The end of the road

Tears streamed down his face as he looked at her as if in a trance. “Do you understand me, Fiyin?” Mrs. Abdullahi asked. “I wish it did not have to end this way but it is a decision both of you will regret later in life. I know you love my daughter very much but it is better to let go now”.

“Okay ma”. Fiyin managed to say. He truly loved Fatima and he had proved it to her on so many occasions. But as her mother had advised, they had to end their relationship. He could not bear it and he broke down in tears again.

Valley of Decision

They both attended the University of Lagos and it had been love at first sight for him. They quickly became an item on campus and some of their course mates had teased them a number of times to get married immediately after school.

However Fatima was never comfortable with the relationship. She had mentioned to Fiyin that she was a sickle cell patient but instead of getting discouraged, it only fuelled Fiyin’s love for her.

She had quite a number of attacks and Fiyin was always by her side to comfort her. He did not care that he missed classes just to be with her.

Mrs. Abdullahi had noticed this and on one of such occasions while Fiyin sat by Fatima’s bedside, she had called him aside and asked for his genotype. “I don’t know ma”. He had answered. “That is very bad, Fiyin. At your age, you should know your genotype. I would advise you find out immediately”.

The test result had shaken him. He was a sickle cell carrier. The little knowledge he had of genetics, told him that getting married to Fatima was risky.

As Mrs. Abdullahi patted his hand, he looked up at her and she smiled sadly. “It is time to say goodbye to Fatima but I will always remember you as the boy who loved my daughter with so much passion”.


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