Wedding Chronicles – The Priest’s message

The eight brides stood beside their grooms as they faced the priest. They took their vows and exchanged rings. The priest proclaimed each one of them man and wife and blessed their marriages as the church erupted in applause.

They were ushered to their seats and the service progressed with the priest’s message for the day.

He preached about the blessings of marriage and then began to emphasize on remaining pure until marriage. He hammered on abstinence before marriage that it was almost as if he had a personal score to settle. The couples had been joined together, so the purpose of the message seemed a bit confusing.

The service moved to a close and the marriage registers were signed by each couple. It was time for the couple to take photographs with the priests. As the brides lined in front of the church with their grooms, I looked at each one of them. Seven of them had protruding tummies.

I shook my head as I smiled. No wonder the priest was passionate about his message.


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