I walk into the office space of the organization and present my documents to the lady at the front desk.

“Can I have your ID card ma?” she asks.

I present my ID card to her and she looks at it to compare the details with those on the letter I had earlier given to her.

“Please make a copy of your ID at the other reception” She points to an office in the direction I had just come in from.

I walk back to the previous reception and present my ID card to the lady behind the desk.

“It is 10 naira per copy”. She says.

I look around wondering if this reception is another organization. I see it is still the same organization as a signage stating same hangs on the wall.

“I’m sorry, why do I have to pay for this? I ask.

“That is the process. Photocopy is 10 naira per page”. She says with an attitude.

“I did not realize that your organization runs a business centre”. I respond as I pass the card to her.

I am thirsty and see that they have a water dispenser in the office.

“Can I have a disposable cup and do I have to pay for the water as well?” I ask.

The lady ignores my question but hands me a disposable cup.

Selling a free service

With a copy of my ID card done, I walk back to the inner reception and ask the lady who initially attended to me; “Your organization runs a business centre right inside the office?”

“I am sorry ma. I mentioned it earlier that you would have to pay for it. You probably did not hear me”.

“Seriously? Is that the point?” I shake my head in disgust.

I pick up my renewed documents from her and head out.

I wonder why a PRIVATE institution will have to charge a token to offer a “supposed” free service. And to think that the charge had to come in the guise of a photocopy.

Sad! Really Sad!!

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  1. I guess because people have abused the system. It could also be the cost of ink, paper, petrol and dare I say $. These factors might have forced the company’s hands to have a “business Centre” on the side amongst other things.

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