Wedding Chronicles – Thou shall be prepared

The wedding ceremony in church lasted just an hour. Three members of the choir were getting married and the choir director advised that there should be representation in the receptions of each of the members. The choir members in attendance were split into three and advised on which reception to attend.

The choir members began trooping out of the church; easing into their cars, attaching themselves to those who had cars or simply finding their way to the reception they had been assigned to attend. I found myself among the latter category. My friend and I decided to take a walk. The reception venue was a distance from the church but as we gisted, we realized we were soon at the venue.

We took our seats and waited for the commencement of the reception proper. The reception commenced with the arrival of the couple. Hours later, the guests began to look out for item 7. It was not forthcoming and the guests began to murmur. The family and friends of the couple noticing the look on the faces of the guests decided to bring out the bags of bowls which contained the food and began to share.

The hall had been arranged in a church setting and all guests faced the high table where the couple were seated. Soon, the friends of the bride took over the sharing of the food. For each row of guests they passed by, they looked at the faces of the guests before handing the food to whoever they deemed fit.

My friend and I watched as food and drinks passed by us. After a while, when all the “very important” people had been served. The bride’s friends went round and served the “less important” people. We were handed a small bowl of food which was just enough to feed a child.

I told my friend we had fulfilled all righteousness by attending the reception and asked that we leave. She agreed. I stood up to leave with a great lesson learned. I was reminded about how my parents ensured that we ate just before leaving for children’s parties’ years ago. And that lesson resonated that day.

Always be prepared!


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