Stardom beckons; who answers the call!

She joined the school recently. A football match was being played and she itched to do what she loved. Students started singing, hailing the players. This was her opportunity. She picked up the conga drum and began to beat it with dexterity. As she did, she sang in the popular and widely accepted genre of music known among street youths. She immediately caught the attention of other students and they sang along with her.

Stardom beckons

She would later become known and addressed by her first name and her genre of music substituted for her surname. Her actual surname became ignored. She rose to become a music sensation in the school. Singing during social nights organized for the students and composing songs on the spot especially during football matches.

Visiting days came and she always had to remind everyone; juniors, mates and seniors, that the name by which she was called should never be mentioned in the presence of her parents. They had no idea she was singing in school. She had been previously warned by her father never to sing in school especially in that genre. It was for the streets.

It was always a difficult task. How do you call someone by a name everyday and decide to unlearn the name just for a few hours? But it had to be done if her father wasn’t going to deal with her. School passed by and she is remembered for a passion that was never fully harnessed.

Our paths crossed again. She was sitting on the balcony in front of her father’s house. Joy and excitement were my reaction and I called her by her known name. She quickly ran down to meet me as I introduced her to my friends. “My father still does not know I am called by that name oh. I don’t sing or drum at home?” Three years after? It was a case of “Whatever!!! I am glad to see you after so long”.

Pure, natural talent wasting away. Destiny knocks on the door but fear convinces many not to open up. We lost contact after a while and up till then, her natural talent still remained unexploited. Did she decide to take the bull by the horn and ignore the fear of her father? Only destiny has the answers!

This is a tribute to her wherever she may be. Stardom beckoned on her. I hope she eventually answered the call.


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