Oops moments.

Are you aware that ‘To Love and to Hold‘ is available in print? That means, you can now have a copy of my book for keeps for N2500 (Two thousand, five hundred naira).

In case this is news to you, please check my previous post πŸ™‚
Have you had any ‘oops’ moment? I remember vividly one that happened a few months ago.

It was my daughter’s 17th birthday and she wanted to hangout with her closest friend and her siblings.

I opted to serve as the driver for the day to do a pick up and a drop off. We arrived at her friend’s house and she greeted me familiarly (I have known her for a while).

Her friend advised that I see her parents before I pick her up; fair enough, that made a lot of sense.

Her mum walks out and sees my daughter and I. She looks at her daughter and asks if the three of us attend the same University πŸ˜‚ (if you happen to see me on a weekend, chances that I will be dressed in shorts is very high).

Well, the explanations begin and ‘oops’ 😁 She is too shocked that she decides to introduce me to her husband, who is more shocked.

I actually had a good laugh that day. That wasn’t the first time I would be involved in such situation. Even friends of my kids have told them I don’t look like their mummy, because apparently, they are looking for a big mummy.

Are there any mummies out there like me? Gather here for a group hug πŸ€—

Have you been at the centre of any ‘oops’ moment? Please share in the comments section below and let us all have a good laugh.


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