Yesterday Lives – Chapter 6

It was a weekend. It had been three days since Kevwe and Ayo last spoke. Usually, if Chief had nowhere to go to, Ayo tried to make some extra income during the weekend. But this weekend was different, he decided not to go out. He was yet to come to terms with what transpired between Kevwe and himself. He lay on his bed and was playing a word search game on his phone when a call came in. he looked at the number. It was not a number he recognized.

“Hello.” He said as he picked the call.

“Hi Ayo, how are you doing?” A lady asked.

“I’m fine. Who is this, please?”

“It is Tutu. I wanted to see maybe we could hook up somewhere.”

“I’m sorry but I don’t know any Tutu. You called a wrong number.”

“C’mon, we met at the party some days ago.”

“Party? Which party please?”

“Ayo, why are you behaving like this nau? What is Kevwe giving you that I cannot match?”

Ayo was shocked. “Kevwe?”

Tutu was quiet as she allowed her question to sink in.

“Oh, so you are the one Kevwe referred to as her friend? The one who lied to her that I tried to sleep with you. You are really pathetic, you know? How did you even get my number?”

“Ayo, let’s cut to the chase. It is obvious we are both educated but found ourselves in the wrong business….”

“Speak for yourself.” Ayo said cutting her short.

Tutu was quiet for a few seconds. “Anyways, you can believe whatever you want. I like you a lot, sincerely and Kevwe is way below your standard.”

“Madam, in the first place, I don’t know how you got my number. Secondly, my life isn’t any of your business. So get it into that sick head of yours.” Ayo spat angrily as he cut the call.

Tutu tried calling back but Ayo refused to pick the call. By the third ring, Ayo blocked her number.

“Nonsense.” He said to himself as he lay on his bed angry. He was angrier with Kevwe because she had such a creepy friend.

For the next one week, Tutu kept trying to call Ayo. When she noticed that she never got through to him, she decided to use another girl’s number to call him. Immediately Ayo picked up the call, Tutu spoke.

“Ayo, please don’t drop the call.”

Ayo recognized her voice and blocked the number as well.


One week later, Chief travelled out of the country with his family on a short vacation. He was going to be away for two weeks. Ayo was alone and he used the period to make some money for himself by running his taxi business the whole day.

On one of his evening shifts, he was around Obalende when he spotted Kevwe about to enter a taxi. He honked at the taxi and flashed his headlamps. The driver thinking Ayo knew him decided to hold on till Ayo drove up to him.

“Oga, na my girlfriend.”

The taxi driver looked at Kevwe and turned to look at Ayo. “Ehen? She be your girlfriend?”

“Yes. Tell her say make she come down. She dey vex for me.”

“Oga, wetin be dis nau. You dey carry me abi you no carry me go?” Kevwe asked the taxi driver.

“But your boyfriend say make you come down. Why you dey vex for am nau?”

Kevwe hissed as she got out of the taxi and walked forward to look for another taxi.

The taxi driver shook his head as he drove off. “Woman palava.”

Ayo parked his car beside Kevwe. “Are you getting in or not?”

Kevwe walked forward.

Ayo drove beside her as he spoke to her. “Kevwe, you know you would cause a scene soon. Get in the car and let us sort this out once and for all.”

Kevwe stopped walking and looked at him. “Ayo, wetin you want? Go your way, make I go my own.”

“Your friend, Tutu has been calling me. I blocked her line and she started calling with some other numbers which I have blocked as well.”

“So how that one take consine me?”

“Kevwe, you haven’t even given me an opportunity to explain myself. Why don’t you just hear me out? I listened to you remember? If after that, you decide you want to go, I will leave you alone and never disturb you again.”

Kevwe thought about what Ayo said. She opened the door and eased in. “So wetin you wan talk?”

“Not on the road, Kevwe.” Ayo said as he started driving.


For the next thirty minutes, they rode in silence. Ayo parked the car in Chief’s compound and got out. Kevwe did same and they both walked into Ayo’s apartment.

“Please sit down. Do you want me to get you something?” Ayo asked.

“I no come here come chop, Ayo; because I follow you come house. Abeg, talk wetin you wan talk.” She said dismissively.

Ayo took a deep breath. He thought he could calm her down but she was proving difficult.

He sat down; away from Kevwe. He started his story from how he hawked and drove part-time to be able to send himself to the university as his parents could not afford to do so. After graduation, he had assumed he would get a job in a good organization but it became elusive. He did not want to go back to driving so he decided to come to Lagos in search of greener pastures. He explained his encounter with Chief and how his desperation got him to become Chief’s driver. He explained that Chief was more than a boss to him; the reason why he called him his uncle. He said Chief had no idea who he was but he took him in and treated him like a younger brother. He also told her about the taxi business he was running with Chief’s car and the returns he made. He told her his intention was to save enough money to buy his own car which would be rented out to another driver while he continued his business with Chief’s car. He told her he still had hopes of getting a better job but for now, he had decided to stay put with Chief.

Kevwe was sober as she listened to Ayo. “So wetin happen with Tutu?”

“I was sitting in the car outside waiting for Chief when your friend came to meet me. She said she wanted to keep me company. I refused. She tried to seduce me and I decided to come out of the car and leave her there. I don’t know how she got my number. It was while I was outside the car that Chief came out of the party and asked us to go home. The man she was with later came out to meet her and took her inside.

“So you no touch her?”

Ayo took a deep breath. “Kevwe, I have not been with any woman since I met you.”

Kevwe looked away; ashamed of how she felt.

“Do you believe me, Kevwe?”

Kevwe closed her eyes. Of course, she believed him but Ayo felt too good to be true for her.

Ayo stood up and walked up to her as he pulled her up. He took her face in his hands. “I know I should have told you all this before now. I’m sorry. Kevwe, I love you and I mean it.”

Kevwe’s eyes were closed as she sighed. How Ayo go love me? Me, Oghenekevwe? She felt like trash.

Ayo closed the space between them and kissed her gently. Tears streamed down Kevwe’s cheeks as she kissed him back and held on to him tightly. Soon, their passions took over and Ayo allowed Kevwe do what she knew how to do best. He gave himself to her without inhibitions; allowing her to take him to the height of ecstasy.

When the delight and the pleasure of the moment was over, Ayo fell back on the bed panting and sweating. Kevwe placed her head on his chest as she began to caress his nether region.

“Kevwe, not again.” Ayo said as he moved her hand away from his body.

“Haba, we fit do another one before I go nau.”

“Kevwe, were you at the party that night?” Ayo asked as he looked at her.

“No. I no dey among the girls wey Madam pick.”

Ayo heaved a sigh of relief.

“Wetin happen? You think say I dey dia?” Kevwe asked as she drew imaginary doodles on his bare body.

“I wasn’t sure what to think, sincerely.”

“But you don say make I leave the business?”

Ayo looked at her. “Have you?”

Kevwe shrugged. “I don dey think am. Me sef don tire for the business but I no no how I go tell Madam and as I no get work wey I fit do, Madam go just use me laugh.”

Ayo hummed as he thought. “Give me some time to think about what we can do. You need to leave her apartment though. That should be our first priority then we can take it from there.”

Kevwe smiled as she kissed Ayo on his cheeks. His body was beginning to respond to her touch again.

“I guess you are fine with that arrangement.”

“Hmm….” Kevwe crooned as she increased the tempo of her caresses.

“Kevwe….” Ayo whispered as he closed his eyes. Blood seeped through the length of his body exciting his senses as Kevwe stroked his sensitive spots. His body which had previously been tired began to awaken with renewed strength and vigour. He took deep breaths as he sought for a release of the tension and excitement built up by Kevwe.

In a few minutes, Kevwe displayed her dexterity again leaving Ayo moaning and panting like a man on a race track.


The story continues….

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