk silently for some minutes; each lost in his own thoughts. When they get to the boys hostel, Bola tells him she would rather wait outside. Gboyega nods and goes inside alone. A few minutes later, he emerges with two travel bags and a knapsack on his back. Bola asks if she can help him with his knapsack and he takes it off his back, balancing it squarely on hers. They proceed and walk towards the campus gate.

“Where is home?” Bola asks.


“Okay. And where were you were posted to?”

“I was posted to Ogun state.”

Bola smiles. “That’s nice. At least, you were not thrown into a bush where you would have to go in search of network to receive calls.”

“Does that mean I should expect your calls?”

“Would you rather I don’t call?” Bola teases.

“I would love to hear your voice every day and today’s pictures would remind me of you even when I am far away.”

Bola looks away. “Abeg, don’t start oh. What’s with all the ‘mushy mushy’ talk?”

“I meant what I said the last time and much more.” Gboyega stops walking.

Bola also stops and looks up at him. “And I also meant what I said as well. Sincerely, Gboyega, can we just remain friends and leave a relationship out of this?”

Gboyega shrugs. “Okay. If that’s how you want it.”

“Thank you.” Bola replies as they resume walking again.

They arrive at the garage some few minutes later and Gboyega loads his luggage into the next public bus on queue. Since it is going to take a while to fill up, Bola decides to hang around with him till the bus moves. They find a comfortable place to sit down and order two cold bottles of coke from a food vendor.

“So, I have never asked about your family as well?” Gboyega asks.

“I lost my dad two years ago as well. My family is just me and my mum. I am an only child.”

“I’m sorry about your dad.” Gboyega says looking at her. “What does it feel like to be an only child?”

Bola shrugs. “Sometimes, it feels lonely. No one to talk to or confide in. But mum tries her best to fill in the gap.” She says staring at the bottle of coke in her hand.

“I feel that way too sometimes. Lonely. Since my parents’ death, everything has been in disarray. My brothers don’t care about each other. I have tried to bring them together but nothing seems to work. I guess the rejection by family members worsened it. I once thought about ending it all….”

Bola raises up her head in shock.

“I was just tired. It was the same day I walked into a crusade ground and everything changed from then.” He says smiling.

“I’m glad that happened.”

“Me too.” Gboyega says as he holds her hand.

The bus fills up and Bola nudges him gently. “You should go now.”

Gboyega gets up still holding on to her hand. Bola becomes uncomfortable and tries to remove her hand from Gboyega’s hold. He looks at her straight in the eyes and smiles as he drops her hand gently.

They hand over their empty bottles to the food vendor and Gboyega takes his seat in front beside the driver. “I will miss you.” He says as Bola stands by his side.

Bola looks away and does not respond.

The bus drives off before Bola decides to leave for campus.


As she walks back to her hostel, she pulls out her copy of Gboyega’s graduation picture from an envelope. Even though he is smiling, his eyes are sad. She remembers what he said about his family and brothers. How sad that no family member had been there to share in his joy. She put the picture back into the envelope and sighs. At least, she had her mother, Gboyega had no one.



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To Love and to Hold – Episode 5

Fadeke and Chinedu became more attached to each other as the days went by. Fadeke had noticed that whenever she talked about Chinedu to Tochukwu, there was always an unexplained hostility, so she decided it was best to keep talks about Chinedu out of their chats. She had thought of telling Chinedu, but what difference would it make? Besides, she did not think he knew her, so she also kept mum over the issue.

Fadeke had tried inviting Chinedu to her hostel off-campus but he had declined saying there was no need for them to be in a hurry. They had a whole lot of time ahead of them to do that, he had explained. He also did not want her visiting him in his hostel. He did not see any reason why she should. Besides, he knew how rough hostels for men could get, so he wanted to save her any embarrassment. Besides, they both had mobile phones and with most telecommunication companies in the country running midnight call promos, they both made use of the opportunity and chatted till they fell asleep. As far as Chinedu was concerned, that was enough to make him have sweet dreams.


In three weeks, exams were over and students started going home for the holidays. Some, however, decided to hang around in school for a while. Fadeke, on her part was eager to go home. This was the first time she would be away from her parents for a long period of time. She had had her secondary education as a day student and the few occasions she was away from home; it was always on a trip abroad and she still had family around her. She could not wait to see her parents. She rang Chinedu and they both agreed to meet at their favourite spot.

“So you are taking a bus home or what?” Chinedu asked her as he sat cross legged on the bench resting under the tree.

“Nah….my dad would be sending his driver to come pick me up. I called him yesterday immediately after my last paper”. She said excitedly.

“Oh….so when are you leaving?


“Today? He asked alarmed.

“Do you have a problem with that?”

“Not exactly. I just thought we could spend some more time together now that most students are rushing home”.

“Aww…..I didn’t think about that. I’m going to miss you”.

“I know. Why do you think I wanted you alone to myself for a few days?”

“I’m sorry. I should have asked you before making the call”. She said remorsefully.

“So aren’t you going home?”

“I would but I’m not in a hurry. I would hang around with my friends for a while”.

With the earlier excitement gone, she was unsure of her decision to leave school. She had sincerely missed her parents but she also did not want Chinedu feeling lonely. Thinking it through, she decided she would go home but not without a promise from him.

She weaved her hands into his. “Would you still call me every night?”

“Of course baby, I would”. He said chuckling. “Out of sight isn’t out of mind for me. Even though we are miles apart, you would be right here”. He said putting his hands still locked in hers on his heart. She rested her head on his chest and he held her close. He struggled with the emotions that were building up in him and as she pulled closer to him. His heart beat increased and he wondered if she could hear it.

“You should go and get your luggage ready now”. He said, fighting his feelings with all the will power he could garner.

“I would do that later. I just want to stay here with you”. She said, still resting her head on his chest. She wanted to savour this moment and wasn’t in a hurry to leave. The driver could wait while she packed her luggage, she thought. She was not sure she would see him throughout the six weeks break they had been given. She therefore, wanted to make the best use of their time together. She wished she could stay in his embrace listening to his heartbeat all day. Suddenly, she realized.

She raised her head in alarm. “Are you okay?”

“I don’t understand what you mean?”

She put her hand on his chest to feel his heartbeat. “I mean this. You are beating so fast”.

“That’s what you do to me”. He said looking straight into her eyes. Her hand was still on his chest and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to take it away or not. She blushed and was about to put her head back on his chest when he held her by the chin. He kissed her slowly and gradually but the desire burning in them took over and they kissed as if they were going to tear themselves apart.

As they came apart, they panted as beads of sweat covered their foreheads. The evening became colder sending shivers down Fadeke’s spine.

“You are cold. You need to go back to your hostel and get your luggage ready”. Chinedu said pulling her into his arms again and trying to keep her warm. Deep down his heart, he did not want to let go of her but considering the way they just kissed, he knew it was best she left. He wanted to avoid doing anything that would bring regrets for them. They still had a long way to go, he thought.

She cuddled him. “Please, don’t make me go to the hostel now”.

“But you are cold. Besides, you said your luggage isn’t packed yet. It won’t be nice to keep your dad’s driver waiting, you know?” He said trying to look for every reason to make her leave. It wasn’t what he wanted as well but they had to do it this way.

“Are you sending me away?” She asked with a long face.

“Hmm….Fadeke”. He said sighing. “Do you think I don’t want to stay with you as much as you want it? But it is better you leave now. Please understand”.

Even though she knew he was right, she did not want to leave. Why had she called her dad without talking to him first? She thought. They could have had a few days alone like he had said. Now she felt miserable. She understood what he meant when he said she had to leave but could they really go that far? The place wasn’t right, so what was he scared of? She wanted to stay a few hours more but she knew there was no point flogging it. Chinedu’s mind was made up about her leaving now. A tear slid down her cheek and she looked away trying to hide it.

“Fadeke, do you understand me?” Chinedu asked turning her face to him. When she refused to lift up her head, he nudged her. Sensing that something was amiss, he lifted up her chin to look at her and saw tears streaming down her cheeks. “Don’t do this, please”. He pleaded.

She avoided his gaze. “I’m sorry. I understand what you have said”.

To Love & to Hold 12

He pulled her close and caressed her, her head under his chin. Seeing her tears made his heart break. He loved her so much and wouldn’t dare hurt her. He closed his eyes and her Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs which had become a signature for her assaulted his senses. The weather got windier and she broke out in goose pimples and held him tighter. He rubbed her arms rigorously trying to will some heat into her body. He kissed the nape of her neck and felt her shiver. Her lips found his and she kissed him so passionately rekindling and reawakening emotions he had tried to suppress. He had to pull her back before he got to a point of no return. Using his knuckles to caress her face, he smiled. Words were not enough to express his feelings and she smiled back as if to acknowledge his thoughts.

He stood and pulled her up and as they walked out of the campus, they both had the same thing on their minds. The next six weeks was going to be a trying time for them.

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To Love and to Hold – Episode 3

Every day, Chinedu left his hostel on campus looking forward to meeting Fadeke. He had made it a habit of going to the halls where the Business administration students had their lectures to hang around. Fadeke, also was never hesitant to go to the school cafeteria to have lunch with him as long as their time together wasn’t clashing with her lectures.

One of Chinedu’s friends had started noticing he was never around in-between lectures and began to wonder. During one of Chinedu and Fadeke’s lunch dates in the cafeteria, he walked in and spotted the couple chatting and laughing. He noticed the sparkle in Chinedu’s eyes when he looked at Fadeke and knew that his friend had been smitten. He decided not to interrupt them but made a mental note to ask Chinedu about his catch.


Later that evening, Chinedu was reading in his room when Kunle walked in. Chinedu’s roommate, Tola was more or less an absentee student as he was always running around doing one business or the other. He had even advised Chinedu that he could go ahead and sell his bed space but Chinedu had thought otherwise. He would rather have students squatting with him from time to time than have a permanent roommate who could become a nuisance.

“Whassup dawg?” Kunle asked raising his fist for a bump.

“I’m good”. Chinedu said returning the hand greeting.

To Love & to Hold 8

“So, who’s the babe?” Kunle asked nudging Chinedu and giving him a teasing look.

Even though Chinedu knew who Kunle was referring to, he decided to play along. He hadn’t thought his friends would notice that he wasn’t hanging out with them as he used to; so he decided to know what they thought about his recent change of attitude and who best to find out from but Kunle; his closest pal.

“Babe? I don’t understand”. He said faking ignorance.

“Hey, don’t go there man. I saw both of you today at the cafeteria and the look in your eyes was something else”.

“The look in my eyes?” Chinedu asked with surprise.

“Yes, you love that girl and don’t even try to deny it. Now I know why you haven’t been hanging out with us the past few weeks”.

“Are you serious? Was it that obvious? I mean, how did I look at her?

“I’ll take your questioning to mean that you haven’t told her how you feel about her”.

“No, I haven’t”. Chinedu said sighing. “I haven’t been able to. Besides, I don’t want her to feel rushed”.

“You don’t want her to feel rushed? Kunle laughed. “Are you saying you intend to keep her for more than a year?”

“Kunle, you know I have never supported the way you and the others date jambites and dump them after one year for a new set. So, I’m trying to take it slow with her. I don’t intend to dump her after a year”.

“For real?”

“Yes, for real”.

“Well, what can I say? I guess I should wish you good luck”. Kunle said stretching out his hand for a hand shake.

“Thanks man. I need that”. Chinedu said returning the handshake. “So, have the others said anything or noticed my absence as well?”

“Funny enough, no one has noticed. They are all busy looking for which jambite to hook up with for the year”.

“Meaning they have all dumped their previous girlfriends again?”

“You know the game, man. You know the game”. Kunle said smiling. “I just wanted to check up on you. See ya later, dawg”. He continued as he stepped out of the room.

As Chinedu lay on his bed that night trying to sleep, he reminisced on what had happened the whole day. His lunch with Fadeke and what Kunle had said earlier. Had Fadeke been able to see how much he loved her from his actions? Kunle said it was obvious, but was Fadeke seeing what Kunle saw? Since he met her about a month ago, he hadn’t been able tell her how he felt about her. He was trying to be careful not to hurt her feelings. He intended to have her for keeps regardless of what or how his friends felt. But he also needed to let her know he really cared. As he drifted into deep sleep, he made up his mind to voice his feelings to her the next day. She had to know.

To Love & to Hold 8 (2)


Fadeke sat on her bed with her head cupped in her hands. Had she heard Chinedu right? She had waited for this for a whole month and she hadn’t been able to give an answer. Why hadn’t she spoken up? She should have told him how she felt about him. She liked him a lot; there was no doubt about that in her heart. But she wasn’t sure if she was ready for a commitment. She was just sixteen and she still had a whole lot of fun to catch at her age.

She remembered her expression when Chinedu had told her he loved her. He had held her hands on the table in the cafeteria and looked lovingly at her. She had been dumbfounded; not because she hadn’t seen it in his eyes all along but because he had been so open and straight to the point about it. He hadn’t bothered to beat around the bush like the other guys who had asked her out in previous years had done.

Now, she was confused. She wasn’t sure what to think. He hadn’t even tried to push when she kept mum. When he noticed she wasn’t saying anything, he had just told her that he would give her time to think about it but that he couldn’t hide his feelings from her any longer.

To Love & to Hold 9

She smiled as she thought about him. He was such a nice guy. She had yet to meet someone so caring. He was concerned about everything that had to do with her. Her studies, her health, her stay in school; just about everything. He was the kind of guy you could take home to mama. She sighed. But that wasn’t her priority right now. She still had a lot ahead of her.

Fadeke was still in her own world when Tochukwu arrived from school. Fadeke hadn’t seen her walk in and Tochukwu had to tap her back to reality.

“Hey, you okay?” Tochukwu asked touching her forehead to check for a temperature.

“Yeah, I am”. She sighed.

“That answer does not sound like an okay to me”.

“Just thinking”.

“About?” Tochukwu asked sitting down on her bed opposite Fadeke’s.

Fadeke sighed again.

“Spill it out, babe. Is it that bad?”

“It’s about a guy in school”. Fadeke said looking straight at her roommate.

“Okay? What about him?”

“He told me this afternoon that he loves me. Point blank, no beating around the bush”.

Tochukwu suddenly burst out in laughter. She laughed so much that tears ran down her cheeks. Fadeke just looked at her without saying a word.

“I’m sorry, Fadeke. I am not trying to belittle your thoughts”. She said trying to stifle more laughter. “I was just wondering why you had to bother yourself so much about what some guy in school said”.

When Tochukwu noticed that Fadeke wasn’t sharing in her amusement, she asked, “Okay, there is more to this, right?”

“Are you in love with him?” She suddenly became serious.

“I don’t know”.

“I think you are”. She stood up to sit beside her friend. “Fadeke, these guys you see hanging around aren’t serious. All they want is date you for a year and dump you when the next set of jambites arrive. I can tell you this for sure because I have also been dumped for a jambite”.

On hearing this, Fadeke looked at her with surprise. “Yes, Fadeke. That is the truth”. Tochukwu continued. “Do you remember the day I came in and told you I had a bad day at school?”

Fadeke simply nodded as she could remember how hurt she was that day over Tochukwu’s act. She decided not to interrupt her as she wanted to know the reason for the cold shoulder her roommate had given her.

“The guy I was dating broke up with me that day and I found out from one of my course mates that he was showering all his attention on some chick that just came into school. I was devastated. This is a guy who had professed his undying love for me and all of a sudden, he had a change of heart”.

Fadeke looked at her friend and could still see the hurt in her eyes. “I cried my eyes out, Fadeke. I asked him to tell me where I had gone wrong. I loved him so much and was ready to sacrifice anything, just anything; but you know what he said?” She paused, tears filling her eyes.

“He said he simply couldn’t continue with me, that it was all over. He said he thought he loved me; can you beat that? He thought”. She laughed with sarcasm. “My whole world dropped when I heard that. I never thought I could be so naïve to have fallen for his antics.

She wiped the tears that had fallen on her cheeks and looked at Fadeke with determination. “No guy, Fadeke, I repeat, no guy, is worth the trouble. They are all the same. Just some bunch of animals on heat”.

Fadeke looked at her without saying a word. She felt her pain. She could see that her friend had been deeply hurt by whoever this guy was but could all of them be generalized? Couldn’t there just be one who wouldn’t break a girl’s heart like Tochukwu had said?

To Love & to Hold 9 (2)

She squeezed her eyes shut to stop the flow of tears that was beginning to gather around the corner of her eyes. She felt so much pain in her heart. Pain for her friend who was hurting and pain for herself because she loved Chinedu so much and couldn’t imagine letting him go. But she couldn’t risk getting hurt like Tochukwu had been. As she looked at her friend once more, she made up her mind. Chinedu wasn’t worth the trouble. Her friend was right or so she thought.

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