Attitude of Mess

The little girl walking ahead of me could not have been more than 8 years old. As she dropped the empty pet plastic bottle she previously held, I looked up to the lady walking beside her; she hadn’t been bothered.

Attitude of Mess

Me: Good morning Madam

Lady: Good morning

Me: Is she your daughter? (Pointing to the little girl who was by then, holding the lady’s hand).

Lady: Yes, she is.

Me: Please can you teach her not to throw stuff around or on the ground. There are bins stationed at strategic points.

In actual fact, there were bins stationed at every 100 meters.

The lady looked at her daughter and apologized for her misbehaviour as I walked away.

We complain a lot about the messy environment but we forget that we make the environment what it is.

You look around and see people throw all sorts of trash as they walk on the road, from moving vehicles and some even out of their houses.

Attitude of Mess 2

What exactly would it cost us to hold on to that piece of trash until we get to a bin? I wonder.

It is easy to blame the authorities but we all collectively make up the authorities.

An attitudinal change at this time would be most appropriate so that the younger generation would grow into a culture of cleanliness.

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