It was a Monday morning. The sky was clear and the air was still. The weather looked perfect.

Mindful of the monstrous Lagos traffic, Dele had woken up very early to prepare for the day ahead. Today is the D-day; he had told himself. After series of tests and interviews attended the previous weeks, he had been given the job of an accountant in a foremost multinational in the country.

He was very happy with his achievement. Things were going smoothly for him. Being his first day at work, he thought of taking a taxi. He wanted to get to his new office composed. After waiting for about twenty minutes at the bus stop without sighting a taxi, he reckoned that he needed to change his mind about his means of transportation. He then decided to ride in a public bus. “I would have to look for a comfortable seat so I don’t get my shirt rumpled.” He thought.

As he was about to sit down at the supposedly comfortable seat, he got the first shocker of the day. A nail hanging loosely in the bus tugged at his shirt, tearing it. “Oh my God.” He exclaimed and hissed.

“My new shirt. What am I going to do? I can’t go back home. I can’t risk getting to work late on my first day.”  He thought of insulting the driver but that would not change the situation, so he decided to keep quiet. “I would have to put on my suit throughout the whole day.” He concluded.

Then the journey began. Just as he was still savouring the still weather, it changed all of a sudden. The skies grew dark and it looked like it would rain. “I hope I get to the office before it rains.” Dele thought as he looked at the dark sky through his window.

“Oga, I hope say your window dey work?” The woman sitting beside him asked the driver in Pidgin English. The driver grunted back a response.

About ten minutes later, the skies cleared and Dele was very happy.

Just then, the skies boomed with thunder and the heavens poured down. The bus unfortunately did not provide adequate shelter for the passengers and water started dripping on them. The bus leaked from various rusted points on the roof. Most of the passengers hissed and cursed.

“Which kain thing be dis now?” The woman beside him asked no one in particular in annoyance.

“Driver, are you not going to use your wipers? Dele asked the driver.

“Oga, my wiper just spoil today. I no no say rain go fall, no vex.” The driver replied.

Dele couldn’t believe what he had just heard. The driver was actually driving the bus without windscreen wipers. What was happening to him on his first day at work?

He got down at his bus stop and tried to find a place to hide until the rains stopped but he could not find one. The rains refused to abate and he was totally drenched. With his suit in his hand, he decided to flag down a bike to take him to work. There was nothing he could do. He was going to create a bad impression of himself on his first day at work.


As he got to the gate of his office building, he saw his boss’ car drive in. He had been introduced to him during his final interview. “This is it.” He thought. How was he going to face his boss all wet and drenched on his first day at work? He could try drying himself with the air drier in the gents. He looked at himself and shook his head. This was beyond an air drier.

On getting to the reception, he introduced himself as a new staff. “Drenched on your first day at work?” The receptionist giggled.

He was about to speak when he heard his name. “Dele, how are you? Welcome to the real world.” Mr. Brown, his boss said. He was not aware that his boss had come in and that he was already standing behind him.

“I was also drenched on my first day at work. So, there’s no need to bother about what impression you make. Right?” Mr. Brown continued as he smiled.

“Yes…yes sir.” Dele stammered.

“Now go dry yourself up in the gents, then I will take you to your office so we can get down to the business of the day.” Mr. Brown concluded.

“Whew! What a day.” Dele mused as he walked towards the gents.

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Olubukola is a writer and blogger. She loves reading and imaginative writing. She has authored two romance stories namely “Second Chances” and “To Love and to Hold” which have been published on and on Her author page on Amazon is Olubukola is the creative director of NDJs; a fashion label, whose mission is to create and provide classy yet simple pieces with African prints for the everyday woman regardless of the function she finds herself in. Asides writing, reading and fashion designing, Olubukola is also passionate about inspiring music, dance and arts. She currently works and lives with her family in Lagos, Nigeria.

11 thoughts on “IMPRESSIONS

      1. Hi Sharon, I actually did write in a journal for so many years and I still do. I am new to blogging as well 😊 . It does require dedication and I am also learning the ropes from others ahead of me. I hope this helps. Good luck on your blog 👍

  1. This is a typical human psychological phase, where we all try to act upon reasons that have their roots dipped in mirage of impressions and personalities that are mostly unfounded.

    Just as it is widely said about relationships, that a man becomes non-challant after he has been accepted by the lady he wooed for a long time.

    Hanging on to this blog in anticipation of what and who Dele becomes. I hope he doesn’t fall into the category of those who later on give excuses for getting late to work.

  2. Nice one, beautifully written.

    If you had used “Tunde” instead of “Dele”, I would have assumed that someone told you my story. I was drenched on my first day at work and felt so bad. I soon found out that I was not alone because most of us(trainees) resumed that day drenched and the trainers did not have a single problem with it

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