Living my life like it is yours

“I thought you lived on the island”.

“No, I don’t. I live on the mainland”. “Why would you think I live on the island?”

“I don’t know. I just assumed you did”.

Ever been involved in such conversations?

What is wrong with residing on the mainland? What has living on the mainland got to do with inferior means?

A number of us like “to belong”. Why can’t we just be ourselves? Why must we live our lives for others? Why must we seek the approval of others to feel fulfilled?

Living my life like it is yours

The truth is quite a number of people cannot afford the “killer” rent on the island. But how dem go say dem dey live for mainland when other people dey live for island? I dey wonder who those “other people” be oh.

They would rather use all their life savings on rent on the island than look for a decent accommodation on the mainland.

They would rather “swim” into their houses during the rainy season than walk/drive on dry land on the mainland. (There are few places on the mainland where you have to swim as well)

They would rather spend huge amounts of funds on generating electricity for their homes than manage to live with light/darkness on the mainland. “I beta pass my neighbour” is not island-compliant oh. Na only mainland dem dey use am……lol.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong if you have the funds and willing to spend it on housing on the island.

But for those living their lives for the fulfillment of others, it does not end at “living on the island”. Everyone is driving a big car, how I go come buy small one? Everyone is sending their kids to that school, how would I send mine to another? Everyone is dressing this way, how would I dress that way? Everyone is eating this, why would I eat that? Everyone is having a big wedding, how would I have a small one? Everyone is inviting the whole of Nigeria, how would I invite only family members?

It never ends. They always have to do it like “others”. Simply put, they have a complex problem.

Live your life like it is yours. You own it.



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