I find it amazing the way some men do not have respect for both themselves and for the environment. You walk on the streets and a man somewhere is peeing in a corner or by a gutter or worse, by the fence of a house. It is absolutely DISGUSTING.

Finding Respect

Is it that the men do not have control of their bladders or that they do not have any shame? I sometimes wonder. Have you ever seen a woman brazenly pee on the road? In fact, if any woman dare try it, the same men who would not bat an eyelid to pee on the road will be the first to cast a stone.

If you feel a woman should not open up her privates to the world, then why should you, a man also do same. Whatsoever is good for the goose, should also be good for the gander. I guess some are already thinking what the solution should be then? Thankfully, filling stations, eateries and supermarkets have restrooms. They may not be your perfect choice in terms of cleanliness but at least, they serve the short-term purpose. Even open markets now have public restrooms. You only need to pay a token to use them.

So before you zip down by the roadside, think of the environment; just in case your respect is no longer important to you. Imagine, people peed outside your fence every day, I guess the stench around your house will always welcome you home.

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