Blind Pact – Prologue

“Lord, what have I done wrong? Why is this happening to me? Where did I miss it? I need your help, Lord. Please strengthen me”.


Banke looks at her daughter helplessly. Tears pool in her eyes as she sees her hurting. “Bola, I understand how you feel. But you cannot continue to beat yourself over this”. Banke says holding her daughter’s hands as she struggles to put her own emotions in check. She wishes she could erase the pain her daughter is going through. How did the course of their lives suddenly go downhill?

Bola looks at her mum but sees no one. Her mind is faraway. Tears stream down her cheeks and her mother looks away trying to hide her own tears which were beginning to make its way down her face. I have to be strong for her. I cannot breakdown. Oh Lord, please help her ease her pain. She closes her eyes as she does a little prayer within the confines of her heart.

Bola kneels down in a bid to pray but breaks down into uncontrollable tears. “Oh God, why-why do I have-have to suffer this-this way?” She struggles to say in between body wracking sobs.

If only the last few days of her life could be erased. If only destiny would allow her remake the turn of events in her life. If only her life could go back to being perfect the way it was about three years ago.


Three years ago, Bola attended an upscale secondary school in Lagos state. She was in Grade 12 and was preparing to write her certificate exams in a few months. Being the only child of her parents, they doted on her and gave her all she desired. She lacked nothing and in return, she ensured that her parents were never disappointed. She gave her best in her academics and stood out among her peers. She was the typical well-behaved, obedient and good child.

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