Yesterday Lives – Chapter 17

“Mummy, are you sure about this?” Ayotunde asked again.

Mrs. Taiwo looked at her adopted daughter. “How many times will you ask me, Ayotunde?”

Ayotunde shrugged. “I’m just not interested in having a graduation party. We still have university ahead of us. Besides, would my friends be comfortable coming to the proprietress’ house?”

“I never said I was throwing a party. I said call a few of your friends for lunch and drinks to celebrate your straight A’s. And your friends would only be scared of coming here if they have sinned.”

“Okay mum; you win.”

Mrs. Taiwo laughed. “It was never a contest. By the way, have you spoken to your father this week?”

“Yes ma. He is doing well.”

“And your mother?”

Ayotunde sighed. “Still giving him trouble as usual.”


It was a Saturday morning and they were seated in the living room. They had just had breakfast of pap and akara which had been prepared by Ayotunde.

Mrs. Taiwo’s phone began to ring.

“I’ll get it for you.” Ayotunde said as she stood up from the couch. She picked up the phone from the centre table and looked at the caller ID. “It is Ayorinde.”

Mrs. Taiwo smiled as she collected the phone from her daughter. “Ayorinde!” She stressed his name as she tapped the green button on her phone. “How are you and how is business doing?”

“I am fine ma. The salon is also doing well. How are you too mummy?”

“I’m fine. The Lord has been good to me.”

“We bless God ma.” Ayorinde replied on the other end.

“Has your sister told you about her WAEC results?”

“Yes mummy. She sent me a message last night.”

“I’m very proud of her and of you too, Ayorinde. Both of you have not given me a reason to regret taking you in six years ago. I’m sure your father would also be proud of you. You should inform him about your sister’s result.”

“Thank you mum. I called him last night immediately I saw Ayotunde’s text. He was overjoyed. He said I should let you know that he is indebted to you.”

“He should give thanks to God. We are all indebted to Him.”

“Mummy, I called to let you know that I want to expand the salon.” Ayorinde said.

“Okay, what are your plans?”

“I want to open a hairdressing salon by the side of the barbing salon. We usually get a lot of requests from ladies and there is really no established hairdressing salon in this area.”

“Okay, why not come over and let us talk about this?”

“Okay mummy. I will be there tomorrow morning.”

“What should we make for breakfast?”

“Mummy?” Ayorinde laughed. “I will make my breakfast when I come.”

Mrs. Taiwo yawned. “If you say so.”

“How is Nana and her husband doing?”

“Oh, they are fine. They finally settled down.”

“I hope the weather isn’t too cold over there.” Ayorinde asked.

“Well, they decided to settle for Canada.” Mrs. Taiwo said as she shrugged. “They don’t have a choice. They will have to get used to it.”

Ayorinde laughed heartily. “Okay mummy. See you tomorrow morning.”

“By God’s grace, Ayorinde.” Mrs. Taiwo said as she cut the call.


Ayotunde’s graduation party was fixed for two Saturdays after. Ayotunde called her father to inform him and wished he could be present but Ayo declined. He prayed for her on the phone and told her she had made him a proud father. He also prayed for Mrs. Taiwo and asked her to send his regards.

At about 2:00p.m, a few of Ayotunde’s friends began to arrive. She had invited only six of her friends. She insisted she wanted a very small party. When Grace arrived, Ayotunde walked out to greet her father. “Good afternoon sir.” Ayotunde said as she curtsied.

“Good afternoon Ayotunde. Congratulations on your result. Grace told me you had the best result in the school.”

Ayotunde smiled. “Thank you sir.”

“What time should I pick her up?”

“Daddy, I said I would call you when I am done.” Grace smirked.

“Your call should not come too late, your royal highness.”

Ayotunde laughed. “No sir. It won’t be too late. I’m sure anytime from 7:00p.m should be fine. I also don’t want to disrupt mummy’s sleep pattern.”

“How is she?”

“She is fine sir.”

“Extend my regards to her.”

“I will sir.” Ayotunde said as she held her friend’s hand and turned towards the house.


The aroma of finger foods filled the air. Mrs. Taiwo had made arrangements for a caterer to make bite sized snacks, finger foods and chapman for Ayotunde’s guests.

They were watching the movie “Lemonade Mouth” when Ayorinde let himself into the house.

“Where is the new graduate?” He asked.

“Ayorinde!” Ayotunde jumped up as she ran to hug her brother.

“Congratulations.” He said as he handed her a wrapped gift.

“I can see you and your friends are having fun.”

“Good afternoon sir.” The children chorused.

“You have only six friends? Four girls and two boys?” Ayorinde looked at his sister in mock surprise.

Ayotunde shrugged. “I don’t really have friends.”

“This is Grace; my best friend.”

“Oh Grace, I have heard so much about you.” Ayotunde said.

Grace smiled shyly. Ayotunde went ahead to introduce the rest of her friends.

Ayorinde asked them to feel at home and inform him if they needed anything.


By 6:00pm, the guests began to leave and thanked Mrs. Taiwo and Ayorinde for their hospitality. Mrs. Taiwo said she hoped to hear good news from each one of them concerning their admission into the University. She told them to keep in touch and promised to call their parents to confirm that each one had arrived home safely.

Grace was the last to leave. She sat with her friend and they began to discuss about their plans for the University. They both decided they wanted to go to the University of Lagos.

“I doubt my dad will allow me attend a University outside Lagos. My sister really wanted to go abroad to study but daddy refused.” Grace said.

Ayotunde smiled. “I understand. My brother is also very protective of me just like your dad is. He may not also be willing to let me go out of Lagos. Besides, mummy is the only one at home, so it makes sense for me to stay here in Lagos.”

“Is it your brother that owns that big salon in Gbagada?”

“Yes, he owns it.”

“Wow!” Grace exclaimed. “You never told me. I usually see the advert on TV and I was wondering why his face looked very familiar.”

Ayotunde laughed.

“Can they make my hair for me?”

“Why not? I will let him know.”


At exactly 7:00pm, Mr. Johnson arrived.

“I think I can hear my dad’s car.” Grace said.

Ayotunde looked at her wrist watch. “It’s 7:00pm already. Where has the day gone to? Your dad must be an accurate time keeper.”

Both girls burst out laughing as they walked out of the house.

“I hope you girls had fun.” Mr. Johnson asked.

“Yes sir.” They chorused.

Grace eased into the passenger seat beside her father. “We would talk on phone to conclude our plans.”

“Which plans?” Mr. Johnson asked.

“Women talk, Daddy!”

Mr. Johnson shrugged. “My regards to your mum, Ayotunde.”

“Yes sir.” Ayotunde waved to Grace as the car sped away.


“Did you enjoy your party?” Ayorinde asked as he walked into the living room.

“Yes, I did. Thanks for the gift. My friends were wowed.”

“Anything for my little sister.”

“I ain’t little anymore.”

“Okay sis.” Ayorinde lifted his hands in surrender.

“Grace wants to make her hair at the salon.”

“Okay, when is she coming?”

“She did not say but I will let you know ahead.”

“She seems like a really good girl.”

“Yes, she is.” Ayotunde said as she picked up the remote to play a video she had initially paused.

“So what are your plans for Uni?”

“Grace and I were discussing it. We both want to go to Unilag.”

“Okay. Which course?”

“Guidance and Counselling.”

“Really? Have you discussed this with Mama T?” Ayorinde asked.

“Yes, I have. And she gave me her blessings.”

“Okay then. If she is cool with it, then it is fine.”


Ayorinde coughed. “About your friend.”

“Which one of them?”


Ayotunde dropped the remote and looked at her brother. “What about her?

“I just want to know about her.”

“You want to know about her?” Ayotunde smiled sheepishly.

“Is that a bad thing?”

“No oh…..” Ayotunde laughed. “The look in your eyes says it all.”

“What do you mean?” Ayorinde asked as he rolled his eyes.

“You can’t even pretend Ayorinde. Every time you came to ask, if we were all okay, I knew you were coming to steal looks at Grace.”

“Was it that obvious?”

“It was to me. I think I should have an idea when I see love in my brother’s eyes.”

“Oh c’mon Ayotunde. You are making this look really bad.”

Ayotunde burst out laughing. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” She stilled from her laughter and made a serious face. “What do you want to know about her?” She asked grinning.

“Anything.” Ayorinde shrugged.

“She’s a good girl. She has one older sister who is doing her Masters in the U.S. Her mum is late. Died while having her. So she is extremely precious in the eyes of her father.”


“That’s her story.”

“When did you say she was coming over to the salon?”

“She did not say. She just wanted you to know.”

“That’s fine then. Just let me know when she is coming.”

“Hehehe….my brother is in love.” Ayotunde began to sing.

Ayorinde threw a cushion pillow at her. “Don’t tell her anything.”

Ayotunde put her hand across her lips to signify a zipped mouth.

The story continues…

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