Unscheduled Visit

He walked with a spring in his steps. He checked his wristwatch and the time read 11.00a.m. He had seen the two girls earlier and had tried to chat with them. The sisters had come to get pepper blended close to his house when he spotted them.

He had asked their names and they had obliged. “Where do you stay?” He had asked. “Just down the road”. One of the sisters had replied. “Where exactly?”. “Why do you want to know?” Another sister responded.

They got their pepper blended, secured the bowl so the contents wouldn’t spill and headed home. Unknown to them, he had beckoned on a friend and they had followed the sisters trying to find out where they lived.

As the sisters walked into their house, closing the gate behind them; the boys turned back smiling. They had accomplished their mission.

Bouncing, he intended to go pay them a surprise visit along with his friend. He walked confidently towards the house he had seen from afar earlier in the day. “Are you sure about this?” His friend asked as they moved closer to the house. “Of course, they are beautiful chicks. You talk to the younger one and I will talk to the older one. They are very young and I am sure the older one would not mind having me as a boyfriend”. He boasted.

They approached the house and rang the door bell. “Who is there?” The older sister asked. “It’s me, Darlington”. He blushed. “Darlington? What are you doing here?” She asked without moving closer to the gate. “Please just let me in. I just want to chat with you and keep you company”.

She opened the gate half way, standing in the way. “What do you want? And how did you know our house? Who is this?” She bombarded him with questions and looked towards his friend.

“Ahn, ahn, I thought you would even welcome us in”. She was about to give him a response when her younger sister walked out. “Sis, who are you talking to?” She asked. “Can you imagine Darlington is here with a friend”. “What? How did he find our house?” “I just asked the same question”. The younger sister walked back into the house leaving her elder sister at the gate.

“You should leave now. We are not interested in chatting and we do not need your company”. “It’s unfair that you would turn us back without even welcoming us into your house”. He said. “I said you should leave now. Don’t you understand English?” She tried closing the gate but he held on to it trying to cajole her.

All of a sudden, her younger sister walked out of the house with a machete. “What are you still doing here?” She waved the weapon over her head walking towards Darlington and his friend. “You want our father to kill us?”

Darlington stepped back and saw that his friend had already run down the road. He also quickened his steps and started running. The sisters burst out laughing. “Can you imagine? They couldn’t even wait”. They hi-fived and hissed. “He wants to put us in trouble”.

They were truly young. The elder aged 12 and the younger aged 10 and they both knew that their father was going to deal with them if he found out they had entertained boys.

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Olubukola is a writer and blogger. She loves reading and imaginative writing. She has authored two romance stories namely “Second Chances” and “To Love and to Hold” which have been published on Okadabooks.com and on Amazon.com. Her author page on Amazon is http://www.amazon.com/author/olubukolaadekusibe/ Olubukola is the creative director of NDJs; a fashion label, whose mission is to create and provide classy yet simple pieces with African prints for the everyday woman regardless of the function she finds herself in. Asides writing, reading and fashion designing, Olubukola is also passionate about inspiring music, dance and arts. She currently works and lives with her family in Lagos, Nigeria.

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