Yesterday Lives – Chapter 9

Kevwe was seated on her bed. She smiled as she saw Ayo walking towards her. She combed her hands through her roughened hair to straighten it out.

“Hey beautiful.” Ayo said as he got to her. He bent a little and kissed her on her forehead.

Kevwe smiled.

“Ready to go home?” Ayo asked.


Ayo held her as she stood up from the bed. He put his right arm round her waist as he led her out of the hospital ward. They walked towards the car within the hospital premises and Ayo opened the passenger door for Kevwe. She eased in carefully and buckled up her seat belt.

As Ayo eased into the driver’s side, Kevwe looked at him. “Thank you Ayo. I no even know how I fit say thank you for everything you dey do for me.”

Ayo smiled. “I would do anything for the love of my life.”

Kevwe blushed and looked away.

“There is something I need to discuss with you Kevwe. So many things happened while you were in the hospital.” Ayo said as he took a deep breath. He sat back refusing to start the car.

“Wetin happen?” Kevwe asked as her face became serious.

“First thing is that we need a place to stay like yesterday. I did not want to mention this to you while you were in the hospital and recuperating, but now that you are okay and strong, you need to know that you are carrying my baby.”

Kevwe looked at her tummy and looked at Ayo’s face with shock. “You mean say I don get belle?” She asked as she touched her tummy.

“Yes, you are pregnant.” Ayo said smiling.

Kevwe put her hand on her head. “Why you no come tell the doctor make e remove am? Ah Ayo, why you dey do me like dis nau?”

Ayo’s jaw dropped. “Kevwe, remove what? You are carrying my baby and you want to take it out?” He asked shaking his head.

“I no go fit work again. If Madam hear, she go troway my things comot from her house.” Kevwe replied agitated.

“Kevwe, listen to me.” Ayo said as he turned to face her and held her face in his hands. “We are keeping this baby. You and me. Do you understand me?”

Kevwe removed his hands from her face.

“Why do you think I said we need to look for a place urgently?”

“Okay. I don hear you. Oghogho don know?”

“Yes, she does and she was happy that I am taking you out of the business.”

Kevwe was quiet.

“There is something else.”

Kevwe looked at Ayo. “Wetin again?”

“Chief is dead.”

Kevwe gasped. “Dead? Wetin happen?”

“Heart failure. He has been buried.” Ayo said sadly.

“Haaa…., sorry Ayo. I no no oh.”

“You couldn’t have. It’s fine. I just don’t know what my fate is. We discussed a lot of things before he left on that flight. Most of what we discussed seem like they would no longer be happening. Chief’s brothers have been visiting the house regularly and they have been asking me what my position is in the house. I have to get myself ready because I won’t be surprised if I am kicked out into the cold.”

“Na wa oh. So that good man just go like that?” Kevwe lamented.

“Hmm….this life.” Ayo exclaimed as he started the engine and began to drive out of the hospital premises.


Kevwe was dropped off at home while Ayo went back to the house to keep Ngozi company. Since Chief’s death and burial, she had been absent minded a lot of times. Ayo had seen her crying a number of times while sitting in Chief’s favourite lounge chair in the garden. He felt sorry for her. She had not visited her spa and salon since Chief’s death. Ayo had taken the initiative and gone there to inform the manager about the turn of events in Chief’s household. He had also asked her to ensure that things went smoothly till their madam returned.

Ayo had also been doing the school runs for Ngozi. He looked at his wrist watch. The time read 1:00p.m. He still had an hour to go before picking the girls from school. He decided he would check on Ngozi first before going to prepare a quick lunch for himself. As he drove towards the gate, the gateman opened for him.

“Oga Ayo, welcome. Chief brother dey inside with madam.” The gateman said.

Ayo sighed. “Okay, thank you Dubem.”

Ayo parked the car and walked towards the entrance of Chief’s apartment. As he got to the door, he was about to tap the doorbell when he heard Ngozi crying and talking at the same time. He stopped at the door and tried to listen to the conversation.

“Ebuka, I cannot marry anyone of you. I know you would understand. All of you should have a rethink. Haba!!! You want to sleep with your brother’s wife in the guise of continuing a legacy. Who gave you the idea that I want to have more children?”

“Ngo, but you know I am single and can take care of you. I have always liked you oh. My brother was just chopping the good life alone. Ehn, the fifteen years age gap between you and him was too much. Give me a chance, baby.”

Ngozi was stunned as she looked at her brother-in-law. “Ebuka. I am your brother’s wife!!!”

“You are my late brother’s wife, biko. And I have a right to you just as Brother Chidi.”

“I will not stand here and listen to this nonsense.” Ngozi said as she turned back to walk away.

Ebuka reached her two steps and pulled her back. “I am still talking. Where do you think you are going to?”

“Ebuka, Ebuka, leave me alone oh. Leave me alone.” Ngozi shouted.

“I will not leave you alone. You want to play hard to get, abi? I will show you.” He said as he yanked the wrapper around her waist and pushed her on the couch.

Ngozi began to scream and Ayo knew he had to act immediately.

He put his hand on the door handle and it opened. He was glad that the door wasn’t locked. He ran towards Ebuka and dragged him off Ngozi. Ebuka turned round and gave Ayo a blow on his face. Ayo staggered backwards. Ngozi struggled to stand up from the couch and Ebuka pushed her back in as he tore her blouse. Ngozi began to scream and fight as she resisted Ebuka. Ayo rushed towards Ebuka and gave him two blows on his head. Ebuka fell back and Ngozi pushed him away as she ran towards the kitchen.

Dubem had heard Ngozi’s screaming and he ran into the house. He met Ngozi half-naked holding a kitchen knife as she pointed it towards Ebuka.

“Come near me Ebuka and I will kill you today.” She screamed.

“Please drop the knife.” Ayo pleaded.

“I will kill him and kill myself today.”

“Madam, abeg no kill Uncle Ebuka.” Dubem begged.

“Don’t do this please. Think about your children.” Ayo said as he tried to calm Ngozi.

Ngozi burst into tears but held tightly to the knife.

Ebuka moved towards her.

Ngozi wiped her tears and raised the knife in an attempt to stab him. “If you touch me, I will kill you.” She screamed.

Ayo looked at Ebuka. “Get out.” He shouted.

“In my brother’s house? Who are you?” Ebuka asked as he retraced his steps when he saw the raised knife.

“You will know who he is if you come near me. I swear, you go greet Chigozie today.” Ngozi kissed the knife and raised it to the heavens.

“Ehen, so this is what you people have been doing ehn. You have been sleeping with your oga’s wife abi?” Ebuka said to Ayo. “Ngozi, you are sleeping with a common driver, eeeh, my brother don suffer.” Ebuka said as he looked at Ngozi.

Ngozi gripped the knife tightly in her fist and took quick steps towards Ebuka.

Dubem began to shout. “Madam, abeg, madam!!!”

Ebuka became scared and pushed Dubem out of the way as he ran out of the house towards the gate.

“Why you no wait, bastard? I for kill you today, idiot.” Ngozi shouted. As she walked back, she picked up her wrapper from the floor and burst into fresh tears.

“Sorry madam.” Dubem said as he walked out of the house. He proceeded to lock the gate so Ebuka would not come back in.



Ayo stood transfixed. He was shocked at the events of the last few minutes. Anything could have happened and they would have had two dead bodies lying in the living room if Ebuka had not run out. He had never seen Ngozi that angry. He looked at her sitting on the floor as she gripped her wrapper tightly in her left hand and held the knife in her right hand. Her wrapper loosely covered her lower body as she cried uncontrollably. She bit her forefinger and cried in despair as she hit the floor with her fist. Ayo considered comforting her but thought against it. “I’m sorry Ngozi.” He said but Ngozi did not hear him. She was broken and torn.

Ayo remained there watching her. He felt her pain. He wished they could turn back the hands of time and Chief would be back with them. He wished the events of the past week would be a bad dream that everyone involved would wake up from and continue living life like it had been before.

He turned his back on her and was about leaving her. He got to the door and stopped. He couldn’t leave her this way. His heart broke as he heard her cry. He turned back to look at her. Her whole body shook with every sob. He saw her looking at the knife and without thinking, he went to her and lifted her up from the floor. He carried her up like a baby. Ngozi dropped the knife and put her arms around his neck as she held on tightly to him. Ayo carried her up the stairs towards her bedroom. He got to her room and laid her down on the bed. Her wrapper had dropped off on the way up and she was just in a torn blouse and her panties. Her neck was already turning red and there was a bruise on her cheek from Ebuka’s rough handling. Ayo looked at the length of her body. Ngozi was truly beautiful.

“It is okay, Ngozi.” He said as he wiped her tears. He touched her cheek and felt the bruise. That bastard, I could kill him with my bare hands.

“Ngozi, please stop crying.” Ayo pleaded. He sat on her bed and pulled her hair back from her face. “Please, it is okay. Everything will be fine.”

“I’m….I’m….I’m scared.” Ngozi gasped as she cried.

Ayo took a deep breath. She had every reason to be scared. Her husband’s family had suddenly turned against her. The same family she had fed so many times while her husband was alive. The family that had laughed and joked with her when everything was good.

He held her hand in his. “Don’t be scared. I’m sure things will work out somehow.”

Ngozi looked at him. Her eyes were red and puffy. She hugged Ayo and held on to him. “Thank you for saving me.” She said as her sobs subsided.

Ayo hugged her back. He would have done it for anyone. She needed to be protected. He looked at her lower body which was still bare. He closed his eyes and shook his head. His mind was beginning to play tricks on him. His body was responding to Ngozi’s tight hug. He dropped his arms around Ngozi but she was still holding on to him. What is wrong with me? He thought as his body began to warm. This was his boss’s wife. He had no business being with her in her bedroom.

He pulled Ngozi gently away from his body and lay her on the bed. He bent down to lift the duvet on the bed to cover her body. As he tried to cover her legs, his hand brushed her legs and he looked at Ngozi. She was looking at him. He bent down to kiss her legs. He moved upwards and kissed her thighs too. When he looked up at her, tears were streaming down her cheeks. He moved closer and took her lips in his as he kissed her gently. Ngozi responded in like passion tantalizing his senses and body.



The story continues…

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