When Love Hurts

I have heard so much in the last one week from a group of people I truly love and I have concluded that love does hurt.

Love possessed without expressed to the other party hurts.
Love expressed but rejected by the other party hurts.
Love accepted but later cast away by one party hurts.
Love accepted and reciprocated also hurts.

Yes, love reciprocated also hurts. When one party meant to be in love misbehaves, love will definitely hurt.

But for whatever it is worth, LOVE is beautiful and we were all created to love.

Parental love, Brotherly/Sisterly love, Mutual love, Emotional love, Spiritual love; whatever type, no one is immune to love. And that simply means no living human is immune to the hurts that love brings.

If you can’t express your love in words, show it. The popular adage says “Actions speak louder than words”. Some are either too shy or afraid of rejection. Then simply SHOW IT.

It will do both parties a lot of good. LOVE IS A BEAUTIFUL FEELING.

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