In search of me!

When I was a child, I wanted to be a Banker. I grew older and decided I wanted to be an Architect because I loved cursive writing. I had no idea what it took to become an Architect.

Jamb made me realize I could not become an Architect. I had never done Technical Drawing. The dream died with Jamb.

Silhouette of a man in a business suit giving a shrug with a question mark

I got into the University and studied Geography and Planning. I found love in Urban and Regional Planning. My dream of doing something that involved drawing was revived. Even if it was not directly related; they were distant cousins.

I graduated from the University and another confusion set in. Did I really intend to work with my certificate?

It has been 18 years and two University certificates plus a professional one are sitting pretty in my dropbox folder. They are whipped out when it is needed to show that I attended a higher institution. But that’s about it.

What pays me a monthly package today has nothing to do with my certificates. Will I ever use them? I have no idea.

I have found what I love and it unfolds daily. I am still in search of me.

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