Dear Employer

Dear Employer,

I am writing this letter because I know you would understand my plight or maybe I assume you would.

You see sometimes, I wake up in the morning very tired and really do not want to step out of my house. I just want to lie down in bed under the comfort of my duvet and sleep the whole day (if NEPA, no PHCN – which is it now sef, I ain’t even sure any longer allows me). Fortunately and unfortunately, depending on which side of the coin we are looking at, the decision to remain in bed is a risky one.

I called that decision risky because when I accepted your offer, it was printed on paper in black and white the time I was meant to resume daily at my desk. I remember signing that agreement but I had no choice then. Or did I? But you know I could not have rejected your offer. Your offer is what pushes me out of bed daily, even if reluctantly. It will therefore be unfortunate and risky to remain in bed. I will explain why.

You are the reason I can still afford those lovely shoes, bags and wristwatches I see on DSW or Amazon. You are the reason why I can check Konga, Jumia or Dealdey to see if there is anything new or something I may like (even if it was not initially in my monthly budget). You are the reason why sometimes I don’t feel like cooking and I just want to spoil myself and do take-outs. You are the reason why I smile broadly when I hear “pim pim” on my phone at the end of the month. You are the reason why I can buy those nice clothes and shoes for my family. You are the reason why I can afford to compare schools instead of just sending my kids to just any school. You are the reason why I can cater for my parents, extended family and even those annoying hangers-on who don’t have an idea what I go through every day. You are also the reason why I can even consider investment opportunities. Hmm…you can imagine! Small me oh. Ah, I want to be like you too nah.

I know sometimes I may look ungrateful to you when I ask for a raise but it is because my tastes move higher and get classier as my pay increases. Please do not take this as a reason to stop increasing my pay oh. As you are aware, the quantity and quality of items I could buy with my salary last year cannot buy same this year. Oga mi, you too know say dollar and pounds don increase. Abi? Anyways, that is by the way. Let me not digress.

Back to the matter. I would not mind if on those days I just want to sleep, you would indulge me and allow me nap for a few more hours. I do not want to take you for granted, so I won’t ask for the whole day off – I would not mind though, if you allow full indulgence. (Shey, I am allowed to ask, I may just be given).

You may say I am entitled to leave days and I should go on vacation but on such days, I really just want a few hours to refresh and recoup my energy. You see, I will feel very important and loved if you would indulge me on these days which are my own trying times. It will even boost my motivation and I would be able to give my best when I get to work. I will be able to loud it to the whole world that your company is one of the great places to work because you care about my welfare.

I look forward to receiving a response from you and I hope it would be favourable.



Your loyal employee

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  1. Well! This is exactly how I feel today and it is 8:22am already and I just want to sleep ??. Dear employer….please indulge me.

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