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Roach on a mission!

She walked into the banking hall with her head high. She was tall and beautiful and she garnered a few stares from other customers in the hall. She walked straight to the foreign exchange desk as the section had no waiting customer and smiled at the teller.

“Good afternoon ma. How may I help you?” The bank teller asked smiling in return.

“Good afternoon, I would like to make a deposit into my account”. She said as she placed her handbag on the counter.

She took out her wallet, took out the dollar bills and was handing them over to the teller when a cockroach ran towards the end of the counter.

Roach on a mission

“Oh my goodness, where did that come from?” She asked, snatching her bag immediately from the counter.

The teller forced a smile, collected the bills and called the attention of a security officer to get rid of the pest.

As she walked out of the banking hall, it took all her willpower to raise her head high, just as she had walked in. She wished she had the power to be invisible. She would have zapped out of the hall.