Blind Pact – Chapter 7

Gboyega is upset and angry after Bola’s call. He had not envisaged Kofo will go looking for Bola in school. He wondered how she found out about her; but knowing who Kofo was, she always had her way with information. It was over between them. Why was she refusing to understand? He had the mind of calling her this night but he had changed his phone number simply because he did not want to have anything to do with her again. Calling her now, was exposing himself to her whims once more. Since he changed his number, he had had a bit of respite from her incessant calls. Should I call her to warn her or ignore her threats to Bola? He ruminated over his decision over and over as he lay on his bed till he dozed off.

The next morning, Gboyega gets up early to prepare for the day’s job. He is just coming out of the bathroom when his doorbell chimes. Who could be looking for me this early? He quickly gets into his trousers, wears his shirt leaving the buttons undone and walks towards the door to see the early visitor. He opens the door and standing right before him is Kofo. She puts her hand on the door lintel and as usual is chewing a gum. The expression on Gboyega’s face is that of surprise and then anger.

“What are you….?” Gboyega is asking before he is hushed with a wave of Kofo’s hand.

“Shhh…It is too early. You would wake the neighbours.” She says placing her forefinger on her lips.

Gboyega refuses to be hushed and asks through clenched teeth. “What do you want from me?”

Kofo pushes him aside as she walks into his room. A mattress lies to the right corner of the room, a wooden chair and table on the left and a small LED TV hangs on the wall.

Gboyega closes the door behind him and faces her. “Kofo, what do you want from me? Why won’t you leave me alone?”

Kofo bursts into laughter. She walks towards the table and drops her handbag on it. “Leave you alone. C’mon Gbosgaga, you can run but you can’t hide. You know that, don’t you?”

“Kofo, I am through with you. Don’t you get it?”

“Through with me? Through with me? And you leave me for mummy’s girl.” Kofo shouts at him.

“Leave Bola out of this. She has nothing to do with the relationship we had.”

Kofo is sober. “Then why did you leave me? Why did you change your phone number? Why have you refused to warm my bed? My body has been panting for you. I have missed your touch, Gbosgaga.” She says in a whisper.

She moves towards Gboyega and places her hands on his chest. She traces a finger on his toned chest, circles it up his neck and to his lips. Gboyega closes his eyes and savours the feel of her fingers on him. His mind transports back in time to when Kofo meant everything to him; when satisfying her pleasures was his only reason for living tomorrow. He remembers when the world stopped at her feet; when he lived for her. It was not a life he had wanted but he had enjoyed every bit of it while it lasted.


It has been a long time since he was with a woman and Kofo knew what to do to trigger every hormone in his body. Kofo’s finger draws doodles on his body and as she gets to his pelvis, he catches his breath. Blood was beginning to seep into his nether region and he was getting to a place of no return. He suddenly shakes his head and opens his eyes as if a jinx over him has been broken. He holds her two hands and steps away from her. “No, Kofo. I am through with you. Through with being your…your…” He found himself unable to complete his sentence. He hated the word he was meant to use.

“My boyfriend?” Kofo completes his sentence.

“Yes, your boyfriend.” He is thankful she had not mentioned the word but it did not change the fact that that was who he was to her.

“Why?” Kofo asks in confusion. “What do you want that I haven’t been able to give you?”

“It is not about what I need, Kofo. I am now a Christian.”

Kofo looks at Gboyega with shock then begins to laugh derisively. “You, Gbosgaga? A Christian? No, tell me that’s a joke.”

Gboyega looks at her without saying a word.

“Weren’t you a Christian when you lost your parents? Where was your God then? Where was He when you needed money to bury them? Hmm…tell me.”

Gboyega turns away from her.

Kofo walks towards him and pulls him by the shirt turning him to face her. “Answer me Gboyega. Where was He when you were in need? When you couldn’t pay your school fees or take care of your younger ones? And now, you have the guts to stand here and open your mouth and tell me “I am now a Christian?” She mimics him. “Rejecting me for that…that bitch, you call Bola?”

Gboyega looks at her, anger seeping into his veins. “Kofo, any word from you again and you will have yourself to blame.”

Kofo claps her hands. “Right? He’s got guts now.” She fakes a shiver. “I’m scared.”

“Kofo, please I beg you in the name of those you hold dear, leave Bola alone.” Gboyega pleads.

Kofo raises her chin with pride. “And you?”

Gboyega refuses to answer and begins to button his shirt. He sits down on his bed, picks up his socks and wears it.

Kofo sneers. “I thought as much.” She picks up her bag from the table. “You have not heard the last of me.” She says as she storms out of the room, slamming the door behind her.

Gboyega raises up his head from the trainers he is lacing as the door slams. He looks upwards. “God, I thought I was through with this.” He picks up his knapsack, slings it over his shoulder and walks out of his room. As he strolls towards the bus-stop, he remembers how Kofo had waltzed into his life over three years ago.

School had been on vacation when he got invited to a high-profile party somewhere in Lagos. It was a house party and according to his friend, the party was going to be attended by the who’s who in town. His friend told him that the party was strictly by invitation, so he should consider it a priviledge that he was attending.

Gboyega had been mesmerized by the beauty of the house. It was a duplex with ten rooms, all en-suite. The ground floor had two large living rooms, a ballroom and a lounge for receiving visitors. At the entrance of the house, there was a massive Olympic sized pool. Scantily dressed ladies hung around the pool with pot-bellied men. Every furniture in the house screamed class and Gboyega wondered which politician owned the house. His friend had his arms around a girl’s waist as he handed him a drink, encouraged him to have fun and disappeared. Sweaty bodies danced in the ballroom, one of the living rooms had young guys and girls already stoned on marijuana while the bedrooms had pot-bellied men making out with girls old enough to be their daughters. He moved around the house like a lost child and at a point he got bored. He walked up to the patio overlooking the lagoon and stood there to take in the freshness of the night breeze.

He had been lost in his own world when a lady walked up to him breaking into his thoughts. “Hello handsome, need company?”

He looked at the lady standing before him. She was beautiful and towered a few inches above him. Her eyes sparkled from the reflection of the water and her teeth shone bright when she smiled. The breeze blew her weaves and they slapped her face in a carefree manner. He shrugged in response to her question.

“Looks like you ain’t enjoying the party.” She said.

He wasn’t sure who she was and he did not want to sound rude. “I just needed to get some fresh air.” He responded.

They both stood on the patio looking at the water. Different colours of light from the house illuminated it revealing a picturesque environment. She asked what he did for a living and he said he was still a student. She began to talk about campus life and lecturers and he assumed she was also a student invited to the party. They exchanged numbers, introduced themselves to each other and then she left him to his solitude.

Hours later, when Gboyega could no longer contain his boredom, he left the mansion without his friend.


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