The Accident

“Gbam.” Tola felt the effect of the crash before he heard the sound. He was in shock as he turned slowly to look behind him. If he had not been wearing his seat belt, he would have slammed his head against the windscreen as the effect of the hit had thrown him a few inches forward.

He got out of his Mercedez Benz C 300 as his emotions tilted between shock and anger. Whoever had bashed him would have to pay. He had just done an overhaul of his car a few days ago. He had also repainted it as it had a few scratches here and there; and a few minutes ago, his car was looking brand new.

He stormed towards the other car in anger; his hands balled into fists. He had the nerve  to sit in his car waiting for him? He hadn’t even deemed it fit to get out of his car to see the damage he had done.

The other guy was driving a Mercedez G-wagon. Tola knocked on the guy’s window with force. The guy rolled down his window and looked at Tola. Tola grabbed the guy by the collar as he shouted as him. “Will you get out of this car before I burn it?”

The guy opened the door and got out quietly.

“What is wrong with you? Did you see what you just did to my car? Tola asked him as he fumed.

“What did I do?” The guy asked.

Tola felt like he had just been slapped in the face. “What did you do? Are you seriously asking me what you did?” Tola shouted into the guy’s face.

The guy looked at Tola as if he was staring at a mannequin.

“Dude, look at what you did to my car.” Tola said pointing towards his car.

The guy walked forward, looked at the damage and was about to enter his car when Tola dragged him back by the shirt. The guy removed Tola’s hand from his shirt and dropped it carefully. He removed his wrist watch and put it on the driver’s seat. He was wearing a blue striped tie which he pulled over his head and dropped on the seat as well. He began to unbutton his white shirt in a hurry and zip down his trousers. He dropped both on the driver’s seat as he took off his shoes, his socks and his inner tee shirt. He was left only in his boxers and Tola began to wonder if the guy was crazy.

As he made an attempt to take off his boxers, Tola stepped backward. “Guy, are you okay?” Tola asked. They were beginning to gather attention from passersby and Tola began to retreat towards his car.

As the guy took off his boxers and became stark naked, Tola opened his mouth. “Ah, wèrè ni eléyìi ò.” He said to no one. He immediately got into his car and drove off. Whatever spirit had entered into such a well dressed guy, he definitely did not want to be a partaker.


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