Celebrating the mother, the mother-to-be and the adopted mother

Right from childhood, she is taught to be a home maker. “Clean up the house”, “Wash the dishes”, “Prepare breakfast, lunch or dinner”, “Wash the dirty clothes”. She grows older and she is already programmed to do these duties on auto-response.

If she remains single, her duties continue. If she gets married, her duties double. She has a husband to take care of. She prepares his meals, cleans the home and makes it habitable. If she has kids, then the duties come in multiples. “Mum, I am hungry”. “Mum, my knee hurts”. “Mum, I can’t sleep”. “Mum, I want to report my sister/brother”. “Mum, I need help with my homework”. “Mum, I can’t find my socks”.

The Mother

A woman cleans up the house, goes to the market to buy foodstuff, prepares the meals, cleans the dishes, does laundry, gets the kids ready for school, entertains the guests of the husband, helps with homework, puts the kids to bed, ensures the home is secure, prepares and manages a home budget.

Her job duties include being a cook, a dry cleaner, a house keeper, a caretaker, a nurse, a caregiver, a finance officer, a teacher, a security officer and many others.

For those who go out of the home to build a career, their duties become multi-faceted. They have to learn to manage both the home front and their career.

Multitasking career woman

Have you ever wondered how the woman is able to keep up?

Kudos to the girl-child, the teen girl, the single lady and the married woman out there. To the mums, the mums-to-be and the adopted mums, you are all worthy to be celebrated.


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