Mind Your Business!

“Wetin dey happen for dia?” Papa Nkechi called out from the window of his bedroom.

He touched the screen of his phone which lay on the floor beside him and it lit up. The time read 11:30p.m. His peaceful sleep has been cut short by the shrill voice of Mama Kudi. He stood up and tied a wrapper round his waist, leaving his chest bare. He moved quietly, taking care not to wake Mama Nkechi who was snoring loudly.

As he stepped into the main courtyard, a basin of iced cold water hit him straight in the face. He froze for a moment as he tried to understand what had just happened.

Mama Kudi immediately fell on her knees as she began to plead. “Baba Nkechi, no vex oh. Yéè, mo dá ràn. (I am done for). She lamented as she placed her hands on her head.

Papa Nkechi looked to his right and saw Baba Kudi struggling to stand upright. Baba Kudi staggered forward and backward like a pendulum. Papa Nkechi looked at Mama Kudi who was still on her knees and shook his head. He turned back quietly and went into his room without a word to either of them.


The next night when Papa Nkechi’s sleep was disturbed again, he turned on his bed as he held his snoring wife. Mama Kudi and her husband were old enough to sort themselves.

Last night, he was lucky. The next basin may not contain cold water, it could be steaming hot water.


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