To Love and to Hold – Episode 7

Fadeke wasn’t as excited as she had been earlier. All through her trip home, she reminisced on what had taken place a few hours ago. The trip took longer than normal with the usual traffic accustomed to Lagos roads especially at peak periods. By the time she got home at about 7p.m, she was exhausted.

As she walked into her living room dragging her luggage, her mum jumped up from the settee where she sat watching a movie and screamed, “Fadekemi”.

Fadeke, on sighting her mother forgot her fatigue for the moment and ran into her mother’s arms. Her mother rocked her for a while before turning her daughter to the left and to the right as if checking if there was something amiss.

“Your arms are skinny and you have lost your “poff poff” cheeks. You obviously haven’t been eating well”. She said still turning her daughter around.

“Mum, I’m okay”. Fadeke said smiling.

“No, you are not. Look at how long your neck has grown and you have wells in them”.

“Mum!” She laughed. “I guess the exams really took their toll on me”.

“Well, you are home now and I am going to feed you fat before you go back”. She said leading her daughter by the hand. “Would you like to have a bath first? I have prepared your favourite meal”.

“Wow, you are the best, mum”. Fadeke said doing a little jiggle. “I’ll go take a bath first. By the way, where’s daddy?”

“He’s not back yet. He called a few minutes ago to say he’s on his way. Your brother is in his room and on the video game as usual”.

“Hmm….he’d never change”. She said as she ran up the stairs towards her room.


As Fadeke and her brother, Adeola sat at the dining table, their father walked in. Fadeke stood up and ran towards her dad. As she got to him, she knelt down half way before him before laying her head on his chest.

“How are you, darling?” Her father asked as he hugged her.

“I’m good, dad”.

“Have you been eating at all? You’ve lost weight”. Her father said taking a step backwards to look at her.

“Please tell her, sweetheart”. Her mother said walking into the dining room with a ceramic dish in her hands.

Fadeke laughed as she led her father by the hand into the dining room.

“Welcome dad”. Adeola said doing a little bow of the head.

“How are you?”

“Good, good”.

Mrs. Peters had placed the ceramic dish on the dining table and was smiling as her husband got to her and gave her a gentle kiss on the lips. “How was your day, my love?” He asked his eyes twinkling with love.

“It was okay. We were just about to have dinner. You walked in right on time”.

He winked at his wife. “Hmm….I can see Fadeke’s favourite”.

“Mum says it’s a welcome back home meal”. Adeola said sneering at his sister.

Batting her eyelids at him. “A pity it’s not your favourite”.

“Okay guys”. Their father said stopping the argument. “We are all glad that Fadeke is home so we would all have ikokore tonight to welcome her”.

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They all sat down to eat as Fadeke told them about the on-goings on campus. There were “oohs and “aahs” and in some cases they laughed so hard that Mr. Peters had to ask her to save the rest of the story for after dinner.


As Fadeke lay on her bed at night, her mind wandered back to Chinedu. What would he be doing? He had promised to call her every night and she was yet to receive his call. She sat up on her bed and switched on the bedside lamp so she could pick up her mobile phone. Just then, her phone rang and she looked at it and smiled.

“Hey you”.

“I thought you were not going to call me”. She said playing with the tail of her night shirt.

“I don’t break promises”

“I’m glad you don’t. I miss you already”.

“I do too baby. How was your trip?”

“Tiring. The traffic was crazy”.

“I can imagine”.

“When are you going home?”

“Probably weekend”.

Fadeke yawned into the phone and giggled. “Sorry”.

“You need to sleep. You are obviously tired”.

“Yeah, I know but I still want to talk to you”. She said stifling another yawn.

“Go to bed, darling. I’d call you tomorrow, okay?”

“Okay”. She said already dozing. “I love you”.

“I love you too. Take care of you”.

She drifted into deep sleep with all her thoughts on Chinedu.

Tochukwu sat on her bed in the hostel thinking. She could not take this anymore. She had tried to manage the situation for so long but she couldn’t any longer. She opened her wardrobe and thought about what she could wear. She had a few seductive tops and gowns. This was the time to pick out one of them. As she put on a very skimpy low cut gown, she looked at herself in the full length mirror. She knew she would be irresistible to any guy as the gown hugged her accentuating her bust and her curves. She put on light makeup, looked at herself once more in the mirror and walked out of the room with a mission to accomplish.


The boys’ hostel was still rowdy as most of them were yet to go home for the holidays. As Tochukwu walked into the hostel, she started getting cat calls. She smiled at herself; she looked hot. She walked straight to Room 206 and knocked on the door.

“It’s open”. A male voice answered.

She adjusted the top of her gown so it could be very revealing before opening the door to let herself in.

“What? What are you doing here?” Chinedu screamed as he jumped out of the bed.

“I came to see you”. Tochukwu replied sitting down on the bed and crossing her legs so that her upper thighs were revealed leaving almost nothing to imagination.

“I haven’t asked you to sit down”. He said opening the door and looking to the left and to the right. “I hope no one saw you enter my room”.

She sneered. “What are you scared of?”

“Hey, you can’t come barging into my room. Do you understand me?”

Tochukwu looked away without saying a word.

“Do you understand me?” He said turning her face forcefully to look at him.

“What do you expect me to do? Sit down and watch while you flaunt your relationship with Fadeke in my face?”

“What do you want from me?” He asked pacing the room.

“You. I want you. How many times do you want me to say it?”

“And how many times do you want to hear this? I am not interested. Is it so difficult for you to understand?” He said stopping before her.

“But I love you”. She said holding him.

He yanked his hand from her grip and said, “I don’t. Get it into your head. Besides, weren’t you dating Kunle a few weeks back?”

“But you know it was because you refused me that I agreed to date Kunle”.


“You are aware that Kunle broke up with me to date a jambite”.

“What has that got to do with me?” He asked in annoyance.

“I still love you, Chinedu. I can’t take you flaunting your relationship with Fadeke in my face”. She said standing up and bursting into tears. “Why are you doing this to me, Chinedu? Is it a crime to love you?”

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Chinedu paced round the room again and looked at her. She was sobbing uncontrollably. He hated this and was confused. He wasn’t going to fall for her antics no matter what. He walked out of the room leaving her as she stood sobbing.


Tochukwu walked into her room sobbing. Chinedu had ignored her and even walked out on her. She sat on her bed and hugged herself. She remembered how she had been smitten by Chinedu when she came into school as a jambite. She had met him in the faculty building as she was also studying actuarial science. She had tried on so many occasions to catch his attention but he always looked too serious and never noticed her gestures towards him. She had even gone as far as finding out his room number. With that, she had decided that the only way she could get his attention was to pay him a visit. She had gone to his room pretending that she had missed her way and was looking for someone else.

She had been overjoyed that her plan had worked as they both got talking. Each time, she saw him in school from then on, she winked at him. Chinedu, on the other hand, would only wave back at her. Kunle had noticed her attitude and told Chinedu in plain English what Tochukwu wanted. But Chinedu had told him he wasn’t interested. When Tochukwu noticed that Chinedu wasn’t giving in to her, she had dressed seductively and decided to pay him another visit. She had met Kunle and Chinedu in the room and Kunle’s mouth had hung open as she walked in. To say Kunle was stunned was an understatement.

He had stood up immediately to introduce himself to Tochukwu and held her hands longer than usual in a handshake. Even though, she had stated that she came to see Chinedu, Kunle hadn’t been able to get his eyes off her. When he noticed that she shifted uncomfortably without saying the reason why she had come to visit Chinedu, he decided to excuse himself.

Tochukwu did not beat around the bush and had gone straight to the point. “I like you a lot”.

“Really?” Chinedu asked in pretence.

“Yeah, a whole lot”. She looked at him seductively.

“Okay?” He raised his brows trying to figure out where the conversation was leading to.

She stood up from the chair where she was seated by the reading table and sat by his side on the bed. She placed her hands on his thigh drawing imaginary doodles and asked, “What do you think?”

“I think you are very beautiful and need a good guy”. Chinedu replied standing up.

“Can you be that good guy?” She crossed her legs to reveal her thighs.

For a few seconds, Chinedu looked at her thighs and looked up straight at her, “Unfortunately, no”.

“But why?” She asked, her composure breaking down.

“You are beautiful; don’t get me wrong but it takes two to tango”.

“But I love you. Right from the very first day I set my eyes on you”. She cried.

“I’m sorry, Tochukwu”.

“Why don’t you give me an opportunity to prove it to you”?

“It’s no use”. He said standing by the window and looking out.

She walked up to the window and put her arms around him. “Chinedu, please don’t reject my love”.

“It won’t work, Tochukwu. Please understand”. He said removing her arms.


When Kunle came back to the room, he had looked at Chinedu expectant. “So, how was it?”

“How was what?” Chinedu asked.

“Don’t tell me you let her go just like that”.

“Kunle, are you okay?” Chinedu put his hand on his neck to check his temperature.

“Perfectly okay. You are the one who needs to be checked. That babe has been giving you the vibes for so long. She brings the whole package and flaunts it in your face and you do nothing. Damn!”

“So, you would have gotten her laid, right?”

“That’s what she wants”.

“I think she’s just obsessed”.

“Dawg, then become her obsession”.

“She’s all yours for the taking”. Chinedu said disinterested.

“You’re serious?” Kunle asked looking surprised.

“All yours”. Chinedu emphasized.


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