Yesterday Lives – Chapter 14

The next morning, Ayo woke up with a spring in his steps. He was unusually happy and Kevwe noticed. She sneered as she looked at him. “You win jackpot for your dream?”

Ayo smiled. Ngozi may not be a jackpot but seeing her again after many months definitely made his heart flip like he had won a lottery. He took a bucket to the bathroom to have his bath and was done in a hurry. He dashed to the kitchen and picked out their stove from a corner. He lighted it and put some rice on fire, while he strolled to the room to get dressed. Kevwe lay on the bed as she watched the small TV in the room. She was very heavy and her tummy looked like she could pop anytime soon. When the rice was cooked, Ayo carried it from the kitchen and placed it on a stool in the room.

“I have cooked rice for you to eat when you are hungry.” He said as he dished some into a plate for himself. He opened the pot of stew he had cooked the previous evening and served himself a piece of meat. He was not ready to waste money buying food at the office so he ensured he ate every morning before leaving home. He gulped a cup of water, stood up and tucked in his shirt.

As he stepped out, he looked at Kevwe. “Please make sure you rest and eat well ehn.”

Kevwe looked at him. “I don hear.”

Ayo took out his phone from his pocket as he stepped out of the house. He placed a call to Ngozi. She picked up on the third ring.

“Hey!” Ayo said.


“Are you out of the house yet?”

“Yes, I am on my way to drop the kids off at school.”

“Okay then. I’m on my way to the hotel.”

“That’s fine. Just wait for me at the reception once you get there.”


As Ayo dropped the call, he placed another call.

“Chima…..” He said as he coughed. “I can’t come to work today. I am not feeling fine. Please help me tell HRM.”

“Okay.” Chima said. “Are you going to the hospital?”

“Maybe later.” Ayo coughed again.

“Sorry ehn. I will let HRM know. Just rest well.”

“Hmmm…..” Ayo grunted as he ended the call. With that done, he looked for a bus going towards the direction of the hotel on the other side of town.

Ayo arrived at the hotel about an hour later. He made a beeline for the restroom and washed the sweat off his face. He opened his wallet and took out a mini perfume. He opened it, turned it a little towards his forefinger and placed it on his neck and behind his ears. He took out a pack of menthos he had bought in traffic from his pocket and popped two into his mouth. He looked at himself in the mirror before walking out to wait at the reception.

Ngozi sauntered in a few minutes after. She spotted Ayo immediately and walked towards him. Ayo stood up and hugged her.

“You look good. How are you doing?”

Ngozi shrugged. “I have been managing.”

“You are booking a room now till evening?”

“Yes.” Ngozi said as she turned towards the reception desk.

Ayo walked behind her.

Ngozi made the booking and the payment.

“Let’s go to the car.” She said as she held Ayo by the hand.

They both walked outside; Ngozi taking the lead.

“After you left, the whole family moved in that same day. They made life unbearable for me. There was nothing I ever did that was right in mama’s eyes. I was frustrated but I had to keep on because of the kids.” Ngozi said as they got to the car and she opened the boot.

Ayo pulled out the hand luggage and rolled it. “I’m so sorry.” He said.

Ngozi smiled and shrugged. “There is no need to be. It all ends today.”

They walked back into the hotel lobby and Ngozi collected her room key. They took the elevator to the 15th floor and located the room. Ngozi swiped the key on the door knob and it opened. She walked in and held the door for Ayo before locking it. She placed the key on the light switch and the lights and the air-conditioner powered on.

Ayo rolled the luggage beside the bed and sat on the couch. “How did you pull this off without them knowing?”

Ngozi shrugged. “We don’t talk to each other at home. We live like strangers in the house. I don’t allow anyone of them into my bedroom; so I had packed up a few things I felt we would need. A change of clothes for the girls when they get back from school and all our travel documents. Most of them were still in bed when I left home. Only the maids were awake. I got the kids ready for school myself and loaded the luggage into the boot.”

“Hmmm……” Ayo grunted. “And Dubem?”

“Ebuka sacked him and recruited someone else.”

“Ahn…ahn… what is wrong with these people? What did he do wrong?” Ayo asked with a puzzled look.

“I have no idea but by now, you should know they are capable of anything evil.”

Ngozi walked to the couch and knelt before Ayo. “I am both excited and sad.”

“Excited, yes but sad, why?”

“I am going to miss you a lot.” Ngozi smiled sadly.

Ayo laughed. “We haven’t seen each other for months and you survived.”

“I know but do you know how difficult those months were for me. Do you know how many times I almost called you just to hear your voice? Do you know how many times I wanted you to tell me that everything would be alright?”

“I’m sorry.” Ayo sighed.

Ngozi nodded. “I know.” She moved closer to Ayo and kissed him gently.

Ayo took a deep breath as he held her. He had also missed her but after the last encounter with Kevwe, he had thought it wise to stay away.

Ngozi eased away and looked at Ayo as she touched his chin tenderly. “I love you Ayo.”

Ayo smiled. “I always did.” He pulled her up as he stood and hugged her. “You mean so much to me Ngozi. I wish we did not have to part this way….” He said as he took a deep breath. “…. but it is for the best.”

Ngozi pulled out of his embrace and looked at him. There were tears in her eyes. “I feel the same way.”

“You have to stay strong.” Ayo said as he wiped the tears that were now spilling on her cheeks. “I know you are strong and you have proved it; remain strong for the sake of the girls.”

“I will.” Ngozi said as the tears rolled down her cheeks in streams.

Ayo pulled her close as he kissed her tenderly. Ngozi responded allowing him to kiss away her tears and her fears of the future. Months away from each other rekindled the passion burning between them and they let themselves loose without inhibitions. Every touch, every kiss and every caress made by Ayo was intentional to drive Ngozi to the highest point of ecstasy. This was their last rendezvous together and he wanted it to be memorable; both for him and for Ngozi.

Ngozi’s body burned. It had been months since she had been touched and Ayo was driving her crazy. He knew exactly what to do, where to touch and what to say as he whispered sweet words into her ears. Ayo continued to build up the fire in her igniting her body till she screamed in surrender. Moments later as their intertwined bodies danced to the rhythm of their voices, the future did not matter to them, the pleasure of the moment was enough.


Later that evening, Ngozi and the girls eased into a taxi they ordered and headed for the airport. Ngozi’s car had been picked up hours earlier. She had insisted on getting to the bank and confirming that her account had been credited before releasing the originals of her car documents and the car key. Once it had been confirmed, she handed the car documents, the change of ownership and the key to the buyer within the bank premises. He was free to pick up the car from the hotel.



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