A letter to my friend

My dearest friend,

How are you doing? I really want to know; so this is not a rhetoric question. It has been a while we spoke or saw each other. I sent you several messages on whatsapp but got no responses even though they show that they were delivered and read. I wonder why.

I noticed we began to drift apart a while back and I wondered if the distance between us was imagined by me. I called you several times. Each time I did, you always told me that you were busy and would call back. I believed you and waited for those calls. They never came.

I made numerous attempts to reach out to you. The more I tried, the more you distanced yourself. I even sent you a text once to ask for forgiveness, just in case I had mistakenly offended you. I really wanted us to retain our closeness and friendship. I don’t know if it worked because that text went unanswered.

I miss the friendship we had; the gists, the laughter, the gossips. We couldn’t get enough of ourselves. One person always had to call the other each day. We hung out and visited each other times without number. But everything changed all of a sudden. You withdrew and became distant.

Anytime I remember the gists we had in the past, I smile. We laughed over our mistakes and learnt from them. We rejoiced in our successes and gave a pat on each other’s back during our failures. Our letdowns and promotions were shared. We shared our pains and our gains. Even our families knew how close we were and asked after the well-being of the other.

What happened to our friendship? What happened to the pleasure we shared as friends? What made us drift apart? I still wonder. It was not work because even though we were both busy, we kept the fire of our friendship burning.

If you get to read this, I hope you would sit back and remember all we shared. There is a saying that twenty children cannot play for twenty years. There is another saying that friends are in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. I thought ours would be for a lifetime. How wrong I was?

I am grateful for the seasons we had together. I miss those seasons. I miss you.

Your friend and sister


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