30 Cartoons of the 70s and 80s

It’s Flashback Friday!ย 

How many of us sat in front of the TV (precisely NTA Channels) looking at the green, red and white vertical boxes waiting patiently till the time clocked 4.00pm?

TV time started with the national anthem, remember?

After the national anthem, it was cartoon time. Some of those cartoons have been compiled below. Name them if you watched and enjoyed them. (By the way, some are still being shown today on DSTV for the generation Z)

Game On!

Number 1


Number 2


Number 3


Number 4


Number 5


Number 6


Number 7


Number 8


Number 9


Number 10


Number 11


Number 12


Number 13


Number 14


Number 15


Number 16


Number 17


Number 18


Number 19


Number 20


Number 21


Number 22


Number 23


Number 24


Number 25


Number 26


Number 27


Number 28


Number 29


Number 30

P.S: You are free to add any cartoon of the 70s and 80s not listed above.

Photo Credit: http://www.cartoonscrapbook.com

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