Rhetoric Questions?

“How was your night?” His colleague asked him.

“Ehn, wetin you talk?”

“I dey ask you how your night be?”

“How dat one come consine you?” His colleague responded. “E no be your business wetin happen for my night”.

I burst into laughter as I walked out of the building where the two men were chattering.

Googly Gooeys Questions & Answers

But sincerely speaking, why do we ask that question? There are also a number of such questions like “How far?”, “What’s up?”.

These seemingly innocent questions about the welfare of the other party usually either require no response or in other cases, not the actual response. So you begin to wonder why we bother to ask them in the first place.

Imagine asking someone about his/her night and you get a response such as “I had a dream” and the person goes on to relay the dream. I wonder what your expression would be.

Rhetoric Questions 2

I guess these questions are our own way of showing care for the other party.

That is why we are a peculiar people!

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