Wedding Chronicles – Are we family?

The wedding procession was taking place inside the church. The bride’s brothers, sister and sister-in-law were outside the church trying to make sure that the reception venue which was within the church premises was neatly arranged and ready.

While they were at it, a sister of the bride asked for a pack of juice. Her brother and sister-in-law told her they would help her get one. There was a large drum stationed beside the church building. It contained chilled drinks. They went to the people manning the drum and asked for a pack of juice for their sister. The men said they had been instructed by the groom’s family not to give anyone anything. They explained that it was for the bride’s sister but the men turned a deaf ear.

When they were about to leave, the groom’s sister walked by. The bride’s sister-in-law went ahead to explain the situation to the groom’s sister. The groom’s sister looked at the lady standing before her like she was some piece of trash. “Yes, I gave that instruction and no one gets anything. If you knew you wanted a drink, you could have come with yours.”

The bride’s sister-in-law was embarrassed. She was about to give the groom’s sister a befitting response when the bride’s brother pulled her away. “Just don’t say anything. Leave her alone.” He said to her. They went across the road, bought a pack of juice and handed it over to their sister.


The church service was soon over and guests trooped out to take their seats under the canopies arranged outside the church. The bride’s family had made arrangements for food for all guests and they served everyone present.

While the reception was underway, the groom’s family brought out another meal which had kept to be served at a later hour. They started to dish out the meal to their guests and another sister to the bride went to them to ask how she could be of help so she could serve some of their own guests. The groom’s sister refused and told her the meal was brought strictly for the groom’s family’s guests.

The bride’s sister-in-law stood afar and watched the drama taking place. If the groom’s sister could do this on her brother’s wedding day to the bride’s family, she wondered what awaited the bride in the future.

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