Wedding Chronicles – The Promise

She had gotten the new job in the same month in which her wedding had been fixed. She thought about deferring her resumption date till after the wedding but she realized she needed the extra cash. Besides, instead of a long break prior and after the wedding, she was advised to make it short so as not to seem insensitive. The company was solely run by her boss and she had been recruited to assist her. A junior colleague who previously worked her job put her through everything she needed to know about the company.

A week after resumption, she informed her boss that she was getting married at the end of the month and would appreciate if she could be given a five-day break (one day before the wedding and four days after the wedding).

Her boss had been happy for her; or so she seemed. She congratulated her and wished her a happy married life. Her boss asked her what she would love as a wedding gift and she became confused. She hadn’t thought about it. Her boss noticed her confusion and told her not to bother; she promised to get her a microwave.

Even though she was happy about the offer, she made up her mind to hold on to it with a pinch of salt. She was aware that people made promises but fulfilling them was always a different story. She was granted her request and she made sure she put in her best on the last day in the office prior to her wedding. She stayed back to work long hours ensuring that nothing was pending.

Her wedding went smoothly and five days after as agreed, she resumed back at work. She however, got a rude shock when at the end of the month; she received her salary less five days. She smiled as she read the letter which had been typed by her boss stating that her salary had been prorated. No explanations were given and she did not bother to seek for one.

Her salary was barely enough and now, she was getting a pay cut. She remembered the microwave that she had been promised but knew that getting one from her boss would only happen in her dreams.

She shrugged as she counted her salary. Tomorrow was another day and it definitely held promise.


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