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The grass cutter

The clock in Chinaza’s room struck midnight. Chinaza stood up and moved slowly along the wall of his room. He picked up the cutlass lying by his stove carefully. The intruder on the other side of his door was going to visit his ancestors today; he thought.

Every morning, he woke up to meet trash dumped in front of his door. He had accused the neighbours a number of times and each time, every one of them denied the allegations against them. This night, he was going to catch whoever was dumping trash in front of his door red-handed.

The moon was full and it illuminated the corridor of the face-to-face rooms where Chinaza had moved in six months ago. He was grateful for the full moon because that would enable him see the intruder clearly and unmistakably.

He held the door knob gently and opened the door carefully trying not to startle the intruder. Just a swipe of the cutlass and the intruder would forever regret making his abode his dustbin.

As the door creaked open, Chinaza came face to face with a large grass cutter. He lifted up his cutlass as the grass cutter made a frightened attempt to run away. The cutlass landed squarely on the tail of the grass cutter, cutting it off totally. Suddenly, there was a loud scream from the room opposite Chinaza’s.


The scream continued to rise in crescendo waking up the sleeping neighbours who all came out of their rooms groggily to meet Chinaza with a blood-stained cutlass. “Wetin dey happen for hia?” The landlord barked as he walked out of his room with a wrapper tied around his lower body.

“I am also wondering.” Chinaza said still holding his cutlass.

“Wetin you dey do with cutlass for this time of the night?”

“I wanted to catch the intruder dropping trash in front of my door every night. I caught a large grass cutter and hit it on the tail; only to hear screaming from Baba Jojo’s room.”

The scream continued to emanate from Baba Jojo’s room and the neighbours all agreed to find out what the problem was. They knocked the door but got no response. They banged on the door but no one opened. After about ten minutes, the screaming died down. The landlord ordered that the door be broken down.

The door was broken down to reveal Baba Jojo lying down on the floor of his room with a deep cut on his leg. Blood streamed out of the cut. He had bled to death.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 11

It is Friday and Bola has lectures in school. She bids her mother, who is also getting prepared for work, farewell as she leaves the house early in the morning. After classes, she goes straight to her hostel and finds her roommates getting ready for another gig. She sits down on her bed and watches them as they slather make-up on their faces.

“How was home?” Nekpen asks.

“Okay. Mum is fine.” Bola answers.

“We were kinda worried when we did not see you yesterday.” Eseosa says.

Bola shrugs. “I just wanted to have some time alone.”

Halima looks at her. “Have you heard from Gboyega?”

Bola exhales. “Yes, I have.”

Eseosa is standing in front of a wall mirror. She stops applying her make-up as she looks back at Bola. “That sigh says a lot, Bola. What’s the problem?”

Bola fakes a smile. “Nothing.” She could not bring herself to tell them that Miriam had been right. Tears build up in her eyes again and she looks away and tries to get herself together.

“Is this about Gboyega?” Halima asks as she sits by her side.

Bola nods unable to say a word. She does not trust that she won’t break down into tears.

“Gboyega is a changed man, Bola. Whatever it is you and your fellowship did to him changed his life. Look at some of his friends who moved around with him when he was on campus. Most of them are in their final year now. Bola, you know them ‘cos they attend your fellowship. Gboyega’s turnaround touched their lives. He was the last person anyone could imagine will become a church boy.” Halima says as she tries to convince her.

“I think you should listen to Halima.” Nekpen says matter-of-factly. “Me wey dey look for person wey go love me the way Gboyega dey show love for you. Babes, open your eyes.”

“Abeg, abeg, which one com be all the tory this night nau? Wetin? If she no open her eyes, which one com be una own nau? Shior! Make we go where we dey go jor. Leave this born-again people make dem dey do love in Tokyo wey no consine us.” Miriam hisses as she rolls her eyes.

“Aunty, you fit waka your own oh. Nobody say you must waka with us.” Nekpen replies Miriam in anger as she points her finger at her.

Miriam grunts. “Hmm….sorry oh, no vex. But what time we go comot nau?”

There is a knock on the door and Miriam walks to the door to open it. She is still for some seconds, shock registering on her face. She suddenly hisses and walks back into the room. The others look up wondering who the visitor is and the reason for Miriam’s hiss. Their jaws drop as they look behind Miriam.

“Hello ladies.” Gboyega says as he walks into the room. He gives Miriam a confused look wondering why she hissed on seeing him.

The other girls look at each other’s faces with surprise.

“Hi Gboyega.” Nekpen answers breaking the awkward silence.

Bola is too shocked to speak. She can’t believe that Gboyega is right here in her room at this time of the night.

“I’m sorry I hope I am not intruding. I can wait outside while you…..” Gboyega is saying before Miriam interrupts.

“Yes, pls. You can stay…..” Miriam gesticulates towards the door before she is also cut short.

Nekpen clears her throat as she looks at Miriam with scorn. Her face immediately turns into a smile as she looks at Gboyega. “We were actually on our way out. You are free to stay.” She looks at Bola. “Bola, take care and have fun. See you in the morning.” She smiles as she winks at her. She nods towards Miriam and points to the door. Miriam hisses again as she heads forward and the girls file out of the room behind her.

Bola could not help but smile as Nekpen herded her roommates out of the room. Even though she did not share Bola’s faith, she had proved to be a friend that Bola could count on. She sighs as she looks at Gboyega. He walks up to her bed and kneels before her as he holds her hands. “Bola, I came to apologize to you.”

Bola shakes her head. “What are you sorry for? Your past?”

“What would you have me do?”

“I don’t know Gboyega. Sincerely, I don’t know.”

“Please give me a chance.”

Bola stands up. “Your past is too much for me to bear. Don’t you understand?”

“But I am no longer that man.” He stands up from his kneeling position and holds her by the shoulders. “I want to create a future with you.”

The tears she had held back some moments ago fill her eyes again and threaten to make their way down her cheeks. She opens her mouth to say something but closes it again as her voice has become raspy.

Gboyega looks into her eyes and realizes that she loves him but he also sees fear and he is determined to wipe away any doubts that she has about him. He pulls her into a hug and her tears eventually burst forth like a tap that has just been opened. He rocks her like a baby as she sobs into his chest. When she is spent from her sobs, Gboyega cradles her face in his palms and looks straight into her soul. “I will never do anything to hurt you. I love you too much to let anyone harm you.” He longs to take her lips in his but he fights the temptation and pulls her into a hug again.


His past must remain in the past and with Bola, he is determined to start their relationship on a clean slate. Bola hugs him tightly and she unknowingly fans the embers of passion in him. Gboyega feels warm as heat courses through his veins seeping into every pore of his skin and threatening to awaken his once asleep body. He pushes Bola back gently. She looks at him in confusion unaware of the feelings she has triggered in him. He caresses her face with his fingers and smiles. “Let’s take a walk.” Bola nods and Gboyega interlocks his fingers with hers as they walk out of the room.

They stroll lazily round the campus like two love-birds. Gboyega talks about his job in the construction company and his desire to come back to settle down in Akure after his National Youth Service. Bola is surprised and asks why he would leave his house in Lagos to start afresh in Akure. He tells her that Lagos has too many bad memories and he would rather start a new life filled with promises in Akure. He also mentions that he does not want to be far away from her.

They sit down on a bench outside one of the campus halls enjoying the coolness of the night breeze. They lose track of time while talking and by the time Gboyega looks at his wrist watch, he realizes they have been out of her hostel for almost two hours.

“What time is it?” Bola asks when she sees Gboyega looking at his wrist watch.

“Almost 9.00p.m.”

“You are sleeping in the boys’ hostel this night, right?”

“Yes, since that is the only way I get to see you tomorrow.” Gboyega replies with a smile.

Bola blushes. She stands up and holds his hands trying to pull him up.

Gboyega laughs. “You know I can lift you off the floor with just one hand.”

Bola drops his hands. He tries to hold her but she swats his hand and begins to walk away frowning.

He reaches her in two steps and holds her by the waist. “Hey, I was just joking.” He says laughing. “Even when you are frowning, you are still beautiful.”

“It’s late.”

“Yeah, I know. I wish the night could remain young.”

They walk back to her hostel and Gboyega plants a kiss on her cheeks as he wishes her good night.


Bola lies on her bed unable to sleep. She cuddles her pillow smiling. She feels butterflies in her stomach and she knows that this can only be love. Gboyega had come all the way from Shagamu to Akure just to be with her. She felt silly that she had condemned him because of his past. Yes, it was sordid. And there was still a lot of work getting used to it but she knew that the love they had for each other was going to create a better future.

She falls asleep hours later dreaming about Gboyega and the bright future ahead of them.


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The journey ahead

Adigun looked at the baby girl cradled in his arms. She was sleeping peacefully oblivious to what her entrance into the world had brought upon him. A tear slipped down his cheeks and he quickly wiped it with the back of his palm. At 21, he should not be seen crying like a baby. He was meant to take charge. But the turn of events in his life the past three months was too much for him to handle emotionally.

The baby girl whined as she turned her head towards his body aiming to suckle. He looked up at the nurse standing by his side. She gave a sad smile and walked towards the baby bag on the table. Her hands worked deftly pouring and mixing the contents of the bag. She strolled towards Adigun and stretched her hands to receive the baby but Adigun held tightly to the little tot.

The nurse handed over the bottle to him and helped put a pillow behind his back and another under the baby to raise her to a comfortable height for her feed. Adigun smiled his thanks and proceeded to feed the baby.

As she suckled, different thoughts ran through his mind. How was he going to take care of the baby? He was only a student in his final year in the Secondary school and up till a few hours ago depended solely on his mother for support. Did the arrival of the baby girl mean an end to his schooling? He was preparing to write his final exams in a few weeks. How was he going to read with a new born baby in his care? He had no one to go to for financial support; how was he going to feed and take care of her?


Aduke had been both happy and surprised when the doctor confirmed she was pregnant. She had already given up on child-bearing. After having Adigun 21 years ago, she and Ajagbe had tried in futility to have more kids. Each time she took in, she miscarried. She wondered why; as Adigun’s conception and birth had been an easy ride.

After six miscarriages over a period of ten years, she decided to heed Ajagbe’s advice to give up on trying. It had been difficult to accept. She wanted another child. She longed to have a daughter. But Ajagbe constantly reminded her that God had given them a son and it was enough reason to be grateful.

Ajagbe had been overwhelmed with joy when Aduke told him she was pregnant. He pampered her silly and made her feel like a first-time mother. Even Adigun had shared in the joy of having a baby sister. The few friends he told had teased him that he was not having a baby sister but a daughter; as he was old enough to father the new baby.

Three months ago, Ajagbe had gone to his farm as usual. He had tilled from morning till night and harvested a few tomatoes that he intended to blend with his grinding stone for the day’s supper. He flagged down an okada and was about crossing the road to board it. All of a sudden, another speeding okada emerged from the bend. The rider saw Ajagbe too late. The impact of the collision flung Ajagbe across the road with tomatoes littered all over.

The pain had been too much for Aduke to bear. She struggled with her pregnancy in the last trimester. The doctor at the primary health care centre had admonished her to get enough sleep as her blood pressure had risen. But Aduke stayed up many nights crying and willing Ajagbe to come back home.

She had fallen into labour last night and Adigun had rushed her in the dead of the night to the health care centre. Hours later, the doctor informed Adigun that his mother would have to be induced as labour was no longer progressing. He looked at the doctor with tears in his eyes. He had no idea what the doctor meant. All he wanted was a safe delivery for his mother.

Aduke put to bed in the early hours of the day after a difficult delivery. She smiled as she looked at her daughter. The daughter she had waited so many years for. She took a deep breath and she was gone.


Adigun looked at his baby sister. She had fallen asleep again and had released her mouth from the teat of the feeding bottle. Drops of milk dripped out of the sides of her little mouth. Adigun wiped it carefully with his tee-shirt. The nurse was back and this time, Adigun handed over the little tot. He watched as the nurse took her away.


What did the future hold for them? The journey ahead was definitely going to be a long one.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 10

Gboyega sighs deeply as he thinks about Kofo. He wishes he could erase his past with her. She was the reason why he continuously asked God daily for forgiveness. He wasn’t proud of his past and he found it difficult to discuss it with Bola. Now that Bola was aware, he had to come out clean with her.

He smiled. Thoughts of her always brought a smile to his face. She had given him a reason to look forward to a bright future. The text message she sent last night had endeared her more to him. He loved her and he was ready to protect her from Kofo.

He gets to the bus-stop and waits for a bus that will call his destination. He remembers when he only transported through taxis. He once asked Kofo to get him a car. Her response had been that if he needed one, then he needed to steal one. He had been shocked at her response but that was the last time he ever asked her. She was satisfied with paying for his taxi trips to their rendezvous. She would cringe now if she saw him in a public bus. But that was all in the past now.

He decides to ring Bola. Right now, she was all that mattered. Bola picks up on the second ring. “Hey beautiful.” He crooned into her ears.

“Hi.” She replies groggily.

“Looks like I woke you up.” He says laughing.

“Yes, you did.”

“No lectures this morning?”

“No. Besides, I’m not on campus. I’m home.” Bola replies.

Gboyega is surprised. “Are you okay? Is there a problem?”

Bola sits up on her bed. “I’m fine. I had missed home and just wanted to see my mum.”

“How is she?” Gboyega asks smiling.

“She’s good.”

Gboyega sighs. “About Kofo?”

“Kofo?” Bola asks confused.

“Yes, the lady that came over to your hostel. I am sorry I haven’t talked about my past but it is because I am not proud of it.”

Bola listens quietly.

“I used to be her boyfriend.” Gboyega breathes deeply. “Actually, I was her toy boy. A lover who warmed her bed for pecuniary gains. I won’t say she seduced me because I made a choice to continue with the relationship. I was getting paid for laying her and I guess the pay became too attractive for me to look the other way.”

Bola sighs.

“But, I am not that man anymore. I have left my past behind. I even decided to change my mobile number so she would not be able to reach me any longer. You are everything I need now and I mean every word when I tell you that I love you.”

Bola takes a deep breath. “Thanks for trusting me enough to tell me about your past. But it is a lot to comprehend right now, Gboyega.”

“I understand. Life has not been fair. I know it is not an excuse and I accept responsibility for all my actions. I just couldn’t get myself to tell you about my sordid past. I assumed the time was never going to be right. I never wanted you to find out this way.” Gboyega says soberly.

“I just…I just wish things were different.”

“I don’t understand.” Gboyega says confused.

“We can’t toe the same path, Gboyega. We are poles apart.” Bola says as hot tears sting her eyes.

Gboyega feels like his heart is being ripped apart. “Bola, please, don’t break my heart. I love you and need you. I want to spend the rest of my days with you. I can’t change my past but I can recreate my future.”

“We can’t have a future together.” Bola says as the thought of what she just said stabs her in the heart and she breaks down into tears. She had fallen in love with Gboyega but his past was too tainted for her to ignore. She could not imagine being with him anymore. “Good bye Gboyega.” She says as she cuts the call.

Gboyega tries to call her back but she refuses to pick up. He looks around him and realizes he is still at the bus-stop. A look at his wristwatch shows that he is already behind time and he is definitely going to be late to the office today. He sighs as the next bus that approaches calls his destination. He flags it down and enters it. He tries to call Bola again but her phone rings out. “Bola, please don’t do this to me.” He begins to type. “I love you.”

He sighs deeply as he lays his head on the head rest in the public bus. Today is already turning out wrong for him. He is going to be late to work. The two ladies in his life have placed a huge burden on his heart. One he has rejected and who wants him back at all costs and another who he loves but has rejected him.


Bola sobs quietly after she cuts the call. Gboyega keeps calling her but she refuses to pick up his calls. She reads the text message from him and that brings more tears. She suddenly wishes she had not heard about his past. She only wants to retain sweet memories of him. Memories of them in fellowship worshipping God, memories of them sharing the word, memories of his graduation when she was the only one by his side.


She stands up from her bed and picks up her school bag lying on her reading table. She opens the bag and takes out their picture together. Tears roll down her cheeks as she looks at him. He had captured her heart. And now, she had to let him go. She lay on her bed and curled into a fetal position holding the picture to her bosom. Why did I have to fall in love with him?

She wipes her tears as she determines in her heart. This is the end of the road for Gboyega and her. Her roommate Miriam, had been right after all. He was a toy boy. It was difficult to comprehend how a lady as sophisticated as Kofo could have Gboyega as a boyfriend. He was just a student and the lady standing before them that day oozed class from every pore of her skin.

I have to let him go. But the thought of that action tore her heart into shreds and she started sobbing again until she fell asleep.


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In search of me!

When I was a child, I wanted to be a Banker. I grew older and decided I wanted to be an Architect because I loved cursive writing. I had no idea what it took to become an Architect.

Jamb made me realize I could not become an Architect. I had never done Technical Drawing. The dream died with Jamb.

Silhouette of a man in a business suit giving a shrug with a question mark

I got into the University and studied Geography and Planning. I found love in Urban and Regional Planning. My dream of doing something that involved drawing was revived. Even if it was not directly related; they were distant cousins.

I graduated from the University and another confusion set in. Did I really intend to work with my certificate?

It has been 18 years and two University certificates plus a professional one are sitting pretty in my dropbox folder. They are whipped out when it is needed to show that I attended a higher institution. But that’s about it.

What pays me a monthly package today has nothing to do with my certificates. Will I ever use them? I have no idea.

I have found what I love and it unfolds daily. I am still in search of me.

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Blind Pact – Chapter 9

Kofo eased into her car in anger. No one had ever crossed her path and gone scot free. Gboyega was crossing her path and he was doing it without giving a hoot. She had travelled out of the country for about three months and by the time she came back, so many things had changed. She tried ringing him but his number was unreachable. She began to wonder what the problem could be. Since he had graduated from school, going to campus to check on him had not been an option. She had never bothered to know where he lived. Their rendezvous had always been at places she chose. She got her informant to get her all the details she needed and she had been shocked to hear that Gboyega had dropped her for a school girl. What was he thinking? She made more inquiries and found out who the girl really was. A church girl. She had been surprised when she found out.

She smirked as she tapped the steering wheel. Gbosgaga, a Christian? She laughed derisively and shook her head as she thought about him. So far, he had been the only source of happiness in her life and she could not let him go. No, not now. Not ever. He was hers and hers alone. No one else could have him. She hoped Bola would heed to her threat to stay away. She had been nice to her when she visited her room. Her next encounter with her may not be pleasurable if she refused to keep her hands off Gbosgaga.

Her happiness started and ended with him and she was ready to go into the deep recesses of her heart to wake up her past life in a bid to hold on to him. Kofo grew up in one of the slums of Calabar with her prostitute mother. She never knew who her father was. Every night, her mother locked her up in her room while she went out for her business. Unknown to her mother, one of the neighbours in their face-to-face abode had made a spare key to their room. While her mother went out to service her clients, the man came in with the spare key and serviced himself with Kofo. He was a young man of about twenty-two who lived with his parents who were drunks. He had no source of living and he hung around the house every day making a nuisance of himself.

She was just eight when he initially forced himself on her. She had cried all through till morning. He had warned her never to mention it to anyone; as that would result in her death and that of her mother. She had been too scared to tell her mother and she lived with that fear until she ran away from home at the age of thirteen. At thirteen, she had become fully matured and well-rounded and could pass for a twenty-one year old. Even though, her mother did not lock her in any longer whenever she went for her business, her abuser still visited their room every night to fulfill his pleasure.

The night she ran away, the man had come into her mother’s room as usual but this time, he came with three of his friends. He had smiled wickedly as he caressed her body and told her she was going to enjoy this session specially. She nodded as her soul died that night. The men had been excited as they groped her. Her abuser had proudly told his friends that he was only giving them this opportunity as she solely belonged to him. He told them to take their turns as he was having her the whole night. He beat his chest as he told them that he had made Kofo capable of going many rounds. His friends had been a little envious and each of them had tried to woo her with sweet words.

The three friends got down on her; each unable to hold his urge. Every opening in her body became a tool of abuse. Her abuser stood by her watching his friends as he excited himself, caressing her bust and awaiting his turn. Kofo continued to endure the abuse waiting for the right time to strike. When she noticed that their pleasure was hitting a crescendo, in the heat of their passion, she pulled out the chopping knife she had kept under the single mattress in the room and sliced each one of them wherever she deemed fit. Shock registered on their faces and before they could get a hold of themselves, she hit the knife on the head of her main abuser, opened the door and bolted out.

She never went back home. She picked a top and a trouser spread on the line outside the house and ran as fast as her legs could carry her. The night was eerie and she was covered in its darkness. She had stolen a few cash from her mother’s underwear bag and as she got dressed in an uncompleted building, she hid the cash inside her brassiere. She took a bus to Lagos that night. She did not care where she was going. She just wanted to be far away from home. The bus was carrying goods but she had begged the driver to allow her ride with him to wherever he was going. She could barely stretch her limbs in the crammed bus but she hadn’t been bothered. As long as she left the city, she was ready to bear anything.

She had arrived in Lagos as a newbie to street life. She slept in parks with a jackknife in her pocket and used it freely on anyone who tried to take advantage of her. She was quickly noticed by the men of the underworld and they saw her as an asset. She was used as a bait to lure men before they were robbed and she got her share of every operation the men handled.


During one of their operations, she had pretended to be in distress and knocked continuously on the door of an apartment. A man asked who was at the door and she had answered that she needed help. The man had opened the door and her two-man gang had pushed the man inside holding a gun to his head. They asked the man to bring out every cash he had and also asked his wife to handover all her jewelry.

After robbing them, one of her gang members looked at the man’s daughter as he licked his lips. The girl was about Kofo’s age. He asked the girl to lead him to her room and her father knowing what was about to happen began to plead with him. The man pointed his gun at the girl’s father and told him to shut his mouth. The girl started crying as she was rough-handled by the gang member.

As he was about leaving for the girl’s room, Kofo called him and asked him not to touch her. He got angry and told Kofo that if she had allowed them to have their way with her, he wouldn’t have to look for pleasure somewhere else. If she would not allow them to touch her, then he could touch anyone he wished without her consent. The second gang-member laughed and told Kofo he was going to have his turn after his friend. Kofo warned them a second time to leave the girl alone as their mission was to rob and not to rape but the men only laughed her to scorn.

As one of the men carried the girl like a sack, she screamed and memories of Kofo’s past came rushing back to her. Kofo put her palms over her ears trying to block out the screams but they only grew louder. She opened her eyes and saw the girl’s parents sobbing. She became enraged and walked into the girl’s room. Her hands had been tied and they were raised above her head. Her legs were also tied to the sides of her bed post. Her night gown had been torn and it lay on the floor by the bed. She lay on the bed naked and helpless. Tears streamed down the girl’s cheeks and Kofo saw fear in her eyes. The men smiled when she walked in and urged her to watch and enjoy their romp. They were both half-naked.

As the first man moved towards the girl, she screamed again and he slapped her hard in the face. Kofo felt the sting of the slap on her own face. The man grabbed the girl by the neck and was about to force himself on her when Kofo pulled out her gun and shot both of them point blank in a fit of fury. She walked out of the house alone with their booty and decided she was through with men of the underworld.


She moved on to become a pimp for politicians and this became the source of her wealth.

Gboyega had to come back to her. She did not care about his new love for Christianity. He belonged to her and she was going to have him back by all means.

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The cross of the first child

Being the first child comes with a lot of responsibilities and everyone around especially parents, seem to lord it over you. You are meant to be responsible for your younger ones. In academics, you are expected to be the first. Socially, you are meant to set the pace for a bright future. Physically, you are expected to be strong. Even your younger ones look up to you for support in crisis situations because they expect you to be the leader.

Unfortunately, being first also makes you a scapegoat. The sins of the younger children are borne by the eldest simply because you should have envisaged their wrongdoing. You should have cautioned them when they were about to set foot on the path of destruction.


This tradition of the “responsible first child” moves from generation to generation. Check every generation you have come across, the first child is always believed to be the pacesetter. The one who should shoulder all responsibilities. Woe betide the first child that falls short of expectation. The child is seen as an outcast. A disgrace to the family. A nincompoop. This is the reason why even the elders pray that the first child will always remain ahead of his/her younger ones.

If the younger one begins to shine brighter than the elder in any area of life, he becomes a yardstick for the older one. The older one begins to get compared to his younger one. Individual differences are thrown out and it is never considered that each child has his/her own strengths and weaknesses. In extreme cases, the first child is considered a failure. For a child with low self-esteem, the decline begins.

If responsibility for younger ones are dumped on the shoulder of the first child, who is responsible for the first child? Has anyone ever thought that the first child sometimes might just want to be left alone without having to premeditate the actions of his/her younger ones? Does being the first automatically make him/her immune to mistakes?

Can you relate with this? Either as a first child or observed the toga of responsibility and perfection being placed on an older one? Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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Blind Pact – Chapter 8

Kofo had noticed him standing on the patio. She had watched him for about ten minutes before she decided to walk up to him. His frame had been her attraction. He had well-built, toned muscles and she was a sucker for such. She had thrown the party because she knew there would be an abundance of young men. She only needed to find the one she needed. Apart from her political associates at the party, most people did not know that she owned the house. The young men in the living room were all stoned. They were obviously not disciplined. She had scanned the house looking for someone of interest when she found him alone with a glass of wine in his hand. He was lost in thought as he looked at the lagoon.

When he looked at her, she almost felt him caressing her body with his look. She could see that he was bored but he refused to say so. He hadn’t even asked the school she attended when she talked about campus life. He was a mystery and she longed to unravel him. She noticed that he left before the party ended and this further piqued her interest. As she lay on her bed in the early hours of the morning, she took out her tablet, opened Facebook and searched him by his first name.

He had to be on Facebook. Most of the students she knew could not do without social media. If he was one of such, she knew she would find him. She imagined it could take some time before she found him but she was ready for the search. Luck however smiled on her as she saw a profile picture of him after scanning through about ten names. She clicked on his photos and heat flowed through her as she looked at a picture of him bare chested. She had to have him. He was what she wanted.

She picked up her phone and dialed his number. He picked up after three rings. “Hi.” She said almost in a whisper.


“I guess you were really bored last night.”

“Who am I speaking with?” Gboyega asked.


“Oh, hi. I’m sorry I did not realize you were the one.”

Kofo smiled. “That means you did not bother to save my number.”

“I’m sorry. I would save it now. So what time did you leave the party?” Gboyega asked.

“Sometime this morning and I just decided to check up on you.”


Kofo made it a duty to call him every morning and evening. She was intent on getting under his skin pretty fast. Every night, she imagined what it would feel like to have him in her bed. She bought him expensive boxers, belts and wristwatches and had them delivered by courier to him in school. His roommates began to tease him about how sophisticated and wealthy his new catch was. It had only been two weeks ago he met her and she was already making an impression on him. He wondered how she was able to afford all the expensive gifts as a student. Her parents must be wealthy. He thought.

His birthday was a Saturday and he had nothing scheduled for the day. He had planned to just lie in bed and do nothing. His mum had called him as early as 6.00am to wish him happy birthday. His brothers and his father sent text messages and he acknowledged all. He was about to go back to sleep at about 7.00am when Kofo’s call came through. He picked up her call and was surprised when she wished him a happy birthday. “How did you know?” He asked.

“Let’s take it as my little secret.” She said laughing. “So, what are you doing today?”


“Nothing. No way! It’s your birthday and we have to celebrate it.” She said.

“I haven’t made any plans for the day.”

“Well, I have.”

“You did?”

“Yep! Meet me at the Red Inn at 10.00am.” She said.


“It’s not nice to keep a lady waiting.”

“10 for 10.” Gboyega said before cutting the call.


As he got dressed, he wondered what Kofo had planned. They had met in Lagos and now she was asking him out in Akure. Did that mean she lived in Akure and just came to Lagos to attend the party just like he had? He put on a navy blue polo tee shirt she had bought for him recently. As he stepped out of campus and took a bus to the Red Inn, different thoughts filtered into his mind. “Who was Kofo?” He had asked about her school and she had said she attended a university abroad and was on holiday in Nigeria. He had grown fond of her over the last three weeks with her constant calls morning and night. She was the first voice he heard in the morning and also the last when he hit his bed. She spoke in soft whispers at night and he began to look forward to her calls. When he tried to call her, she always asked that he dropped the call, so she could do the calling.

He walked into the Red Inn at 9.55am. He was glad he was able to make it before 10.00am. He took a seat at a corner in the lounge and made sure he was positioned where he could see her when she walked in. At 10.00am on the dot, Kofo walked into the inn. She was looking prettier than she was the last time they met. Her weaves fell on her shoulders and she walked with majestic gait. She was wearing a plunging V-cut black short dress which hugged her body in all the right places and Gboyega couldn’t help being captivated by her beauty. The inn was quiet and empty, making it easy for Kofo to quickly spot him.

As she slid into the booth and sat beside him, she gave him a light kiss on his cheeks and wished him a happy birthday. “We should make today special.” She said smiling. “Let’s go order breakfast.”

She stood up and held his hand as she led him to the restaurant. As Gboyega walked behind her like a sheep led to a slaughter house, Kofo swayed her hips with every step she took causing blood to flow through Gboyega as his whole being warmed from looking at her backside. He looked away and tried to concentrate on the restaurant ahead. She was beginning to mess with his mind.

They served themselves from the buffet arrayed in the restaurant and Kofo made sure her fingers brushed Gboyega’s at intervals. She sat across him at the table and as she adjusted her dress to make herself comfortable, Gboyega could not help noticing her buxom bust which looked like they needed to be free from the bondage she put them. Kofo smiled as she caught Gboyega staring at her assets. Every move and every step she took had been intentional. And she was happy that her plan seemed to be working so far.

They made little talk as they ate breakfast, Kofo leaning over the table once to get crumbs of bread off Gboyega’s mouth. As she caressed his mouth with her fingers in a bid to take off the crumbs, her bust stared in his face. Gboyega knew he could not handle the gestures anymore and he struggled to keep his little member in check.

When they were through with breakfast, Kofo took Gboyega by the hand and led him towards the rooms. Gboyega followed quietly without saying a word. She pulled out a key card from her bag and stopped before a room. She inserted the card into the keyhole and the door opened. As she slid the card into its slot by the door, the lights and the air conditioning in the room powered on. Gboyega walked in, closed the door behind him and stood with his back to the door. Kofo dropped her handbag on the floor and as she moved towards him to kiss him, Gboyega pulled her close to him and ravaged her lips with a hungry passion. She had it coming and she savoured every bit of it returning passion for passion.


Gboyega’s body was on fire and he hungered for a release of the tension already built by Kofo. But she was not ready to give in easily to him. She was determined to test his endurance. She undressed him slowly as she teased his body with her mouth, her body and her fingers. She caressed every part of his body causing him to shiver under her touch. Gboyega dropped her dress from her shoulders and he was surprised that she wore no underwear. Kofo continued to push him to the limit until he could no longer restrain the tension.

He dragged her by the waist as he moaned in ecstasy. Standing right there by the door, he lifted her off the floor easily and they gave themselves wholly to each other. When Gboyega had satisfied Kofo’s pleasures, he carried her in his arms and gently dropped her on the bed. She smiled as she looked at him. He had even been better than she had imagined. Gboyega sat on the chair opposite the bed and looked at her.

“I guess that was what you wanted.” Gboyega said.


“So, what do you want?”

“I want you for keeps.”

“I can’t sustain you. That is obvious, right?” Gboyega said as he looked round the room.

“I don’t need you to. Come over here.” Kofo said as she tapped the bed.

Gboyega stood up but did not move. “So, what am I to you, then?”

Kofo tapped her forefinger on her nose. “Hmm….let’s just say, you are my boyfriend.”

“A boyfriend that cannot cater for the needs of his girl?” Gboyega asked raising a brow.

“You ask too many questions, Gboyega. I did not come all the way from Lagos to answer questions.” Kofo said as she stood up from the bed. She walked towards him and began to caress his body again, kissing him as she did. She was determined to reawaken his little member. In a few minutes, they became entwined in each other’s arms again; panting from another bout.

Kofo refused to let Gboyega out of her sight the whole day. She made him pleasure her again and again and Gboyega had been up to the task. She ordered room service and they stayed in each other’s arms. By evening, they were both worn out. Kofo dropped Gboyega on campus with her sports car and he officially became Kofo’s toy boy.


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Onígèlè yíi

This is to all the ladies in the house.

I remember going to parties (which by the way, I am not a fan of) and getting fascinated with the different headgears – called gèlè. The geles came in different shapes and sizes.

There was the small one which looked like a tea cup balanced squarely on the head – the Okonjo-Iweala style.

Onigele (okonjo)

Onigele (tea cup)

There was the medium sized one with wings which looked like an aeroplane or space ship – the Iya eko style.

Onigele (aero_space)

Onigele (aeroplane)

And there was the wide one which looked like a satellite dish – the Madam Kofo style.


Onigele (madam Kofo)

It was fun then looking at the different variations of the gèlè. Those years however seem to have passed us by.

With the advent of make-up artists and gèlè-tying trainings all over Nigeria now, the only gèlè tied in recent years is the layered one. It is beautiful; yes! But do we all have to wear our geles the same way?

It is boring to me now, when I go to parties and everyone’s headgear looks alike. The fascination behind the art of the tied gèlè is gone.

Onigele (layered)

Onigele (layered 2)

Even Lagbaja must have been fascinated with the art of the tied gèlè that he sang a song about it. In his video, the geles came in different shapes with sight-blocking attributes.

They say fashion trends change over time. I wonder if this phase of layered geles will one day pass and bring back our tea cups, Iya eko and satellite dishes.

What do you think?


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