A grateful night!

It was almost 7.00p.m. She sauntered lazily into the house. It had been a long day in the market walking around and haggling. As her kids ran to give her a hug, she scooped them up in her arms. “Mummy, what did you buy for us?” They chorused.

She smiled. “Let me go in and change first.” She told them.

They followed her in refusing to let her out of their sight.

She opened the connecting door and instantly knew something was amiss. She took a step back and bumped into her kids. She immediately pulled them away closing the connecting door behind her. She called on her maid; ordering her and the kids out of the house.

After their exit, she reopened the connecting door. The air was thick with soot. As she opened the door to her room, she balked. The curtains were on fire. Her bed lay undisturbed just like she had left it in the morning. She knew it was only a matter of minutes before it would also go up in flames.


She looked at the air conditioner on the wall by the burning curtains. The bedside fridge just below the curtains; the various bottles of perfume sitting on the credenza under the air conditioner. A disaster waiting to happen. She looked around and became confused. Should I get water? Should I mix detergent with water? Her mind became a chaotic jumble of thoughts.

Just as she was contemplating on what to do, the maiguard noticed the flames from outside her window. He ran to the landlady’s quarters to retrieve a fire extinguisher. Moments later, the fire was put out.

She looked up to the heavens and said a little prayer. Thank God, she had decided against staying back to gist with her friend after their trip to the market. Thank God, she had arrived home just in time. Thank God, her kids had not decided to go into her bedroom. She had every reason to be grateful.


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